Saturday, February 4th, 2017

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Let's get this over with then. Morning, Fandom. This is John Constantine, with all your news that's unfit to print, so we broadcast it over the airwaves instead.

Over at the school, Practical Diplomacy covered ways to deal with stress -- mostly by hitting shite -- in preparation for tough negotiations. The squirrels insist that it's just an excuse for Anakin and Obi-Wan to annoy each other with Nerf bats. I don't think they're wrong.

*squirrel cheers*

Look, don't get used to hearing me say that. Ever.

Discovering Earth went to the Grand Canyon to do a mule tour, though people who were afraid of heights could bow out and stay in the safety of a visitor center-thing instead. Driver's Ed got to street race today, though it's not a proper race until someone wipes out badly, and the library was behaving itself for Luce for once. Right on.

Looks like town was lively for once. Dante's experimented with an acoustic guitar at Groovy Tunes, Peridot was trying to create an 'automatic cleaning device' at Stark's with a little help from JARVIS reminding her about fatal-to-humans chemical reactions-- fucking hell, 'Dottie, just...don't deploy it in the library without checking with me for fuck's sake.

New resident Verity was at the Perk. Mike came in, and she offered to pay up on the coffee she owed him. Apparently she's sticking around for the next year or so, and the squirrels say there was flirting. Of course there was flirting. It's Mike, anyone with a pulse and eyes would flirt. Kitty introduced herself, and they commiserated about all the stairs on the island. Verity mentioned she was looking for a place to live, and Kitty helpfully filled her in on the island's apartment buildings. As an MCA resident, I can verify no one's blown the place up in at least a year, and the sound-proofing's great.

Kathy apparently was awake at fuck o'clock in the morning and watching cute animal videos in the living room, and Eliot went to check on her and keep her company, and helped her brainstorm ideas for getting a job in town. Then she had a-- panic attack of some kind? -- and he helped calm her down. Parker wanted to know if Kathy wants fortune cookies for breakfast and if she's feeling physically okay, and the answers were 'no' and 'yes'. Raven showed up by landing on the roof in bird form then shifted back to sit and watch the sun rise. Parker was already up there, and offered her some fortune cookies. They discussed Raven's shapeshifting, and Parker was entertained by Raven's impressions of Eliot and Hardison.

Over at Octavian's place, Peter has beer and pretzels for when Kanan showed up for -- what the squirrels assure me -- was a literal Netflix and chill movie night, and not the euphemism. They ended up watching Chicken Run, which did not help any with Kanan's confusion about Earth animals. Mate, there is nothing NOT confusing about chickens.

That's it. This is John Constantine, signing off.

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