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Fandom Radio, Sunday, April 9th

Good morning, everyone. This is Clint Barton, and I think I would have preferred to wake up as a woman again rather than go through another day singing. Anyone else with me? *sighs* Let's see what the notes from yesterday say.

There aren't any notes from the school, but over in the dorms, Dante was humming away in the third floor common room while he rifled through the fridge, and when Rhys came in, Dante claimed all the food he found for himself, and then warned Rhys to be careful talking since he could end up breaking into song at any moment. Pinkie was singing a very uplifting song on the deck; Hanna found her and when Pinkie realized she was singing too, Hanna tried to explain Fandom's weird singing day to her.

Over in town, Kathy was brooding in one of the old warehouses when Dante came by--they sang at each other, of course, but got a lot of stuff out in the open between themselves, so maybe that's not a bad thing? Raven also cleared some things up with Kathy once she got back to their place, and there was a lot of apologetic singing going on. Steve woke up singing the Army song, because of course he did, and when Tony realized it was a Fandom thing, he tried to convince Steve not to listen to anything he might say. Aww Tony, since when do we listen to what you say to begin with?

Hannibal and Jono had Kanan and Hera over for dinner, which turned a bit musical, of course. Hera thought it was kind of amusing, which I guess it is, compared to some of the other stuff this place throws at us. Faraday sang his way through opening up Wellspring Arms, which made Goody very amused, and Mike was prepared for singing at Caritas, so when Verity came in he got to explain that no, it wasn't just her feeling full of songs at the moment. Raven ended up spending the evening brooding on the roof of Groovy Tunes, and when Jono found her, they talked about getting over bad crap and how to move on from it and figure out what you really want to do. See, who needs therapy when we have days like this to help us get stuff out, right?

Anyway, that's everything from here. Have a good week, and let's hope next weekend is nice and peaceful, yeah?