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Fandom Radio [Tuesday, August 28, 2012]

Cade: I don’t karking care what you are. I don’t have class for several hours. I don’t need to be awake. I will shoot you.

Atton: Yeah, those damn rodents are worse than a whole flock of mynocks! I mean, I do have class this morning, but that doesn't mean I don't get to shoot you, you hear me?


Atton: Yeah, I'm looking at you. The one laughing at us.

Cade: Hey, does it have alcohol? Gimme.

Atton: You heard the man. Get him some rum before he starts yelling. Because he's real good at yelling.


Cade: *pause for emptying a tiny bottle of rum* Better. What am I supposed to be--oh, read these? Like anyone cares what people were doing yesterday.


Cade: I WILL SHOOT YOU. Fine. In some philosophy class, they introduce themselves--wonder how many used aliases--then watched some movie--I guess they mean vids--called Arachoquake. Seems wholesome. Then they had to make up poodoo about the
deep whatever about the thing.
Is there more rum?

Atton: You're not getting my bottle.

Cade: But mine was really short. And in ANOTHER class, about lions or some karking thing, students learn about...taking over things. What is wrong with this place? Students listened to the lecture--bet they were confused if they thought it was a class about lions, so maybe that's what Cassidy and Yuel--did I pronounce that right?-- were talking about, before the whole class discussed their plans for what I'm only guessing is eventual galactic domination. Cha skrunee da pat.

Atton: You gonna keep shouting in Huttese all broadcast?

Cade: It's educaaaaaational. I'm teaching them a new language!

Atton: Yeah, well, it's a horrible language. You want to be creative, try Twi'lek.

Cade: Like how they do that thing with their lek'ku and then the--


Cade: I'm gonna have a rodent-skin hat by the end of the day. Ulrik asked about being a lackey after class, and Zayne told his students about starting businesses in a class conveniently called So You Want to Start a Business. Much less karking confusing than the one not about lions. They all talked about what kind of businesses they wanna run --might I suggest one that sells bigger bottles of rum?

Atton: I have a feeling these were sized to... whatever these things are.

Cade: Mean and unnecessarily violent is what they are.

Atton: Relatives of yours?

Profes-- oh, frang, I'm not going to call these people 'Professors'. Magneto moves some stuff around his office with magnetism - sounds awkward, but maybe that's just me - until Loki comes in and they have a civilized discussion about how Loki's going to beat Magneto up if he gets near his brother.

Cade: And some William person is in the library claiming that the books were unshelving themselves. Maybe he's had too much rum too.

Not that I have. It's just early, is all.

Atton: I don't think the words 'too much' fit too well in that sentence. Unless you started drinking before I did.

Cade: If I did, I'm not admittin' it here.

Atton: So you did! Okay, that does it. I'm shaking you up for drinks in the morning from now on.


Atton: Tony has pizza and something called CNN. Scrap the latter and give me some of the former, and it might make up for making me read about what you're doing. Olive's not a big fan of the CNN thing either. Tony seems to think it's better than something else called Fox, but really, Tony, let me offer you some advice: if you're that bored, just go to Caritas and get drinking.

Cade: I'm bored just hearin' about it.

Atton: Sia turns up to wonder why there's so much pizza. Do I need to sit you down and have the conversation about how we don't rag on people for getting us free food? ...and then Olive walks in and calls her 'Marsie'. I'm going to remember that one. Don't think I won't.

Cade: She still looks familiar to me. Not just because she's cute, either.

Atton: Okay, one, that's probably because she's from... somewhere closer to your time than I am. Two, watch it.

Cade: You got prior claim or something?

Atton: What? No! I'm just saying, watch it. She's not going to be happy with some guy like you sniffing her tail.

Cade: I'm hurt. I'm gonna drink this bottle and try to feel better.

Atton: Yeah, you do that. Stephanie and Tony decide to start planning a party, which seems like a great idea until they start wanting to drag athletics into it. I have to draw the line somewhere. I'm not doing backflips while drinking. Olive immediately figures out that Stephanie's Tony's girl. Apparently she does respect the free food, though. So Olive? Do me a favor and spend more time with Marsie. It'll be good for her. And then Marsie turns around and complains to Stephanie that it's too quiet. Sometimes I just don't get you, Marsie.

Cade: I can go find something to blow up if that'll make you feel more at home, Marsie.

Atton: Juliet spent time in her room watching... something about housewives. I don't know. Sounds riveting. Olive spent the time she didn't spend educating Marsie in her room listening to... somebody and talking to Jim about how he's from space. You know who else is from space? Me.

Cade: ME TOO! Let's all be friends or something. Yeah. I don't actually care.

Atton: I'm just saying, you don't hear us bragging about it to a bunch of drunken furry-- Hey, gimme that bottle.


Atton: April's at the Perk having a loud argument with her caf-- coffee without actually opening her mouth like she usually does, and then some guy called Jack shows up. And then there's something about not wanting to be a grown-up. April, if you want to be a kid so bad, just lie about your age. Jack then moves on to the Devil's Nest, AKA that place where they won't sell me drinks-- no seriously, Cade, give me that bottle of rum-- and then Derek shows up to complain that someone threw him out of the picnic for getting into some kid's face.

That sounds like a real failure of justice right there.

Cade: I'm crying into my rum--MY RUM, LAY OFF--for him. Vincent's dressed up and offering half-off specials for food at his place--oooh. Do they have breakfast? I could go for some breakfast right now. Fireball taught me about chocolate. I bet chocolate would be karking amazing for breakfast.

Atton: Who the hell is Fireball?

Cade: Sparkle's new name, because...Sparkle. And at Caritas--that the place you were telling me about?

Atton: Yeah. They serve drinks. We're going there tonight; I think we've earned it.

Cade: Karking right. Jim, hear that? So Kitty was there with a 'now hiring' sign--seems like work--and talking about how much carding they don't do. I'm guessing that's a good thing?

Atton: Carding's when they make you prove you're above some arbitrary age so they can feel good about selling you drinks. So yeah, that's a good thing. Not carding.

Cade: Well, the rodents here didn't card either. Good for them.

Atton: Less shooting that way.

Cade: Magneto stops in and says this place was stranger than he'd thought. You have NO IDEA.

Atton: Hey, hey, take down the thrusters a little. You've been here for, what, three days? You don't have any idea either. Trust me.

Cade: Well, in that case, I'm taking this bottle for the walk back.

Atton: I'll pass on that. Got class with the Great Cloaked Savior in a couple of minutes.

Cade: You mean Grandpa Dean Bus Driver? Yeah...I'm going to need another bottle too.

Atton: Grandpa Dean? You need to work on your nicknames.

Cade: It was Fireball's first! We can leave now, right? Hate for you to be late to class or somethin'.

Atton: Aw, you're all heart.
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[She still looks familiar to me. Not just because she's cute, either.