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Hi, this is Jaye, not on my usual night, shut up. Also, I spent the day in DC and am tired and shut up. Which I said already.


Ha! No school today! I love you, presidents. Each and every one of you. Okay, maybe not Nixon. Or the current one. And William Harrison I didn't know long enough to form an attachment to.

Though the School Beautification Committee has to meet. Poor suckers. The Weird Hometown Support Group, which is not full of poor suckers as they chose to be there, also hung out and planned stuff.

Professor Calendar sends out E-mails, which means I should probably check mine except I'm lazy, and Mr. Professor the Tick held office hours.

In the cafeteria, Victor and Pip drink Surge. Which my notes say hasn't been made in years. If you start feeling ill, guys, head to the infirmary, okay?

Aw, there's a wee little shrub outside the principal's office.

Living Conditions

The gym is busy as always. Crunch tells Isabel about all the ass-slapping I did yesterday, which I did and would do it again. Twice. And my notes say there was ass-smacking with Parker involved somehow. I don't know how, don't kill me, Parkie. And Parker and Isabel... make a date? Know what, I'm totally reading off my notes, so I won't allow any killination to come my way for saying it. And according to Xander, I think Isabel may be a cross-dresser. Dude, I don't know.

Duo sends out E-mails to Hamlet's teachers, Kiki goes flying, and John goes through Aeryn's things. And then Crunch comes over and they're both dorks, but they look hot in leather pants so it's okay.

Anders stops in to visit Sharon, and Bel and Phoebe sleep. Just sleep. Dude, I sleep, too. Can I ask you two a favor? Put a poster in a hallway saying "WE ARE TOGETHER" or "WE'RE NOT TOGETHER" just so I can stop looking at my notes and thinking "Wtf?" I'd appreciate it.

Bridge and Anders hang during ABC Damage Control's office hours. There's a flying clock! If it dispenses Pez, I want one to give as a present.

Callisto sets up shop in the third floor common room, which is so the loser floor's common room and so sometimes we pay patronage out of pity. She and John decide they're gonna run away together. Way to rebound, Not-Crunch, her boyfriend knows where you live. Callisto and Cally talk about living presidents, and Rory met her non-Anderson Cooper CNN idol today so she had to tell everyone. Best ever, Ror. Cal and Anakin talk about his day at the brothel, and Rory gives Callisto a new toy. But not like, from the brothel. Though Rory was there, too. Ask her about the semen couch. Rory tells Anakin about her best day ever, Ivanova hangs out, and Anders stops in pre-Beautification Committee. John isn't a jerk to me, and Peter's kind of not jerky. But then again, he and I didn't talk. Or maybe I'm coming down sick. Callisto gets the update on Angel's ruininated clothes, and really, I think Angel may be a little stuck on this subject. And finally, Rory is Bridgey's library. ...Dirty?

And Callynanders are cute, and Callisto and Angel scrapbook. Not with Sean. Just so that's clear.

Out and About

Lana and Phoebe spend their day off emoing at the beach, Orlin teaches Agatha about a thingamajigger that's at the shop, and Edmund is all alone and sneery at All and Sundries.

Aeroplane or whatever it's called- whatever, Giles' shop- is busy today. Lucas is wandering around looking for Descarte, Agatha goes hunting for some fluffy reading material, and Xander catches up with Giles. Because everyone knows everyone in this berg. I was still meeting people from first semester in December, people. December.

Artie plays something called Krebtego with a bug. I have no idea what that is, but the bug part is definitely interesting. Later he makes short cuts through Fandom while Marty watches. You know, you can like, walk from one end of the island to the other in about five minutes if you're motivated. Any shorter cuts might involve a teleporter. And then poor Edmund gets to deal with the insanity.

Caritas doesn't have a ton of people, but Parker and Jarod and Isabel and Angela and Jack and LORNE talk forEVER. Lorne, Tino is not getting his speedo back. Ever. It's hanging on my wall, babe.

Tex is making a list over at Town Hall, where Marty and Artie stopped in, and can I get the video feed of that? Seriously. It'd be interesting. And Sanctity's kinda hopping, with Quark randomly stopping in, and Stark stopping in not-so-randomly.

I'm low on snark tonight. Wow.

Random Crap That Doesn't Fit Anywhere Else People are Getting in Trouble and it's Not Meeeeeee!

I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but the day starts off with Crunch and K hatching an evil plan. Later, Crunch goes to see Molly, which I'm sure is completely unrelated. Sam is being all suspicious-like, too. I wanna know why I didn't get a phone call guys. If glitter was involved and I wasn't called, you're all fired. The gruesome... foursome- which isn't dirty, I don't think, and if it was, forget what I said about the phone call, glitter or not- meet up. And now a a teacher is missing. And then they go to see Tex. And live. Probably. It's slowplay, yo. Then they bring sleepy!Molly back to the dorms. Huh. You know what, I can't leave town anymore. That's it.

And finally, Rory thinks Bridgey's cute. Night, all!

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