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Clint Barton ([personal profile] so_hawkward) wrote in [community profile] fandom_radio2017-06-18 12:44 am
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Fandom Radio, Sunday, June 18th

Hey Fandom, this is Clint Barton hoping everyone's having a good Father's Day morning, if that's something you celebrate. I'm going to be quick here with my few notes: in town, Taako had a delicious caffeinated drink with him at Fantasy Costco, and Magnus stopped by to ask if he could borrow one of Taako's skirts since it's been so hot outside. No judgement here, welcome to summer in Fandom. They also talked about the need to bring frappes back to their own world, and Magnus tried to talk Taako into teaching. Everyone should try teaching here for a little while at least, the students are highly entertaining.

Now my usual need for caffeine is even worse, so I'm out of here. Have a good one, folks.