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Hey all, it's Bridge Carson, bringing you the exciting happenings of Thursday in Fandom.

Little of Column A

There really wasn't a lot of school related news today. Zordon sent some email- how did he manage that without hands, I wonder? Well, maybe Alpha typed it or something. And Principal Washburn had office hours. That's it. And now on to the dorms, which were really busy today.

This and That

Outside the dorms, Elle apparently attempted to recruit Jack as her own personal cabana boy. And Ranma was dodging the rain.

In the gym this morning, Gwynn and Peter Pevensie met, Cam broke Gwynn's brain a little- hopefully not literally, because that sounds painful, and Cam and Peter believe the "pretty girls" should've been mentioned in the brochures.

In the fifth floor common room this morning, Phoebe and Paige talked dating and family. But, thankfully, not dating family. Pippi and Phoebe talked fake boyfriends. Phoebe and Jude talked zombie movies, and then she was mushy with Bel.

Down in the second floor common room, Janet and Blair talked about missing school, Janet and D'Anna talked workshops, Zack met Janet, Blair, and D'Anna, Peter- and man, I'm just glad that "Bridge" isn't a common name, so I can't be confused with anyone else- talked to Janet, Elizabeth who is not Z watched the Z-Files with Janet, the dude plotted something about shirts, and Sam apparently didn't like being called "bra". *deep breath* Whew.

In the hallways, people said goodbye to Marty and Angela who are leaving but will be back! And outside, Pip was attacked by wooden shrapnel courtesy of Sakurazaki.

In the fourth floor common room, Joxer and Jamie met, Willow introduced Joxer to M&Ms, Dean and Willow talked about demons, and Joxer and Conner talked about rubber monsters.

Back in the fifth floor common room, Buffy made pancakes for breakfast, except it wasn't really breakfast, it was noonish, so it was more... lunch. Or possibly brunch. Pip offered to make crepes, Nadia and Hat-Girl talked dating, and Hat-Girl and Buffy talked superpowers, and maybe everyone with a superpower should just start adding that on to their introductions? Hi, I'm Bridge Carson, and I'm a psychic. Anyway, Jamie and Hat-Girl talked about bunnies and roommates, 494 ate- seriously, is this news? people eating?- Walter and Nadia were cute, and River, apparently, was weird.

Back in the second floor common room, Logan made margaritas, Veronica and Logan talked, as did Officer Lion-Girl and Logan and Cam and Veronica. My notes say something about a secret banana society. I'm not sure I want to know. Buffy stopped by and learned that the second floor common room is supposed to be the cool one. Draco and Joxer learned about margaritas. Cordy talked to Logan and Cally, Cally talked to Logan and Veronica, Xander talked to Joxer, Logan, Cordy and Buffy, and Jack talked to Veronica and Rory.

Okay, huh. Apparently there's another Xander here now. And he talked to Cordelia. Whatever, mine's cuter.

Bel met the uncute Xander and Tyler, Tyler met Rory, Rory met Conner, and man... I'll be glad in a week or so when everybody's met everybody and we can stop reporting every time two people say hi. Hat-Girl and Rory, who already knew each other, talked, I'm guessing about boys. Dawn had furniture jealousy and talked to the other Xander and the dude. Alec who was 494 but has a name now talked to Cordy and Tyler, Hermione met a whole slew of people, and Hamlet met James.

Officer Lion-Girl saw Peter naked in the hallway. That... sounds traumatic. Sorry, Lion-Girl. Lockheed said goodbye to Rory and taunted some fish. Bye, Lockheed!

Back up in the fifth floor common room, Marie and Kaylee watched "Tinseltown Diaries", and I get the feeling I should've known who the episode was about, I talked to both of them, and Alanna complained about the new people.

On the roof, Walter and Nadia hung out, and Tim and Demyx met Nadia and Walter.

Once again in the fourth floor common room, Dean and Zack talked about zombies while watching a movie, Z brought Oreos, and Jude met Dean.

In the Gym, Aeryn talked to Peter and Miles. And in the lobby, John Connor played with Ranma and Elle.

Jack is crazy and went running really early in the morning. Peter sent off an email and talked to Greg about romance novels. Also sending email was Xander. Zack wrote in his journal, but did not send email. Tyler did not send email or write in a journal, but he did make a list! And he's checking it twice!

John and Aeryn were adorable and snuggly. In other news, the sky is blue. Also cute were Pup and Cuddles, but in a different kind of way. In other pet-related news, Tyler agreed to cat-sit Angela's cat while the girl, not the cat, goes on vacation.

Shiro woke up in a window. Lindsey reflected in his room. And emos a bit too. Possibly in the window. I don't know.

Sakurasaki and Luna did roomie things like talk about magic. Luna visited Tim and they chattered. Peter and Paige went for their date. Dawn walked in on Draco dancing. Spazzily. I don't suppose you got any pictures, Dawn?

A lot of people were in 406 including but not limited to Xander, me, Isabel, Cal, Greg, Z, Peter, and Alanna. We watched something called reality TV, which I still don't really understand- if I want reality, I'll go outside or something. Anyway, yes, we watched that and just generally hung out and talked and stuff.

And that's all for dorms. Now on to-


Bridge: Um, dude? Are you lost? 'Cause... this is my room and I'm pretty sure you don't live here. Wait, actually... *sound of rustling papers* Here, do me a favor and read these, okay?

Briar: Wait, what am I doing? Reading notes and then everyone at school will hear over that box thing? Um, okay. Do I get paid?

Bridge: Nope. Strictly volunteer work. Anyway, go ahead, dude.

Briar: Over in town, someone named Agatha looks through a catalog. How is this newsworthy? Speaking of money, Tim and Jude get job applications at Luke's and Jamie begins work at Empire Records.

The theater is showing The Poseidon Adventure. I don't think I've actually ever seen a play. Elle runs into Silent Bob and Jay. And Jude runs into Tim and Orlin. One, I hope they're okay. Two, why again is this news?

A lot of stuff happen at All and Sundries. Juding by what happens, I'm guessing All and Sundries is a store. I should probably find a map of the island soon. Pip and Nadia shop with Demyx who later comes back with money. That usually helps when shopping. Paige also shops for clothes from apparently the 40's. What's that? Jaye, the crazy girl from last night, buys nametags and Jude has written his name on his forehead. I completely support this new trend for both old and new students. Elizabeth buys vodka. Please share with everyone else, Elizabeth.

In other parts of the town, English Peter - what a weird first name, English - has coffee with Janet. Elle visits the salon. And finally, GOB and Becky - again with the weird names - talk at the Sin. Or possibly work there? Something like that. And Miho talks. Congratulations?

In other interesting places, that I assume are located in town, other stuff happen. No, really. Who would believe it? In Cafe Fina Pip ogles Seras during dinner and Alfred and the Baron have dinner. Why does everyone have a weird name?

In Caritas, Lindsey sings. Okay. Paige and English Peter are there on a date. Ellie, Archie, Elle, and English Peter talk to Veronica at various points in the evening. Lindsey and Piper also spend some time together there.

Bridge: Okay, and to wrap things up, a special announcement from Alanna of Trebond: "All new students are required by school law to wear nametags at all times and have their names written with Sharpie on their foreheads."

Good night, Fandom!

[ooc: thanks to [livejournal.com profile] greenmagebriar for the guest-reporting!]

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