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Fandom Radio, Friday, March 28, 2014

Hello, this is Cade Skywalker in for whatshername this morning because apparently she took one look outside and refused to leave the dorm. In related news, on my way to the radio station today I saw attacking snowmen, a couple zombies, and some giant scorpions, in addition to the dinosaurs, harpies, creepy statues that move and drop you on Selkie Peak or into the water....and avoid the park. Just trust me on that.

Well, it was a school day yesterday and some of the teachers met up but classes weren't really a thing. Coping With Being Famous was canceled via email, Lyman sent his class to the library or the shooting range, and Thor told his class to be helpful any way they could. In the library, Special Collections has still locked itself up tight, but researchers were doing the research thing anyway.

The dorms were quiet, so if you were cowering under your bed, no worries, the squirrels aren't tattling on you.

Town wasn't that quiet. Grover started the morning off by shrieking his way through the streets as he was chased by a Chicken From Hell. Madrox watched and ate a burrito. Oooh, I could really go for a burrito right now.

*emphatic chittering*

Okay, so there's no way in hell you're getting me one. Fine, fine, fine. Aeryn shot the dinosaur dead and managed to get Grover to go home before he sang at her. Uh...huh. Booker, who's--spoiler alert!--cooling his unconscious heels in the Trooper Station, spent the morning ripping more rifts into reality, so blame him for the dinosaurs and other poodoo.

Tamsin put up a wanted ad to go track him down, and she and girl teacher Jack talked strategy before talking about monkeyponies because, well, monkeyponies. I came in to offer my assistance, and she told me to wait with Jack for more people before we went out hunting. More on that later. And Jack told me I reminded her of her old commander but in a "I'm a guy and not dead" way. Bo came in and she and Tamsin snarked at each other before Bo joined our happy posse. Red came in to join us as well, and Aeryn was sent off to shoot dinosaurs on Apocalypse Avenue. We--me, Bo, Jack, Red, Buffy and Goose--went off to find Booker who was ripping more rifts, and we fought--epically--until Bo kissed him unconscious and we brought him back to the Trooper Station.

Sia got zapped into the park this afternoon but found plenty of other things to kill there, too, and it was still a place for Vikings and dinosaurs to be fought by Eric. Sia found his head-ripping-off technique a little unusual, and they talked about Jaina Solo while fighting off harpies and angel statues. Loki wanted Eric to kill more Vikings once he had his camera ready. Hannibal had Jono escort him back from the library, which was a good thing because they got attacked by dinosaurs on the way to the hotel. Astral!


Well, I'm very sorry to hear that Bob was eaten yesterday. Don't go near the dinosaurs. And finally, Mike spent his evening petting his normally-not-a-wolf roommate Derek--currently a wolf--and watching movies. Because it's Fandom.

Right then, that's all I've got! Don't go outside unless you know how to kill stuff, and if you absolutely have to go out and need an escort, I'm on the third floor. Stay safe everyone!