Monday, February 6th, 2017

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Good morning, Fandom. This is Kanan Jarrus, and I've brought pancakes for the squirrels. Why? Because I was sent home from work yesterday with more than any one human can handle, and I'm not certain if it's safe to share them with my dog.


The way I see it, anybody who drinks as much rum as you guys do can handle some pancakes. There's syrup.


Good. You guys busy yourself with those, and I'll read these notes, then, because you guys out there on the island apparently did more than just watch the big sport thing that was going on. Like Rufus, who spent his time in the library putting out a display to commemorate National Weatherpersons Day. Which I didn't know was a thing until just this moment, so I suppose a display was a good idea.

In the dorms, which I always feel a little uncomfortable reading about, Dante was in his room coping with a voicemail message from Kathy, who he talked to on the phone to discuss some messages he'd left before. Anders came in to talk to Dante too, and there was something about Anders saving a newt - I don't know what that is - and discussion about how the way they brought Kathy back was a bit iffy. And I'm not going to even get started on that, or I'll just end up ranting for a good twenty minutes about how stupid it was to bring a zombie to the island, again.

But it was. Stupid. The fact that it turned out fine doesn't change the fact that you put the whole kriffing island in danger.

In town, Kathy was walking around the apartment above Luke's when Raven came by, as a raven, and they had a chat about moving in and dinner parties. And then Anders sent Kathy a text. Possibly about newts. The notes don't say.

In the apartment above the Boards, Zack and Ino, newly arrived on the island, talked about how being here doesn't quite feel real to either of them. Ino assured Zack that it was, and then suggested that he get some food into him, maybe take a shower and get some sleep, and things would feel less unbelievable in the morning.

At Demon Marcus, Sparkle was 'singing Enrique,' which I'm sure isn't meant to be some kind of innuendo. Neither is 'Jenkins showed up in a glow in the stockroom and bought a pair of leggings.' Probably.

At Luke's, I was dealing with yet more karking pancakes, which the squirrels are assisting with today. Lucille was sitting on a bench in the park, soaking in the chill in the air. At the Magic Box, Anders got in a shipment of newts, and the squirrels assure me that they probably got better, so at least I can assume that a newt is alive. Or, should be, when you get a shipment of them in at a place called the magic box. And finally, Alluka was hugging the stereo over at the Groovy Tunes. Because sometimes, you just have to... hug... stereos. I guess.

Anyway, that's all the news for today. I'll be back again next week. Please don't do anything that makes me want to yell in the meantime. Please.

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