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Fandom Radio, Sunday, April 30th

Hey folks, Clint Barton here, and for once, I know exactly what these notes are going to be about before the squirrels have even handed them over. In case you were hiding out somewhere and missed the excitement, yesterday was graduation over at the school. Like most of the time, it started out okay: everyone's guests arrived as all the seniors came in in their terrible, goofy robes. Ada and Anders were less than impressed with the outfits, and Isabela got to explain the tradition of graduation robes to Jalian. Zoe and Anakin gave speeches, along with Isabela in her role as Student Council president, and then everybody got their diplomas, aww.

Now, if you've attended graduation before, you know this is where the fun usually starts, and it was no different this year - some guy showed up and turned into a giant snake, which is both gross and kind of offensive. Like, can't the graduates get a break one year? Anyway, people kind of freaked out and thankfully a bunch of the grads were armed and able to take the snake down while those who didn't want to fight stayed safe. I suppose it could have been a lot worse, but I'm just glad everyone's okay.

That's it for me; stay safe and enjoy a nice, quiet week before all the new people show up next weekend.