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WTFH, Friday

Hey, island, what's up? Are you ready for a party today? 'Cause I am.

Just gotta get through that last day of school. Stark made it easy on everyone in Civics by just giving them some kind of speech about doing good, while Cara offered to buy everyone drinks. Okay, I picked the wrong classes. Sort of. Creative Cooking was all about us making whatever the hell we wanted.

Anyone want a bottle of glitter booze? I've got a dozen.

Cosette was eating pastries in the library. Wonder if they're class-related.

Lucille sat in the lobby of the dorms, scowling. That's why nobody showed up, Lucille.

In town, Peter tried to get on the prom train with corsages and shit, but he just got Algren talking about ike... ike something.


The squirrels are moving flowers around. I don't get it. Ades also did the prom thing at the store with cool tuxes and shit, by the way. And at the diner, Hardison finally figured out how to ignore the singing. Only took you what, three months? Loser.


Think that's it. Alright, Fandom. Let's get our party on!