Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

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Hello, peasants and rodents, it's Kuzco again to tell you everything the squirrels caught you doing yesterday. Which is still super creepy, just FYI.

In classes, Adulting learned about finding a job. I...didn't do that because I'm an emperor. So I got a D. Still don't know really know what that means. Shooting Straight learned how to correctly hold a gun, which seems important. The Civil War class learned that a bunch of people showed up to picnic and watch the first major battle of the war...wait, really?


What was wrong with them?

*extensive chittering*

Huh. Didn't actually know you had thoughts about it. Tip was in the library ignoring how the grief counseling books were being super annoying.

In the dorms, Dante and Anders --


Okay, I'll say "got cuddly" but if either of 'em come after me, I'm selling you guys out SO FAST as they talked about Kathy-who-is-dead's visit this weekend. Ringo also stopped by to check in. Hanna and Tip talked about Hanna's dead dad visit--wow I am glad I didn't get that--and maybe she should've brought some of those grief books home from the library, huh?

And in town, Hannibal invited everyone over to his house for a post-weekend party. *chittering*

And look at that, there's the party notes. Lucille and Leto were there making small talk. Jono decided to play darts at the party instead. Alluka was at her Demon Marcus shift and told a visiting Ringo that she looked forward to seeing Kathy-who-is-dead on her next visit. Say it with me folks, "creeeeeeeeeeeeepy." Over at Luke's, the dance party was interrupted by Hardison telling Eliot that he thought he could go get Raven out of...wherever she is. And if I had the slightest idea who that was, I'm sure I'd be waaaaaay more excited.

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