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Jason: Hey, good morning. This is Jason Todd, and I'm here to--


--the hell was that?

Anduin: I'm sorry! I was trying not to step on any of the squirrels. They get a bit under foot, don't they?

Jason: Uh, do you mind? I'm trying to do the news here.

Anduin: Oh, are you one of the people who talks to us in the mornings? Do you like doing this? I was asking the squirrels all about it.

Jason: You were...asking the squirrels?

Anduin: Yes, I saw them with their little notebooks and I wondered what they were doing, and...well, it's all very fascinating, isn't it?

Jason: ...Not as fascinating as I think you think it is.

Anduin: Do you need any help?

Jason: No, I'm good, really.

Anduin: Are you certain? I'm a very good reader.

Jason: If I say no again, are you going to leave?

Anduin: Um, it seems as though there's room for more than one person in here. Perhaps I could stay and watch? Quietly?

Jason: ...I'm just going to go back to what I was doing and ignore you now.

Awww, it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship. )
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Jason: Stop pushing at my ankles! I'm coming along, geez. What the [microphone feedback] do you want from me this time?

Ziva: I believe they are helping me. I told them to be gentle, so they should not harm you.

Jason: Uh. Hi. You're not the principal.

Ziva: No, I am not. I received a message from her though, something about having a reputation that would not be able to be upheld if she happened to burst into song while reporting this evening.

Jason: Oh crap, the singing. If you think I'm going to perform for everyone--

Ziva: You are here because I asked the squirrels to fetch someone for me who had experience with the equipment, and because if either one of us begins to sing, the other can hopefully continue with the notes, with little interruption.

Jason: Or become a backup singer.

Ziva: I suppose that is an option as well, but I prefer my plan over yours.

Jason: Riiight. I'm not getting a choice in this, am I?

Ziva: No, you are not. Have a seat, and you may read first.

Jason: Oh gee, thanks a lot.

Possibly the most well-armed radio ever. )
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Uh, hey Luke? I think your furry friends are back.


What do you mean it's my turn? I don't do this radio [microphone feedback].

*angry chittering*

Whoa, okay, I didn't mean to insult your livelihood or anything, geez. Has anyone ever told you guys that you get puffy when you're angry? You really want me to do this? Fine, give me the notes and just don't bite me or anything.

Radiooooo! )

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