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Since everyone's posting in town, I think I can do this early...

camp post, day six )

vault post, day six )
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So I wasn't planning on doing this, but then some people told me they'd missed stuff, and then I realized I'd missed stuff, and that it might be helpful to know what IC information might be out there/what supplies are out there/who's still naked/who's gone missing even if you couldn't read everything. So I went ahead and recapped the last two days of the BDE to be posted in the radio comm. Yes, I am in fact a crazy person. I'll be keeping up on this daily for the rest of the BDE since the game proper's quiet.

This is 100% OOC and doesn't affect IC knowledge at all.

And if I missed anything or posted a wrong link or read something wrong, NEVER TELL ME OR I WILL COME OVER THERE I'VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR SIX HOURS.


camp post, day one )

dungeon post, day one )

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dungeon post, day two )

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