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Dean: I tell you, she will be totally impressed.

Karal: Why do I have trouble believing that? And when you said you needed me, I didn't think you meant to help with radio!

Dean: I do need you for this though -- I mean Sammy's in no shape to do his part tonight...

Karal: True. *slight pause* Do you truly think she'll be impressed?

Dean: Absolutely. If you want to really make sure, you can talk about how great she is and she'll know everyone will hear it.

Karal: I'm not sure she'd actually appreciate that...Could I say hello to her, though?

Dean: Go for it.

Karal: Hello, Evey!

Dean: There. Y'see? I bet she's blushing already.

Karal: Glory, if she isn't, then I certainly am. Umm, we could start the radio now? So I don't become even redder?

Dean: See, it's radio so if you don't mention you're blushing, everyone will think you're suave and confident. But yeah, we can start.

A hunter and a priest walk into a radio station... )

Karal: I think I have a headache, now. That was a great many people having a great many dates, and it didn't sound at all fun.

Dean: I try to have my dates one at a time. *pause* Unless we're talking threesomes, but that's something completely different.

Karal: ...I imagine everyone can hear me blushing. Can we not talk about threesomes? Please?

Dean: Err, yeah. Probably something else I shouldn't say in front of a priest huh?

Karal: Glory, not unless you want him die from embarrassment! And I'd rather not die, I was hoping to go and visit someone once we're finished here. Which would be hard to do if I were dead.

Dean: I hope that there's going to be making out this time.

Karal: There will be hot chocolate and possibly cookies, and that is all I'm prepared to tell you AND the rest of the island.

Dean: As long as that's not all you're prepared to do. Show Evey how flexible riding really makes you.

Karal: ...may I go now? Please?

Dean: Go. Say hi to Evey for me.

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