Saturday, January 21st, 2017

talentforlying: (we all sell our souls sooner or later)
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Morning, Fandom. We're back again, and I'm hung over so let's get this done so I can fucking go back to sleep.

You kids had school today. Discovering Earth takes a trip to Antarctica, mostly by helicopter, but there's warm gear for when they're actually on the ground. Practical Diplomacy's exercise for the day involves trying to figure out how to handle the problem of a dictator refusing to step down after being deposed. I mean, just trick him into selling his soul, or call in a favor, that's all I'm saying. In the library everything was invisible when Lucille arrived in the morning, and she ends up falling asleep by the time everything starts fading back into view.

Meanwhile in town Dante's blasting punk rock and playing guitar at Groovy Tunes. Finally, someone with bloody taste on this goddamn rock. Peridot was working at Stark's and ends up building a robotic duck over at Stark Industries after she fails to get JARVIS to eat the loaf of bread she's been carrying around. I don't even want to know.

Oh, ladies and gentlemen, we got fresh meat. Verity arrived in town via the causeway, with a gigantic Barbie Dream House and assorted suitcases, and realizes that carrying her luggage through Fandom is going to be a challenge. Yeah, the stairs are a bitch, love, welcome to the madhouse. Luckily Mike happens to be in the area and sympathizes with her on Fandom's lack of accessibility, before Verity takes him up on his offer of help by asking him to carry the Barbie Dream House on the trip over to the hotel.

And after her library shift, Lucille was in her room at the dorm, admiring her slightly wilted flowers and leaving a couple of books on Cassandra's bed. That's what I like about you, Lucille. Always offering a good book.

That's it, I'm out. This has been John Constantine and the Radio Squirrel Review, with all the news that's unfit to print.

*squirrlish cheers*

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