Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

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What are you going on about? You don't look sick.

*tiny fake-sounding squirrelly coughs*

Or sound it.

*completely innocent chittering*

Wait know we don't celebrate that holiday here, right? And you're supposed to pretend to be sick on the day nearer the weekend?

Why do I even know that?

Moving on, the School saw Training Wheels learning about snowmobiles, and Home Ec learning about darning, which is slightly less useless than embroidery, though Ada needed to explain clothes to Peridot which is always a sentence you want to read.

The Dorms were quiet, and over in Town, Ghanima reopened Needful Things, and here I thought was one of our more sensible residents. Kanan stopped by because he hadn't seen the store open before which was for a very good reason. Raven, meanwhile, had her first shift at Groovy Tunes complete with check in from Jono.

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