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Kanan Jarrus, The Last Padawan ([personal profile] uncertain_dume) wrote in [community profile] fandom_radio2017-07-31 07:40 am
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Fandom Radio, Monday, July 31

Hey, Fandom. Try to hide your surprise that it's Monday morning and I'm here once again. I know, I know, it's super unexpected at this point, but what are you going to do?

... Anyway, I have notes. Also a surprise, I'm sure. And once again, all in town. At Luke's, I was caught between the busboy and the cook arguing over cats versus dogs, an argument that was more or less settled when Summer showed up and yelled at them both to just give her the cake she ordered. Sparkle was bored at Demon Marcus, and so he gets a boring note. Jono had more oranges than he knew what to do with at the Boards yesterday. Dante was sick of them from his Groovy Tunes shift, but offered to take some to the vegetarians in his life, and Hannibal pointed out that he has a car, and can just drive Jono and the oranges to a shelter to donate them.

Cara and Surreal were on a date at the 'out of order' onsen, and were just figuring out what to do with themselves when Cara turned into a chipmunk. I don't know what that is, but I imagine it makes dating difficult. And, finally, Atton was wondering what the hell to do with some weird drink mixing ingredients at Caritas when Sparkle showed up to combat his boredom, and they played a game of pazaak. I've got a deck somewhere, I need to see if there's anyone around here who plays. Kitty stopped by as well, and... really didn't want to know what was up with the weird drink mixers.

Nah, that's fair. If you can't pronounce it while drinking, you can't order more. What's the point?

And that's all the notes, so I'm out for the day. We have an asteroid to investigate in class today. I need to help prep the Ghost for that.

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