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WTFH Radio, Saturday

NO I don't want to-- right, we're doing this fast.

Practical Diplomacy had to deal with handling an annoying travel situation diplomatically. And by "annoying" I mean "while saddled with a droid baby" because Anakin and Obi-Wan are utter shits sometimes. In comparison, Discovering Earth got a spa day. Literally. In a spa in a treehouse in the Caribbean.

Over in town, Dante was out at the causeway in the morning, texting people and waiting for them to show up, which sounds ominous. Kathy came all kitted out with gear and weapons, and is a bit put out when Dante's surprised she took him up on the invitation. Jon -- oh good, they're taking an adult to wherever they're off to -- arrived and got a quick strategic rundown from Dante on how to deal with the demons they'll be facing.

What the fucking hell. No. Don't face demons, go the other fucking way. Fucking hell.

An oddly serious Ringo showed up, and Ezra came to help, but not without some hint-hint innuendo with Dante, and Ada giving him a bit of grief, first. Anders was fidgety while he waited, but got some reassurance from Dante and agrees with Kathy that they'd rather be there to help than sit out because they're scared. Isabela assures Dante that she's okay with this whole plan, and I hope you kids have three or four fucking back-up plans, and Dante's less than excited to see Ada there, and gets her to promise she'll be careful.

That's it. I'm out before--