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Good morning, Fandom. This is Dr. Hannibal Lecter once again with whatever news the squirrels have handed me from yesterday.

In my First Aid class, we covered burns, and everybody took very good notes before being turned loose on a simulation of a fire, which Peridot found fascinating and Kaylin found oddly unconvincing.

Later, in The Island Hates You, students had to try fighting monsters their friends and classmates had turned into without killing them. So, some more practical knowledge. And in How to Get By in a Hostile World, the class learned about misdirection and how to pick pockets; Breq and Tip decided to team up after Tip was unsuccessful on her own, and Mara tried to pick Shiemi's pocket.

The dorms seem to have been quiet, but there was quite a bit happening in town, where Covent Gardens got a shipment of herbs for Peter to settle, Miguel stopped by The Perk for coffee and met Eliot and Sparkle. A good introduction to this island, if I say so.

And last night at The Boards, Iris decided to have a karaoke party. Oh, dear. Kanan had apparently been coerced into it along with Hera, and Miguel, Breq, Peter, Jono, Rufus, Kenzi, and Ringo arrived and mingled, and several of them sung, including Iris, Kanan, and Kenzi.

So, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and I should go ensure Jono isn't too upset. Welcome to the island, Mr. O'Hara and anybody else who may be new. And if anybody could kindly explain what I'm supposed to do with a closet full of decorative gourds and a bathtub filled with pumpkin spice coffee, it would be appreciated.

Now I suppose I have to give the squirrels pumpkin spice rum.

*chittering cheers*
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So. Cool story. Apparently, my robot self decided that it would be super fun to, like, totally do radio! And everyone knows that squirrels are sadistic little *BEEEEEP*s, so guess who's back and probably stuck doing this for the rest of the semester and was forced to buy little pumpkin spice lattes for these already too hyper rodents because someone's robot self decided it was cute when squirrels get little whipped cream mustaches...

That's right, everyone, it's me. Summer Smith. Please contain your excitement.

Although squirrels really do look cute with whipped cream mustaches. I will give my robot self that.

Anyway, here's the news or whatever, because this is my life now. And yours. Because the squirrels are always watching.

In SCHOOL, Earth Zoology took a trip to the Tibetan Plateau, where they learned about three not-unicorns. What, you mean like those dumb goats at the general store? Those goats are lame, they totally chewed a hole in my sweater once. It looks like no sweaters were harmed in the making of this class, though they did get to hang out with yaks.


Don't talk back. And it was Peridot's day at the library, and she really is a good friend, because she's the one who told me about all this stupid radio business so I didn't get a really unpleasant surprise this morning. Aloy stopped in, too, helping Peridot with the unruly books that were being total spazzes, and then learning about what a book actually is.

Decent toilet paper when you have nothing else available, that's what it is.

The DORMS were pretty quiet. And the TOWN? Also quiet, pretty meh. Breq was checking out a karaoke machine at Groovy Tunes, Zack was feeling restless and needed to go prowling through the Preserve, and,, man, see, I feel bad talking about people's issues like this, but, uh, well, hey, Alluka showed up with a cuddly dinosaur toy to make him feel all better, and, uhhhh, everything was okay! And totally good! Yay!

Uh, Ino wasn't having a great day at Pick your Poison, either. But, hey! She got a visit from BDG..err, Kanan, so her day had to get better by default, especially as they hammered out some deets about some plans tomorrow.

Then 29 Chimera Court got a new tenant in the form of one Dr. Miguel O'Hara, a detail that current owner Captain Nathan Algren had not been clued into. Like some freakin' sitcom. But then Captain Algren was all, "Oh, right, it's Fandom, sure, what the hell? Why not?" and told Dr. O'Hara about his housemates. Like Liam! Who was too lazy to fight Dr. O'Hara over house rights and silly details like why this rando is in his house. And Captain Algren was all, "I'm not gonna fight him either, Liam, dude had a key," but they did plot to run Dr. O'Hara out if he plays loud music at 3 a.m., so I hope you're listening, Doctor, you've been warned.

And that's what makes news here on an average, regular day. Some dudes hanging out in a house, talking about what happens if you continue to hang out in said house.


But that is all, so I'm getting out of here, I have class or whatever, I think? I don't know what the hell goes on here anymore, but, hey, I guess we're doing this again next week, too. Joy!

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...that's not how I remember that happening.


Well, if it's in your notes, then it must be right. Oh, we're on.

Up at the School, Cyrptids and You coloured in, because of course Deadpool thought that was a good idea, while Artifact Restoration learnt a valuable lesson about sharing, except for Mara, and Computer Science watched a movie, by this point Paris started to realise what kind of school she's at. In the Library, Khadgar decided to ignore the imminent rat uprising.

Somebody should really check if the Dorms are still there, and over in Town, Nathan gave away apples at Covent Gardens, at Furnado, Zack brooded until he was attacked by small birds, Summer decided to re-purpose Needful Thing's antiques weapons, making them far more useful, and confusing Paris in the process. Apu was fighting with creepy 'unicorn' guy at Turtle and Canary, Raven was a fashion critic at Groovy Tunes, at Fantasy CostCo, Taako had found out about the spicy coffee, and Magnus got an X-Ray ring by promising to be boring with it. Kitty planned Caritas's grand reopening, Tonywas sad that he couldn't see the bar, and Liam was angling to join the band by claiming to be legally dead.
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Oh, look. It's Tuesday again.

At school, The Art of War talked about how to avoid a fight. I find just not going out helps. Ethics talked about considering your information sources and not believing everything someone tells you, which actually makes it a pretty good Ethics class, and Creative Writing got photo prompts, and Gratuity was surfing WebMd in the library.


Annnd the squirrels are writing on the notes that it's probably not cancer. So that's how you hold a pen.

In the dorms, Summer engaged in the time honored teenage tradition of bed-flopping, and asking Ringo if she'd done anything weird or embarrassing for the last month, and at least at press time had just confused Shiemi.

And finally in town, Hannibal crtitiqued Sievarden's clothes, and Shiemi found Covent Garden in an autumn spirit and told Ringo about possible allergies. Alluka was back at work at Demon Marcus, with visits from Hannibal to check up, Sparkle to return her fish and let her know that the back room is now upstairs, and Ringo to talk about sleeves and classes. Yes, sleeves. Eliot had an argument about hummus at Luke's, which may make this the most normal thing I've reported happening at that place since I've been here, and Dani had her coffee stolen by a horse.

And that's all the news for like six people on the island. See you next week.
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Hey, Fandom! It's Kanan Jarrus once again, here with everything the squirrels saw fit to tattle on in town!

I'm beginning to suspect that they're as weirded out by what goes on in the dorms as I am.

So, let's take it from the Groovy Tunes, where Jono was hard at work playing with his kitten when Dante came in looking for a beer. Apparently he didn't end up empty-handed, either. So, if you ever need a free beer and an opportunity to talk to somebody about cats, go to the music store of all places, I guess. At Luke's I was trying to convince the kitchen staff of the importance of making something besides pumpkin spice pancakes, and Summer went right ahead and proved me right by showing up for blueberry. See, guys? I know these things. Sparkle was looking up classes on the mainland during his Demon Marcus shift, but had to stop doing that for a while in order to get into it a bit with Seivarden over the holier-than-thou attitude she pulled when she walked into the place. Yeah, that doesn't tend to fly around here. Dr. Lecter stopped by with food for Sparkle, who got a bit of ranting in about the customer and then asked the Doctor to keep an eye on Alluka, just in case, and Iris who the squirrels keep trying to call Ino stopped in, also with food, to chat Sparkle up about her upcoming birthday and his duties as a minion.

And, last but definitely not least, Atton was a bit on the soggy side at Caritas as he yelled at some dancing bunnies? Nothing about that note makes sense, guys.


... Okay, yes, I do know where we are, but I'm still calling shenanigans on account of this note being written down while one of you was located where the rum lives. At least the next note, 'Gratuity and Breq stopped by for sodas and karaoke,' makes some sort of sense. Or will, once I figure out what a karaoke is and if I even pronounced that right. I guess I might never know.

And that's all the notes, so I'm going to call it a day, now. Phew, Mondays are such hard work, with the getting up, reading some things, and then going back home to watch holos, let me tell you.
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Good morning folks, this is Clint Barton with your Sunday squirrel gossip.

We'll start with the dorms, where poor Sidon discovered the pool isn't freshwater. Someone get him to the lake, it's a lot nicer. Over in town, Jono was playing with his cat when Seivarden came downstairs, and she and Jono got to know each other, and the cats, since she hasn't been here that long. Hannibal also came down, and he and Jono planned a trip to get away from Fandom for a while. That's totally understandable at any time of the year. Alluka also came by, and when she knocked instead of just coming in, Jono offered her a key to the house.

Seivarden also went to work at Covent Garden Flowers, and Peter helped her understand the finer art of arranging flowers while Seivarden learned more about how Peter ended up in Fandom. Finally, Dante was on his way through town when he got a call about a job.

And that's all I've got for you for today, so I'll give this place back to the squirrels. Have a good week, everyone!
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Up at the school yesterday, Civics was watching a movie, but Steve accidentally pressed the switch on a box instead of the DVD player, and the classroom got covered in glitter while the coffee is ruined. Sex Ed watched a movie, and Skywalker had office hours but knew better than to press any strange switches. Lucky for him, Aphra stopped by and gave in to temptation.

The Student Council had their first meeting. Tip told Breq that StuCo mostly deals with arranging parties, then explained what parties here are like and got Breq all curious about karaoke. Then Tip introduced herself to Yang, and they talked about Yang appreciating getting to punch things. Sounds like that one is at the right school, I guess.

Our lord and master Zoe was soliciting ideas for family weekend, and Tip suggested bowling but Paris doesn't want to wear other people's shoes, and suggested a reception instead, and strategies to make her parents avoid seeing blue people. Now, that's a kid at the wrong school.

Summer was packing for a trip home in her dorm room and cut herself on some metal on her suitcase, and found out she's fully of wires rather than blood. Well that sucks. Sorry, sunshine. Shiemi stopped by and gave Summer two pink pillows from the pillow tree, and Summer asked her if Fandom is turning people into robots today. Well, that's one possibility I guess.

Town was livelier than usual for once, all because of those damn switches. At Turtle & Canary the Merchant of Miracles found a box with a switch, and it contained tiny, hopping, blue things. Liam was the smart one at the Trooper Station and didn't press the switch: instead Ralph did it and the station got covered in flour. No switches at the Magic Box, just Jenkins trying to get the books to behave. Mate, good luck with that one. At Syndulla Scrap, the lovely Hera found several boxes and ended-up covered in feathers, confetti and salt. Kanan was doing his lightsaber practice in the park, covered in glitter, probably also due to a box, when Ino stopped by to flatter him, and they discussed a roadtrip in space. Tip wandered over too, and Kanan offered to teach her swordfighting. Last but not least, Dante was playing the guitar and answering texts at Groovy Tunes.

I'm out, Fandom. Stop flipping switches if you don't know what they do.

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Ah, good morning. I don't suppose you'd accept coffee in place of rum today?


Very well, if you insist. Give me the notes, please.

This is Doctor Hannibal Lecter, with squirrels that apparently don't know it's considered too early to drink.

Yesterday at school, my First Aid class reviewed and practiced CPR in the Danger Shop. Peridot and I discussed the proper functioning of the human body, Summer was a bit too disaffected for my taste, and Khadgar was trying not to break too many ribs on the Danger Shop construct.

In the Island Hates You class, they fought...jello dragons. Which sounds horrid on several levels. Ahsoka (and Magnus) discussed whether energy blades or stomping was a more effective method of fighting them, Yang (and Kara) discussed the oddity of animals made from desserts, and Khadgar turned one of them into a sheep, which Magnus thought was adorable.

When a particularly large dragon showed up, with a construct of Anakin Skywalker in its claws...well. Ahsoka and Mara discussed whether they had to rescue him, and Yang insisted somebody hit her, and Khadgar obliged, with Magnus enthusiastically agreeing.

And in Hostile World, the students learned techniques to avoid telepaths snooping in their minds, which involved Tip writing how very stupid many aspects of the room were, and Breq writing what the squirrels believe are song lyrics.

Later, in the dorms' 4th floor common room, Breq had ice cream, tea, and TV.

And over in town, Eliot was intermittently practicing martial arts on his lawn and coordinating the contractors working on his home. Congratulations on arriving at that point in renovations, and good luck with the rest.

Well, that appears to be all the notes that I have, so I shall return to my coffee. I bid you all a good day. Now, come along, I'm heading to the kitchen and you can't come. The rum is through here...
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Hey, whattup again, Fandom? It's Summer Smith here, like, duh, here to read you yet another, like, totally thrilling news broadcast for Wednesday. I'm here with my squirrels, we got our PSL, we got our notes, we are, like, so totally ready. So let's, like, get it it?

In SCHOOL today, there was totally Mr. Jenkins' Zoology class, which, like, totally talked about honey badgers and honeyguiders, and then they had to, like, catch a honey badger? But whatever, man, honey badger don't care. Honey badger don't give a *BLEEP*. And then in Miss Carlysle's Take Care of Yourself class, they, like, totally learned about yoga, and then they totally did yoga, and then they totally talked about yoga. Mmmm. Yoga. Which reminds me, I, like, totally should go do some pilates or something, because all those PSLs really, like, add up, you know? And then my very good friend Peridot was like, totally earwormed in the library by some 90s Swedish pop.

'Cause, like, she saw the si-ign, and it, like, opened up her eyes, she saw the si-ign~...

AH! Now I've, like, totally got it! Like, I wasn't even, like, totally even born when that song came out, how is this even possible?

Anyway, nothing happened in the DORMS. Everyone, like, please contain your shock.

But, in TOWN, Zack, like, was totally adorable by taking a puppy out on, like, a puppy date for cupcakes and biscuits at J,GoB. Peter came by and, like, totally made best friends with the pupper and caught up with Zack while he was at it. I'm not sure if this is, like, before or after Peter got to work at Covent Garden Flowers, and was, like, so totally over it because I guess he had to carve a bunch of gourds into, like, flower pots or whatever. Seivarden, like, totally stopped in, too.

The omg cuteness continued over at Furnado, because Anders was, like, bottle feeding the cutest little baby kitten ever, a baby kitten that I'm, like, totally 95% sure would fit into a teacup for extra adorableness. I've said it before, I'll, like, say it agian, kittens in teacups are the best thing ever. Dante brought him lunch, but, honestly, I'm, like, even surprised that there was even lunch left over to share if it was Dante.

Nothing cute happened at Turtle & Canary, unless you, like, count those weird goat things eating magical bread from secret bread wallets that the Merchant of Miracles was totally trying to hide, which I, like, so totally don't.

And that's, like, totally it! Unless I totally missed something, in which case, just blame the squirrels, they, like, probably ate it!


~Allll that she wants, is another baby, she's gone tomorr--

Ugh! Dammit! WHY??

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So, what have you lot got for me?


...apart from the rum?

Let's see, looks like it was a lazy day up at the School, with Cryptids and You and Artifact Restoration watching films about giant ape-men and the drunk scientists who love them, while Computer Science played games. Old games. The 'old' has five ohs and is underlined.

I'm starting to wonder if the Dorms vanish on Tuesdays, which would not surprise me, while in Town, all the flowers at Covent Gardens were replaced with decorative gourds, sounds like an improvement, and Zack considered setting chickens on a poor defenceless dog at Furnado, at the Post Office, Eponine used coffee to cope with strange dreams, and Raven listened to music judgementally at Groovy Tunes, then danced, judgementally, Dante brooded and tortured a guitar in a living room. Finally, Kitty decided to celebrate no more Caritas repairs, because there's no way Tino could mess that up now she's put the idea into the world.
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Oh look. I'm back.

*uncomfortable amount of silence*

At school, The Art of War paired up to talk about why prolonged negotiations suck, Ethics went over the Lady and the Tiger, and Creative Writing got a traffic light prompt. It'll be better than it sounds, or possibly I've doomed myself. Gratuity spent her time in the library on Wikipedia, and Sidon went looking for information on Henry VIII.

I will say, the students are definitely more interesting than the ones I went to school with.

After weeks of being here, Aloy finally found her room at the dorms, and in town, Kitty told Clint about drama at home and the possibility of more jobs. At Luke's, Eliot was dealing with pumpkin spice and an Autumn King, which sounds like a really terrible B movie, and at Covent Gardens, Shiemi spent the day mopping up a monsoon. All right.

*more uncomfortable silence*

*dead air*
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Morning, Fandom! Kanan Jarrus here with... not a hell of a lot in the news, as is fairly traditional for Monday mornings. So I'm going to just leap into it, and then go back to bed. It's warm there and I don't feel like brewing my morning caf yet.

As usual, pretty much everything worth mentioning happened in town yesterday, with Jono having a silent day over at the Groovy Tunes, and me managing to escape the pancake disaster over at Luke's. I got a visit from Summer, too, who was concerned about the death of pumpkin spice and what I was texting about. Look, sometimes a guy needs to poke at his phone, too. At Demon Marcus, Sparkle was putting out new stock when he got a call from Leto, who he sang to, and a visit from Ino, who brought him food and chatted with him about asking for help.

... Nobody asks for help around here, so I can't imagine she pushed the point too hard.

Finally, at Caritas, Atton was checking out the size of the ceiling, thinking maybe it needed to be better reinforced in case of future sharks or whatever.

And that's all that went on yesterday, so I'm going back to crash. I'd sleep until noon if the squirrels would let me.
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Hey everyone, this is Clint Barton with your Sunday morning news. Let's see... over in the dorms, Summer was watching a "How It's Made" marathon in one of the common rooms, and talked with Jason about how awesome robots are compared to humans. I don't know, I've met some jerky robots in my time, but that could just be me.

Over in town, the Merchant of Miracles was selling bags for socks, and Seivarden was hanging out in the park and met up with Peter.

And that's all my notes, so now I get my weekly reward of fresh coffee. Have a good week!
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Looks like you lot went and got quiet on me again.

Up at the school, Civics discusses types of government. Peridot didn't want to be noticed for some reason, but Paris told her it was pointless to hide, while Tony and Steve complained about the current president but agreed that glitter is a good thing. And that, friends, is American politics in a nutshell. This week in Sex Ed, they talked about consent, which American politics could use more of.

Over in town, Breq had tea at the Perk, Liam was confused by a squirrel with a police badge and a police hat at the Trooper Station -- like they aren't bossy enough -- and Dante arrived at Groovy Tunes four hours late wearing a coat full of bullet holes. Mate, I've got a spell to help prevent that.

But that's it, Fandom. I'm out. Catch you all later.
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Ah. Again?


If you say so. Where are the notes?

Good morning, everybody. This is Doctor Hannibal Lecter, giving you the news and the squirrels some rum.

*little cheers*

Yes, you little embezzlers. After the news.

Yesterday, my class learned triage, and I helped Peridot determine what human pulse and breath are healthy. The The Island Hates You class had a bar fight...perhaps we ought to have my class after theirs. Ahsoka, Aloy, and Mara fought them, while Mara and Magnus made robot puns and Merrill attempted to hide. Then Mr. Rand's Hostile World class had students choose either getting by on the street with limited funds or trying to fly a ship under fire.

And it appears that is all the news we have from yesterday. So, everybody have a lovely Friday, and try not to need mine or my class's assistance, please.
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Oh, hey, like, whattup, Fandom?? It's, like, totally Summer Smith here, like, with a whole buncha news from Wednesday, September 6th! That's, like, totally right, you guys, it's, like, September now, so you know what that totally means! Like, ohmygod, it's only PUMPKIN SPICE LAAA~~ATTE TIII~IMME! It's only, like, totally the best drink in the entire world, autumn in a cup, to help, like, totally distract you that fall is just a bunch of plants dying because they can't survive the winter anyway, just like we'll all end up dying as, like, time marches on without us.

I totally got the squirrels, like, their own little Pumpkin Spice Lattes, too, ohmygod. Like, they totally have whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkled on top and this squirrel, like, totally has a whipped cream mustache, ohmygod, it's, like, really a shame that this is on radio and you can't see this, but all y'all on my Snapchat are gonna, like, totally see what I mean. And then die. Not, like, really die. I mean, you could. We all die eventually.

News! Like, right! Ahem!

Like, SCHOOL totally started out with Mr. Jenkins's Zoology class, where they totally talked about the Loch Ness Monster, and even got to totally, like, hang out with a baby one. Awww. But, like, my very good friend Peridot was totally more excited about the rolly stools, Yang just totally wanted to feed it, like, peanut butter crackers and jerky, and Sidon, like, totally just wanted to eat it. This class is weird, yo. And it was, like, also my very good friend Peridot's day at the library, where she totally, ohmygod, made a little hover craft out of a trash can lid. My very good friend Peridot is, like, so totally brilliant, almost as brilliant as my Grampa Rick!

And, like, nothing totally happened in the Dorms. I'm, like, going to totally start making stuff up if you guys don't start, like, doing more stuff here.

Like, okay, not really. Journalistic integrity, or whatever. Anyway, at least a few things, like, totally happened in town? Other than me, like, buying all the PSL. Like Breq totally losing her voice or something at Groovy Tunes due to some, like, creature? Rude. But Peter could have, like, totally have used one of those silence creatures at Covent Garden Flowers, because all the plants were, like, totally complaining about the weather changes inside the store. But it would have made it waaaaay harder for, like, Octavia when she totally showed up for a job. Aaaaand, speaking of jobs, Eliot wasn't, like, just rocking the sexy construction worker look, he was actually, like, sometimes working on his stripped-down house, sometimes. He kept getting distracted, which, dude, totally, like, not safe when you're building stuff, but what do I know? I'm just a completely normal and, like, typical teenage girl. Parker's there to help...and suggest a slide off the roof. Like, um, totally, yes? And then Sparkle showed up, like, totally to ask Eliot to teach him how to swing a hammer.

Dirty? Not dirty? Like, you decide. I, like, totally know my vote! And then Magnus Flaming Sword Guy, who totally understands the, like, total coffee nirvana that is the blessed PSL, he talked at Eliot about, like, Craigslist and his class with Cara, like, this semester. Or whatever.

And, like, with that, notes are done, Pumpkin Spice totally empty, so it's time for me to go and hit up, like, the Perk for number two! I mean, seriously, like, can anyone think of a better fuel? I mean, even better than gasoline. Because I'm totally, like, a human person and not a car or any sort of machine, like, duh. Obvs.



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Let's see if anything interesting happened yesterday, or if you fuzzy drunks got off easy.

Up at the School, Cryptids and You looked at chupa-chups.


...I was seeing if you were paying attention. Chupacabras. Deadpool's explanation, aliens. Which led to Ahsoka declaring she was one, because no one told her what chupacabra actually meant. Yang's suggestion was even more dirty, and it seems Kaylin suggesting a specific species is more racist than Deadpool's general 'aliens'. Atrifact Restoration didn't even know what they were restoring because this school has terrible hiring policies, and Computer Science continued with the ethics topic. Somewhere Anakin is sulking about his thunder being stolen. Over in the Library, Khadgar made the mistake of trying to find out more about government.

The Dorms continued to be devoid of life, while in Town, Zack was worried about frogs being catching at Furnado, pretty sure that's meant to be hopping, at FurnadoNathan foolishly decided not to let the flowers drown, and Shimei joined him in this madness. Taako sold never ending pencils at Fantasy CostCo, the repeat song button was broken at Groovy Tunes but at least Kathy brought Raven lunch, Summer played with toys at Needful Things, and there still wasn't a bar at Caritas, though Liam didn't care so long as Kitty kept those pina coladas coming.
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Oh, look. I'm back. I still find this very creepy, but it kills some time so why not.

At school, also known as a place I once tried to escape and now have to talk about every week, Ethics paired up to discuss whether the seven deadly sins are really so bad, and The Art of War talked about the five factors you should consider before starting, and then paired up to discuss. I kept them nice and antisocial in Creative Writing and made them write a detective story.

At the library, Gratuity did some practical music research and got a visit from Breq, who got further education into punk, and preferred pronouns.

In the dorms- wait, I have to report what happens in the dorms? I don't need or want to know anything from there.


Fine. But I maintain that I feel creepy. Shiemi cast a spell. I do not feel less creepy.

Speeding quickly towards town, Shiemi had a mini monsoon at the flower shop and asked Peter for help, and Eliot was beseiged by pumpkin spice at Luke's, and Kanan came in for more salsa and also to be asked about his love life.

And now it gets announced for all the island to hear.

That's all the news the squirrels found fit to report.

*dead air*
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Hey, Fandom. It's me again, Kanan, with four sticky notes and a pack of squirrels waving a bottle of rum at me alluringly. Something about it being a holiday? I really have to get a calendar or something so that I know these things. In any case... Nah, guys. More for you. If I start drinking at this time of day on a weekday morning, I'll break the streak that I'm mostly clinging on to out of stubbornness and spite at this point.


Yeah, I'm proud of me too. Now give me those notes before I change my mind.

We've got one note from the dorms, and it isn't even traumatizing, so that's nice. Breq was drinking tea in her room and doing her morning prayers at a little makeshift altar she'd made. That... is actually a pleasant note. Even better.

Now in town, Jono was playing a toy guitar at the Groovy Tunes, and at Luke's, I had convinced the cook to at the very least mix things up with the pancakes yesterday. If you ever stop by, ask for the jaffa cake pancakes. I have no idea what a jaffa cake is supposed to be usually, but I could eat them in pancake form until the end of time. Sparkle was surveying the repairs at Demon Marcus when Dr. Lecter stopped by to pay him a visit with food, followed by Jughead without food.

In the evening, Parker was at the Perk with a mocha, a muffin, and an irate staff who were thwarted from leaving early on account of having to actually do their jobs. Raven stopped by too, and Parker got her a 'dirty chai' and a muffin before they chatted about stashes and roommate woes. And over at Caritas, Atton was monologuing. Nobody was impressed. Sorry, Rand.

That's all the notes, so I'm gonna... I don't know. Take my dog for a walk. That's a holiday thing, right? I mean, it's an every day thing, but it'll be an extra leisurely walk today, because... Let's be real, I'm not even teaching this semester. Maybe I'll just spend all day in the park.
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Hey everyone, this is Clint Barton and it's a little too early for me to be here, don't you think?


I know it's the same time as always, but it's a holiday weekend. Shouldn't I get to sleep in sometimes?


No? Fine then, give me the notes already. At the school, Ahsoka found a bunch of helpful pamphlets popping up at the library, and in town, Jalian got ready for her trip home--her hopefully round trip, that is--at Portalocity. Mike and Kitty also assessed the ongoing repairs at Caritas, and talked about whether or not Mike is allowed to hug Kitty whenever he wants. I mean, if she's okay with it... I'm not concerned or threatened, if that's the issue. She seems pretty attached to me for some reason. And that's everything, so I'm headed back to bed if my dogs will let me. See you next week!
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Yes yes, fine, I'm up you little shits. Can't a man sleep in sometimes?

*angry chittering*

Fuck you, I wasn't hungover, I had a migraine. Whatever. Fandom, listen up, there's more notes here than I like, so let's make it fast.

School is back in session, which means I probably need to hire more aides, don't I? Fucking hell, where did the summer go? Anyway Baby Winchester was nervous about teaching Sex Ed for the first time, but managed. I think there's a binder somewhere in my office from when Dee and I taught it, if you want it, Sam. Tony and Steve are teaching Civics this semester, and tried to use the current political climate to try to teach the class about democracy. The kids made protest signs and Summer "helped" explain protest signs and the importance of glitter to Peridot.

Town was a little livelier than usual... Jenkins was dusting and sulking at the phone at the Magic Box, Dante was practicing learning a guitar solo all afternoon at Groovy Tunes, at Syndulla Scrap the lovely Hera was eating bread with a spicy dipping sauce and trying to keep Chopper from shooting squirrels -- eh, let him chase them, it won't do them any harm -- and over at the Trooper Station, Liam was fielding a call from a woman afraid of the dreaded weefee. Don't mess with the weefee mate, I think you end up blue and with a sentient cheese.

Oh hell, there's more. Looks like there was a party in the dorms, as Summer decided to celebrate with a, and I quote, "Yay you survived your first week!" party. Don't celebrate until after midterms and your first invasion, kids.

Lots of people showed up

Breq was people-watching from the couch and told Tip about her new job at Groovy Tunes. Tip explained to herthat there's different types of earth music and Breq planned to go to the library to read about more. Right. Aides! Whichever of you is working when she gets in, make sure she gets something on punk. Decent punk.
Summer also chatted with Breq, and explained that she was very well-known for her parties.

Peridot was there to drop off Summer's new phone, and she and Tip compared classes and discussed Peridot making a new set of limb enhancers. 'Dot, go ahead and modify whatever the fuck you want in the library, as long as it's helpful for you doing your job and won't blow up.

Anyway. Breq and Peridot talked about how they don't know much about going to parties, but focused on having a purpose in life and what to do when you unexpectedly found yourself without one. Ladies, a tip... that's not generally party conversation. Too deep.

Summer was super-excited to get her phone back from Peridot... because she's so freaking addicted that she'd been reduced to air texting without it. That's just... no. Hyacinthe asked Peridot if she'd gotten to feed the lizards, and she said Sidon had given her a boost. Tip brought snacks and she and Summer also talked about classes, with Summer explaining her habit of working hard to make it look like she wasn't very smart at all, which Tip didn't understand. Pretty sure it's a popular-girl thing, Tip. Brains vs. Beauty, only one can survive, and all that nonsense.

Hyacinthe noticed Tip's hair had grown back faster than hair normally appears, and wanted to know if it was a power. Nah, it's a Fandom-thing. I think it's a tree, maybe? Or is that the pillows?

Aloy was confused by the party in the common room, so Summer gave her a pep talk about... either the squirrels were high, or Summer was, because apparently they talked about being one step away from destruction or immortality. Tip checked in on Aloy and heard about a class throwing gremlins before introductions. Who the fuck did that? If any of those bastards escaped into the library, I know who has to get them out...

Breq and Aloy agreed to not spend time talking about places the other had never heard of, which is more sensible than most Fandomites, and Hyacinthe greeted Aloy in a foreign language and seemed relieved to discover she didn't understand him. That's a first.

Sidon wasn't certain that he'd found the right party, but Tip was there to welcome him, before warning him that sometimes the island tried to kill everyone. Accurate. Hyacinthe also welcomed Sidon, asking who at the party he'd already met.

Hyacinthe showed up wearing body glitter -- and it looks like the squirrels drew little glittery hearts here for some reason -- and was a little concerned about Summer. The season or the girl, I'm not sure which. He and Breq talked about the potential for invasions while Jason and Summer caught up and he explained that he'd only gotten in trouble once. Only once? Fucking hell, kids, either have more fun, or good job at not getting caught.

Tip teased Dante about only showing up for food, but decided that made sense when he mentioned they were still moving into their new place -- they let kids live outside the dorms? Why are any of you still there? -- and Jughead also showed up just for the food, but Summer called him out for "pulling a Dante." Harsh.

That's it. I'm John Constantine, that was all the gossip unfit to print, and I'm going the fuck back to sleep. Later, Fandom.


[OOC: This radio brought to you by method RP. I am now going back to bed to sleep the rest of this migraine off.]
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Ah, hello. Good morning to you all; this is Doctor Hannibal Lecter, and apparently I've been chosen to read the squirrels' notes this morning. Let's see what we have.

In school, Weaseling 101 had their first session, which included mostly introductions. Breq talked about traveling throughout her galaxy, and Gratuity offered tips on coping with an alien invasion.

The Island Hates You also had introductions, after the teachers opened a box of rather irate gremlins at the students.


Well, that is one way to prove the island hates you, I suppose. Ahsoka thought she was a battle droid, Aloy got tetchy about having gremlins thrown at her, Yang would have preferred more normal monsters, Mara thought she was Britney Spears, and Khadgar froze the gremlins before they could get him.

And my class on First Aid also had introductions, and discussed what previous experience the students had with the subject.

In the dorms, Summer made flyers for a party she plans and slipped them under everybody's doors. If you missed the flyer, it is apparently Friday night in the second floor common room.

And in town, Kanan practiced with his lightsaber in the park, while at the Perk, Karolina was people watching, Magnus stopped by to get frappuccinos and discussed the Fantasy Costco with her, and Liam introduced himself and they discussed the need of students for a guidance counselor. Meanwhile, at the place that used to be his home, Eliot got started on cleaning the place out so that renovations could begin.

That seems to be all of the notes, so - let me welcome those of you who are new, and assure you that at least some of this will soon seem more normal.


And now I have to break out the rum, apparently. Excuse me.
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Oh, hey, whattup, Fandom? It's, like, totally Summer Smith here, and guess what? I'm totally doing radio now, ohmygod! You know, it's, like, totally funny, because I remember when I first totally got here? And I'm all, what kind of weird voyeur privacy violation is this? But, you know, I've, like, really warmed up to the idea. Well, I've warmed up to these cute little squirrels, aren't they just, like, totally the cutest? I, like, made them little drinks again, too, so it's like we're totally having a little radio party here! Whoooo! Besides, we humans--or Gems or giant shark people or squirrels or whatever else you may be out there--are naturally curious beings, aren't we? We find comfort in knowing what those around us, especially those we care for, are, like, totally doing, so radio, on a deep, emotional level, just, like, makes sense? These things that we do throughout, like, the day? Are totally the things that give our otherwise futile existence meaning, y'know?

Like, totally. Whatever. Cool.

Anyway, there's, like, not a lot of notes here? It was pretty quiet today, but let's, like, totally get into it?

*sound of papers being straightened on the desk; clearing of throat*

Like, here we go.

In School today, Mr. Jenkins's Earth Zoology class, like, naturally did some introductions, where they also totally got the chance to talk about their favorite animals. My favorite animals are little kittens small enough to, like, totally fit into little tiny teacups. Teacup kittens are, like, the best kittens. Not as cute? The thorny lizard that was totally the topic of the class this week. Like, yuck. I mean, no offense, but that's hardly a teacup kitten. Apparently, though, the class, like, totally loved the lizard, and Sidon even help lift my really good friend Peridot up so that she could help feed it ants.

Awwww! But also, like, kind of ew? But I guess that's, like, the circle of life or something?

Anyway, second period was Miss Carlysle's class on Taking Care of You class, which is totally an awesome idea for class, because taking care of yourself should be, like, totally important. They also did introductions and talked about thigns that, like, totally stresses them out, like upcoming weddings, ohymygod, or Calamities or college admissions or not much or just being Paris. Sorry, Little Sis. They also totally had some free time to do, like, whatever they wanted.

It was also, like, my good friend Peridot's day at library, and no one bothered her, so she totally had time to work on my ~pho-one~. Peridot is, like, the best.

Like, nothing in the Dorms today. Nothing of note, anyway. C'mon, people.

A few things, like, happened in Town, though, I guess. Uh, sorry if I'm, like, totally butchering that, Seivarden, but, uh, she was having, like, a really bad morning. Oh, we've all, like, totally had those kinds of mornings. But she was totally in luck, because along came Dr. Lecter to help out! And that's why Dr. Lecter is the ~be-eeest~!

Ino was, like, totally dancing and cleaning at Pick Your Poison, and there was totally music at Groovy Tunes as Breq got used to her new job, too.

And that's it, that's, like, all the notes for Wednesday! Barely enough for these little buddies, like, finish their morning cocktails, but whatevs! It's, like, totally a new day! Go out and make it, like, totally the best day evvvvvverrrrr.

Because we're all nothing but sacks of meat unless we do something meaningful and shaaaare it with each other, ohmygod.


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Everyone did introductions, ask your friends.


Oh, fine.

Up at the School, in Cryptids and You, Deadpool explained what a cryptid actually is. Yang got a high five, Dante had to use real names, Kaylin wanted to know if gods counted, and Ahsoka found out how creepy a Ted Cruz is. Knowing this place, there's probably one lurking in the preserve. Artifact Restoration picked out projects, which doesn't sond at all omnious, and Computer Science students were told to use their skills only for good, ensuring at least one of them won't.

The Dorms were quiest, so guess none of the new kids are Tuesday people, while in Town, Sidon went swimming in the port. We did make sure all the murderfish were gone, right? Raven pretended to play instruments at New Groovy Tunes as opposed to Kathy actually playing them at Dite's, Apu wanted help at Turtle and Canary, can't say I blame him, Summer cleaned at Needful Things, it was raining pennies at Covent Gardens, and Zack played with kittens at Furnado.
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Hello. This is Daria Morgendorffer, hijacked by squirrels, here to apparently bring you all of yesterday's news. I've looked through the notes and I'm not sure how any of this is newsworthy, and also I'm living my worst nightmare.

At school, The Art of War- sounds promising- introduced the text and started off with introductions. Sounds too friendly for wartime if you ask me. Rufus gave Sidon tips on how to learn to read English. Something tells me this place doesn't have a decent ESL program. And Ghanima got a visit from someone named Ino or Iris asking about help with training. ...In the art of war? Let's hope. Ethics started off with a rousing game of Two Truths and a Lie, and Obi-wan? told Anakin? about his trip home. And- oh look, the squirrels are spying on me, too. That's not weird at all.


Creative Writing got their first assignment- some wanted more to do than others- and Paris and Gratuity passed notes. Aaaand now you know the squirrels are snitches. In the library, Gratuity had to explain capitalism to a robot- okay- and Karolina settled into the guidance counselor's office for some texting and a visit from the boss.

We move into town, where Shiemi was at the flower shop, where she told Peter she thought she was in the wrong place because everything was normal. That remains to be seen. Peter also went to the Devil's Nest, where he found Verity exacting revenge on Tiny for telling her he's *long-suffering sigh* a vampire. Eliot was at Luke's, having trouble forming sentences, and then tricked Kanan into eating ghost pepper. And just like that, I might actually want to meet someone here.

That's all I have. Join me again next week, probably, for another thrilling adventure, and remember I don't know who any of you are.
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Heh, just couldn't let me go, guys?


Yeah, I knew you loved me. Let's see those notes so I can get back to doing nothing of any importance at all, as my Monday mornings really ought to be. Hey, Fandom. This is Kanan in the mornings with drunken squirrel news, bringing you everything you never wanted the rest of the residents of the island to hear. Welcome aboard, new folks. I'll let you in on a little secret early and just tell you to stock up on bribery rum if you ever want anything in your life to be private again.
The News! )
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Good morning, everyone. If this is your first time hearing one of our radio broadcasts, welcome to Fandom. My name is Clint Barton, and it's my job every week to take notes from our reporter squirrels and read them so you all know the news. As with a lot of things in Fandom, it'll make more sense the longer you're here.

Radio! )

WTFH, Friday

Friday, August 25th, 2017 06:08 pm
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Hey, everyone. It's the last Friday of summer, so everyone better get your booze on.

School's still out till next week, so we're skipping right ahead to town. Parker, Hardison, Spencer, Kathy and Raven had a big family dinner. Sounds like it went all right. Kathy and Parker talked weird food, and so did Raven and Hardison.

Cool. You keep that shit off my plate, Kat.

Octavia showed up to Groovy Tunes' new haunt, which ugh, is as depressing as it sounds. Then Starsmore stopped by to say thank you for finding the note, and don't think I can't hear that shade. I just came back from Mexico, all right?

Ada was at work and planning to sneak out on us, but I got her to at least come to her damn goodbye party.

Which was good, by the way. Even if Ada and Hya got a little weird about the whole end of the semester thing. I found out Xanthippe's leaving, which feels weird. Then Ades and Iz said goodbye the only way they know how.

*squirrels chittering Barry White in the background*

... That's *feedback*ing weird. I dragged Iz out to dance the... not that kinda way. Me and Kathy talked kegs for the place me and Anders are moving into.

And Hya and Xanthippe flirted a ton and-- heh. You *FEEDBACK*ing hit that, Xanthippe!
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Welcome to break week, folks! Hope y'all are settlin' into it an' enjoyin' it while it lasts. Quick radio here, so let's get to it.

Nothin' really goin' on at the School, 'cept Peridot in the Library. She was restockin' books on the lower shelves, since someone made off with the ladder. Uh-oh, sounds like a mystery!

Skippin' over Dorms, we got Town, where Ino was feelin' mopey today, bacon, at Pick Your Poison cause she was down a TA. Well, a'ight, maybe not a TA. A helper. Somethin'. Anders was workin' at Furnado, where Ada an' Dante came in to pick out a kitten an' make dirty jokes. An' Peter came runnin' out of Covent Gardens like his tail was on fire. Somethin' about everythin' in there bein' silver?

That's it for notes today! Have fun, Fandom!
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*waily chittering*

None of these are even sad,

*even wailier chittering*

Why do I even...

Nothing happened up at the School or over in the Dorms, while it was a fairly quest day in Town, with someone turning Furnado into a tube maze, and Covent Garden's fish pond into stone, Taako found out you can get clothes off the internet at Fantasy CostCo, Raven played with the instruments at Groovy Tunes, and there were too many leftover eclipse glasses at Turtle and Canary.
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-but we're on a break week!

*door slamming*

Well. Good morning, Fandom. Apparently I'm still doing this even if the semester is over. Without classes my notes are even lighter so I'm even more confused why I'm needed.


In town, Kathy had fixed up a warehouse and had Dante come over to dye her hair, Eliot was at Luke's, which seems more habitable now, and Verity was over the eclipse at the Devil's Nest, which is unfortunate for her since Eric was glad he didn't catch on fire.

...All right. I don't know what that's about but it wouldn't surprise me if Fandom's eclipses involved actual fire.

That's all the notes. Hopefully I won't be kidnapped again next week.
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Hello, my darling Fandomites!*

It is the time of year where we look for seven people (or pairs, or sentient animals who speak, we're open) to broadcast the news of the island for the summer! If you are able to grab your own links as you broadcast, that makes us love you even more, but we are also looking for squirrels to do that--it's really not a lot of work these days because we're all sucked into real lives.

We're also looking for pinch-hitters who would be open for maybe a few broadcasts over the year as people go on vacations, visit parts of the country/world without internet (THE HORRORS), etc.

Please, please, please think about helping us out, and then sign up below as a broadcaster, a squirrel, or both! You have until next Sunday, August 27th to sign up.

*Not you, Leroy.
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Hey, Fandom. Welcome to break week. That week we all sit back and celebrate... I dunno. Not having to go into the school for a few days, I guess? A chance to go on vacation, get away from the dead fish smell for a while...

I have notes. Nothing from school, because hi, there's none of that right now and yesterday was the weekend. Summer was packing up for her week back home over at the dorms, though. It was pretty quick, since the shark took out a lot of her stuff when it crashed into her room.


In town, Kathy was cleaning up a warehouse she'd trashed a few months back when a raven, who happened to be Raven, stopped by to chat about the warehouse and demonstrate what Kathy would look like with 'purplish purple streaks somewhere in her hair.' I don't write the news, folks, I just read it, here. Over at 22 Phoenix, Dr. Lecter and Jono had a chat about the company they had crashing on their couch, and then Dr. Lecter made arrangements for his break week trip.

Later, Jono was at the Boards playing his guitar and looking at a couple of boxes of CDs. At Luke's I was working on framing up the new windows when Summer stopped by with the most creative wobbly food item I've ever seen, and we talked a little bit about her own upcoming trip home. And, finally, it looks like Caritas was actually open during construction, which meant that Atton was there, drinking and complaining.

Sounds like a few shifts I've had at various cantinas over the years, myself. And that's all the notes, so I'm out of here. Going back to bed, even. I love break week.
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Uh, good morning, everyone, this is Khadgar speaking. It seems Mr. Barton couldn't make it in this morning, so the squirrels cornered me when I went by the studio and here we are. Thankfully, my time here shall be brief because there appears to only be one note from town: since Groovy Tunes is under re-construction due to shark damage, Jono was selling his undamaged goods at The Boards instead. That's a benefit to running two businesses, isn't it? Hopefully everyone's stores will be fixed soon, and as Ada mentioned yesterday, if you haven't helped clean things up, you should probably get out there.

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, August 19th, 2017 11:56 am
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--an' how? Oh, you got it on for me. OK. Hey, Fandom, this is Ada Miller fillin' in for th' librarian 'cause my player can't log in as him on her phone for some reason th' squirrels can't find him.

Was th' last day of summer classes at th' school. Aliens class watched a movie, while International Cuisine went to Paris.

Town was a bit more lively...Jenkins was talking t' someone on th' phone about 'cursed statues' at Magic Box, th' Arms Hotel was gettin' fixed up an' Mary was eating cookies t' cope. Good plan. Liam an' th' Trooper Station were dealin' with some guy wanting them t' fix up his house...yeah, sure, good luck with that. Dante was workin' at Groovy Tunes, an' Alluka showed up t' tell him that Jono'd moved everything over to th' theater. Which he'd know, if'n he hadn't spent th' last week bein' a lazy ass on a beach. Kathy showed up a bit later t' suggest goin' back to Mexico, 'cause th' island still smells like fish an' so many places are wrecked.

An' last but not least, Jono had Alluka an' Ringo at Chilly Boulder for ice cream. Sounds like a good way t' end th' day for me.

That's all? Great, have a good one, Fandom, an' go help people clean up if'n you haven't already.

WTFH, Friday

Friday, August 18th, 2017 06:47 am
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Morning, island. What's up? Last day of summer classes! Who's up for a party next week?

Defence class spent the whole class at the hot spring. Hey, now that's the kind of class I can live with.

Summer was hanging out in the second floor common room, making jello and watching TV. Also not a bad way to spend the evening. Except for the jello part.

And in town, Ada opened up shop and I swung by to say hey. At her own workplace, Lucille - ugh - cleaned up and talked to Yamananan-- you know, I'm going to go with Ino. Who gave her a present. Finally, Octavia spent her Groovy Tunes shift cleaning up too.

How *FEEDBACK*ed is that place gonna be when I get there later...?
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Yo, Fandom.

This is...well, y'all know who this is by now. Let's get through these notes real quick an' we'll just...get through stuff. All we can do right now, right?

Also, it seems important to mention right now that it's the last week of the term an' the last week on island for the seniors. Students, if this is the last broadcast of mine you hear, know that it's been a pleasure knowin' you, whether it was when I was teachin', a visit to Luke's, someone to stand near when the fightin' got bad or the researchin' went late, or even just another friendly face on the island. But I hear this place will always welcome you back home, so no matter what goes down in the places that you live, you'll always have somewhere to go. Granted, that place is weird an' messy an' smells like dead sharks right now, but there's always a welcome for you here.

...Aww. I'd say I made the squirrels cry, but Leroy just spilled the rum so who even knows?

Anyway, in School, Fightin' an' Fabulosity got boas as a goin' away gift, cause handin' weapons out would be...wrong. On another note, Isabelle was givin' completely random gifts away at the end of class if anybody wanted one. Healing Power of Crystals or whatever got plastic crystals to keep, an' TA Xanthippe was grateful to not have to be Deadpool's TA anymore, especially after he mixed up Columbia an' Colombia. That'd be the university an' the South American country, since this is an audio format. No presents for The Magic of Plants, but they got to go to a poison garden on a field trip an' then have lunch there an' is it just me or are those two great tastes that sound terrible together? Last, in the Library, Peridot finished up what the squirrels are insisting is a truly excellent an' epic series that makes total sense all the time, an' Summer came in to get her phone back.

Clear for Dorms, but in Town, Lucille is at Groovy Tunes, tryna get the fish smell out by usin' flowers. Oh. Oh I bet that did not work, no.

That's it for me an' so this is Hardison out, wishin' y'all the very best. Be excellent to one another, a'ight?
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Good morning. This is Rey, with the usual news for Monday, and while things still don't look great at least things smell a little less like fish?

It's possible I've just gotten used to it.

In school, Getting to Know Your Own Backyard visited Pluto, Science class learned that fish come from space... I'm pretty sure that's wrong. American Holidays class learned about Valentine's Day and practiced buying things, with Gratuity picking herself as her significant other. Steve teased Tony about getting a tattoo, and Summer brought Steve shark meat Jello.



In the dorms- oh, there's an actual note for the dorms for once. Ada was packing things up to leave. Lucille is also leaving and stopped to say goodbye, but Ada didn't sound very interested, at least at first.

And then in town, Eliot offered food in exchange for helping fix Luke's, where Kathy returned from vacation to find the place smashed. Eliot found ways for Peter to help, and Liam didn't have much experience in repair work either but he could look at the freezer.

That's all I have. Next week things will look more normal, I'm sure of it.
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Hey, look, it's Monday morning. Which means the squirrels have their usual lone sticky note of gossip for me to spread to the island at large. So, let's get this over with, huh? I have a pound of frozen shark meat with me and I want to hand it off to Summer before it thaws.

... For whatever reason.

Looks like it was all in town again this weekend, with Sparkle trying to figure out what to do about the hole in the wall at Demon Marcus, Jono testing guitars from Groovy Tunes for damage over at the Boards, me hauling debris around at Luke's, where Summer paid a visit and helped sort through broken dishes, and Atton eyeing the hole in the ceiling at Caritas and pouring himself a drink to help deal with it.

Really, that's probably the only appropriate response to that. And that's all the notes, so I'm going to go get rid of this shark and then, you know, flee this planet for an hour with a ship full of students.
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Hey folks, Clint Barton here, and can I say how nice it is to be reading these notes from a radio station with actual power? I mean, the generator did okay last week, but I appreciate the weather today so much more.

It looks like I've just got two quick notes. Over in the dorms, Jason and Peridot decided it would be fun to jump off of the old Principal's Tower, and it probably was fun until Zoe showed up to see what they were doing. Aww guys, you've got to make sure the adults are gone before doing that kind of stuff. Then, over in town, Jono was doing a lot of cleaning still at Groovy Tunes, which reminds me I have to call insurance people again, ugh.

And that's it, so stay safe out there, and help pick up some post-shark debris while you're at it.

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, August 12th, 2017 12:03 pm
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We're doing this fast and quick, Fandom, so listen up. Alien Conspiracy Theories discussed the secret lizard people overlords and which public figures they think might be lizard people, and just saying that makes me feel fucking stupider, while International Cuisine went off to Vilnius in Lithuania today.

Clean-up was ongoing in town, with Hera trying to clean up the yard and her cargo hold which both smell like fish at the junkyard, and Dani's also got her hands full at the Gig, where most of the horses were still scared and didn't want to leave the barn for fear of sharks.

That's it, I'm out. Good luck cleaning up all the shark-shite, people.

WTFH, Friday

Friday, August 11th, 2017 08:30 pm
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Hey, this is Dante calling in from nice and toasty Mexico. What's up, Fandom?

You didn't get up to a whole lot of shit yesterday. Defence class did the sharkicane all over again, but with bears. ... okay. And I stopped by car class long enough to know we were picking animal masks. Did anybody go Bear? Come on.

Skywalker was cleaning fish parts from his office when he got a text with some pictures. Seemed to cheer him up.

Over in town, Lucille spent her Pick Your Poison shift rearranging things. Not because of sharks. Unlike Ada, cleaning up Demon Marcus, definitely because of sharks. And Hardison at Luke's Diner, also shark cleaning.

... ... starting to feel guilty on skipping out on my Groovy Tunes shift. How bad's the damage anyway? Let me know, Starsmore.

Anyway, to finish this off, Summer played kickball in the park, so Pinkie showed up to 'Woo!' at her. Sounds legit. Anyway, I've got some important tanning to do, so I'm outta here. Later.
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Hey y'all, what's up? It's Hardison, finally gettin' over my rocket fuel punch hangover--gettin' old ain't easy folks. Fortunately, I still make it look good. Stuff's still wrecked around town, but we got notes for you anyway.

School started off with Fightin' an' Fabulosity teachin' kids the importance of cleanin' your feather boas an' how to do it right. The Healin' Powers of Crystals was one too many classes for Deadpool this week, an' The Magic of Plants learned about unlockin' all the inner secrets of the mysterious cattail. I...I don't even know about this, y'all. Peridot was at least usin' her time at the Library wisely, learnin' about sharks.

Dorms were quiet, but Town had a bit of life. Electroclash stopped by Atton an' Sparkle's place to drink an' complain about sharks. Excellent choice. At Covent Gardens, Peter's impressed by Nathan's ability to make flowers? Seems handy in a flower shop, true. Fantasy Costco had sharks as a special for the day, which I'm guessin' ain't nobody wanted, an' Magnus asked...Take-o? Tacko? How you pronounce this?...if he could transfigure a shark into wood an' glass. Yo, man, I'm sorry about screwin' up your name, but if you can do that, have I got a request for you. An' in Groovy Tunes, Lucille was trying to repair some wet books, makin' her my Fandom Hero of the Day.

A'ight, time to actually go an' face the madness that is Luke's today. Bye y'all!
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*amused chittering*

Keep laughing, I'm the one who knows where the rum is.


Thought so.

Up at the School, Aphra's gone completely around the bend with making her Archaelogoy students build giant statues of her, while Deadpool took Anakin's class to Scranton. There's a charming sounding place.

The Dorms were quiet, while everyone in Town dealt with murderfish aftermath. Summer cleaned up Needful Things, Turtle and Canary needed better repairs, the florist emerged sadly unscathed though Peter was pretty happy about it, Furnado also needed cleaning and also got a visist from Peter, and Kitty watched too much Rehab Addict at Caritas.

Hardison had a birthday party in the warehouse district, because that's what the kids are doing these days, Elliot kissed him as did Parker, Raven told him he was old and got a cupcake for her trouble, Kanan introduced himself and wanted to know why things were glowing, Tony didn't wear his Mortal Kombat suit and worried hte part wouldn't live up to expectations, and Peter showed up with flowers, because he apparently didn't know Hardison wasn't single.
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I'd say good morning, but we're obviously still in a sharkicane recovery phase, and everything smells like fish. I didn't know what fish smelled like before the other day and I've had my fill.

School resumed as normal, with Getting to Know Your Own Backyard having a movie day, where Eric shared his baking with Peebee, and Peebee and Kanan thought the ship in the movie was adorable. Understanding American Holidays talked about New Year's Eve, and Science class was canceled.

There wasn't anything at the dorms worth talking about, I suppose, but in town, Liam and the staff at the tropper station were available to help with clean up efforts, and Hannibal hosted a shark cookout on the beach. Eliot came by with a leg injury and Hannibal offered him help since his place was hit with sharks, Sparkle was looking to take out some frustrations cutting up sharks, and he and Lucille compared weekends. The Merchant of Miracles complimented Hannibal's cooking, Peter introduced himself to Raven and found out her home was destroyed by sharks- I'm sorry. Lucille told Hannibal how a cold had kept her inside, and Ada brought a vegetarian option to the cookout.

And over at Caritas, Kenzi took advantage of the new open air setting, where she and Kitty discussed fixing the place again, and she met Liam and learned he's the law here.

That's all I have. Good luck with the cleanup.
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I've got so much work to do today, guys. Do we really have to do this right n-- okay, okay, put those acorns down. I'll read. It isn't like the damage is going anywhere without me. Hey, Fandom. It's Kanan. If you're hearing this, congratulations, you survived Fandom Island's first Sharkicane, which the squirrels inform me isn't even the first time sharks have been thrown around town by weather. Knowing that they're prone to this sort of thing, you have to wonder how they haven't gone extinct yet, really.

Frozen Shark Radio! )
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Hey, so I don't know how many people can actually hear me with the power being out all over, and it feels like a shark could come crashing down on this place at any second, but keeping people updated is a good thing, so hey, this is Clint Barton and if you can hear this, I hope you're listening from somewhere safe.

Sharkicane Radio! )
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The radio broadcast sprang to somewhat staticy life midway through Saturday afternoon.

"How did Leroy even get through this weather to find me?" Anakin's voice demanded.

There were exhausted sounding squirrel chitters in reply.

"Right. I've got a message to relay from the people in the library. Ahem: PLEASE BRING SHARKS TO THE PARK. WE HAVE NO PREFERENCE AS TO HOW THEY ARE OBTAINED." Ahsoka, what the kriff are you planning? "FANDOM, DO YOUR THING. WE'RE GONNA FREEZE 'EM AND USE 'EM FOR--"

And that's when the radio's power went dead. Thanks for that, great white shark through the island's main power grid. The radio's backup generator would be up later, but the rest of the island might be kind of screwed.

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, August 5th, 2017 10:43 am
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*doors slamming*

It's a fucking mess out there. The wind is insane, there's rain, and there's sharks flying the fuck everywhere. I had to beat them off with a damn bat. Fandom, it's Constantine, stay the fuck inside. Now let's get this over with.

In case you'd somehow missed it, the water around the island is now full of sharks that keep using fish puns to taunt Jeff, which Jenkins, at least felt was kind of foreboding.

Impending hurricane notwithstanding, International Cuisine still goes on a field trip to Morocco, to eat at a restaurant in the middle of the Marrakech markets.

After class, Hannibal went home to help Jono start boarding up the windows, checking the generator, and doing all the pre-hurricane prep stuff, while at MCA #3, Kanan's mostly fretting about how the ship will fare, being parked outside in a hurricane. He and Hera were perplexed about how people on Earth deal with hurricanes, and contemplate just leaving town for a few days, or trying to negotiate how Kanan's dog and Hera's droid will manage to coexist in close quarters. I hope you two went with the first option.

The kids in the dorms were during their own storm prep, with Tip's going around the dorms putting up flyers advertising the storm party she and Summer are throwing on Saturday.

That's it, I'm headed back to the library. If you have any sense, you'll be there, or stay home.


WTFH, Friday

Friday, August 4th, 2017 12:49 pm
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Of all the weeks to be out of contact, the kid has to pick this one. Uuugh. Okay, people, there's a hurricane out there, but you already heard that yesterday so I'm not sure what else we have to talk about.

*shuffles notes*

... a lot. Of course there's a lot.

Vehicles and Woodworking - weird combination - used the excuse to have a blow-off class to have a blow-off class. That's it for school. Everyone was blowing off everywhere.

Jughead was using his blow-off time to think about buying things. Commerce. That's good. Especially since a few people were crazy enough to open up shop, including the Merchant of Miracles over at Turtle & Canary. Bet he's doing great business.

There was Skywalker, at least, showing up to get something to wipe his ass with. Ada went into work at Demon Marcus, where she spent most of her time cleaning up and getting ready.

New guy Liam ran the troopers through some readiness drills - don't bother. They won't remember. Especially Ralph, he's a slacker. And then at JGoB's--


A bunch of loan sharks showed up. Actual sharks coming to collect on loans. Something about eating people. That's fantastic.

Now everyone stay in your homes and board everything up. This should be over by Monday, and it'll probably be the least screwed thing that's happened here over the weekend in at least ten years. Enjoy. Get some cocktails. Pamper yourself. Like Rand and Sparkle were doing, or Kitty and Clint.

Or me. I'm getting out of here. Later!

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