WTFH, Saturday

Saturday, July 8th, 2017 09:39 am
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Hm? What, today? *sigh* Very well, I have a parade to get to, so give me those notes.

Good morning, Fandom. This is Doctor Hannibal Lecter; apparently Mr. Constantine is unavailable this morning. Today is Pride, and I see that even the island is getting into the spirit.

*chittering cheers*

And the squirrels have little flags. Why not? Differing sexualities are hardly exclusive to humans, or even primates.

In any event, here is the news from yesterday.

In classes, Vanessa was surprised to find out she's teaching alien conspiracy theories. She blamed Wade, which seems like a very safe bet, but went on regardless with introductions. And in my class on international cuisine, we handled introductions at a restaurant in São Paulo where we ate Brazilian food. Except for the student who can't eat, and whom I hope will not be dreadfully bored the entire term.

Over in town, Liam arrived at the Trooper Station to an argument between two of the troopers as to whether they really saw a creature in the sewers that one calls a sewer sprite and the other a shit pixie. *pause* This being Fandom, I'm not going to make a guess as to which is right, though I will say that sewer sprite seems a more genteel name, should a possibly hypothetical sewer creature care about that.

At the junkyard, Hera was having some difficulty figuring out what some of the "mystery metal objects" at the junkyard are, and then Kanan dropped by with lunch.

Dante was at Groovy Tunes, failing to convince the sound system to play anything but jazz. Hm. Which might not be a bad thing, depending upon the jazz.

And Kathy was in her apartment crafting things and preparing for Pride, which included pamphlet-folding and bracelet-making. Eliot brought her lunch, then confused her by suggesting many sorts of elaborate friendship bracelet styles.

And that seems to be all of the news that I have here, so I'm heading off for the causeway to begin the parade. I hope that everybody has a lovely day today and that I see you all there, and don't forget the picnic tomorrow. Thank you.

*more chittering cheers*

WTFH, Friday

Friday, July 7th, 2017 02:13 pm
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Hey, Fandom. 'sup? It's a pretty good Friday so far, besides the part where you made me roll out of bed.

Vehicle Proficiency actually got to the vehicles right outside the bat, which is better than their track-record last term. Defence class went straight to the dragon-fighting - seriously? That sounds kinda cool. And...


... that's it. I got out of bed for this shit? [feedback] [feedback]


I was having a good time-- anyway, I'm out. Later.
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Yo, leave off. Yeah, I'm late. It's too hot to move fast. Gimme the notes an' lemme get on with it, okay?

School had the first week introductions. Fightin' an' Fabulosity had students pick their choice of weapons as an introduction technique. Were there computers? I do alla my fightin' over computer. An' somehow, Dante already had to stay after class, but the squirrels won't tell me why. They just keep squeakin' 'OOOoooOOOH' an' pantominin' bein' in trouble. Helpful, guys. The Healin' Power of Crystals has...some kinda introductions. I mean, they talked? Look, Deadpool wanted stories about crystals or strippers an' the students complied an' I don't wanna know who talked about which. Xanthippe didn't seem excited to be his TA again, but her rant was directed at Deadpool who was all just shrug emoji about it. Then Karla is back--Eliot will be happy to hear that--with Magic of Plants an' started off havin' the class make papyrus. Wait, is there no--nope! There were still introductions, she had the class play two truths an' a lie. She thanks Lucille for bein' her TA an' then Hannibal dropped by with chocolates.

Man, ain't no one brought me chocolates when I was teachin'.

The Library had Peridot with some gremlin bodyguards an' I don't even wanna know the rest of that story.

Town is quiet, everyon' restin' up after the holiday, but my girl Tali has a work ethic, showin' up at Stark's to work on a drone.

An' I'm out, 'bout to go enjoy air conditionin' like a civilized human.

Fandom Radio, July 5th

Thursday, July 6th, 2017 02:50 am
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Do I even want to know why the place looks like this?

*hungover chittering*

Well, you should know better by now.

And classes were back at the School, with Archaeology improvising 'friendly chats' which is usually an euphemism. Hyacinthe was confused about what he'd signed up for then lied about a bunch of things. Then Aphra took over Try Not To Die because Anakin had a bad hair day, which was somehow different to his hair on every other day, and took the class to Australia. She did bring all of them back, right?

While in the Library, Khadgar read books about aeroplanes instead of fireworks.

The Dorms were still quiet, while in Town, Summer read cookbooks at Needful Things, the flowers were festive at Covent Garden, and Zack looked after animals at Furnado as opposed to looking after root vegetables.

There was a party in the Park with food provided by Hannibal. Kanan was mostly interested in Summers Jello mold though. Miracle-Guy introduced himself to Hannibal, Hera had Kanan's dog, Alice had two people answering her questions about fireworks, and Eliot and Hardison admiring her look, before going off to talk to each other about burgers. Also the wrong flags were up as decorations. Summer's Jello molds continued to be an object of weird fascination, and Octavia stumbled on the party accidentally. As you do.

Since she was missing the party, Kitty stuck fireworks in the drinks at Caritas, though only Liam was game enough to take her up on.
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*door closes without slamming for once*

Right, good morning. I understand this is a holiday so happy whatever this is supposed to be about.

At school, Science class talked about sciencing more and then did introductions, Getting to Know Your Own Backyard did introductions and then went to the sun- everyone's fine- where Peebee got to learn about Aurebesh and Hera offered to teach Khadgar the non-takeoff and landing parts of flying. And Understanding American Holidays learned a little about today and did introductions, and happy birthday to my teacher.

And then in town Eliot had to convince the Luke's staff that yesterday was not the Fourth of July, and that's all I have.

So have fun today, and don't blow anything up that was not intended to be blown up.
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Huh. There are actually notes today besides the same four. Would you look at that?


... Yeah, I know you've already seen them. You wrote them. It was an expression.

*Chittering* Yeah, whatever. Give me those before I change my mind about reading this. At least everything was in town again, that's good. We've got Octavia - you guys sure you didn't just leave the 'n' off of Octavian? No? Okay, so someone new - Octavia waking up after some bad dreams in the MCA, and Bellamy running in to check up on her, and she told him a bit about what's up. Elsewhere in town, Doctor Lecter was out and about, hanging posters advertising an Independence Day party in the Park tomorrow. That's the big 'yay America' thing, right? Maybe I'll check it out. Looks like Summer ran into him and wound up volunteering to make a... jello mold?


... Yeah, I'd probably still try that.

And then we've got the usual bunch of notes. Sparkle at Demon Marcus being bummed out about missing Canada Day, but then getting excited again when he heard about next weekend's Pride. What and what?


Yeah, I don't know what 'hugging a mountie' is supposed to mean, but hey, great to know that humans on Earth will still find the stupidest reasons to oppress people. Good on you guys for having the guts to stand up, though. Maybe I'll show up to cheer you on.

Over at Luke's, the staff were all collecting on bets when Summer showed up to tell me about her new phone. Hard luck on that last one, Summer. Hopefully this one will last you a while, and the number of boob pictures people keep sending you will ease off a bit. Unless you're into that. At the Boards, Jono asked the band what kind of music they'd like to play for Pride. He and Dante discussed the possibility of just doing heavy metal covers of Queen songs, and seriously, I don't know what half my notes today are actually talking about. Great. Peebee talked with Dante a little bit about Pride and the concept of gender binary, which led into a chat about going to the mainland wearing a helmet versus pretending 'it's just cosplay?'


Ooooh. Yeah, there are a few people around the island with that problem. We could probably gather up all the aliens around here with lekku or head tendrils or non-human colored skin and do a group run to the mainland together if there's anything anybody wanted to check out over there. Anyway. Notes. Jono and Peebee talked for a little while about Pride as well, and about oppression, before the conversation turned to talk about messing with people using his flames. And Dr. Lecter said he mostly has to tap out because he's taking care of the food - hey, can anyone attend this Pride picnic thing? - but he'd be interested in playing a few songs for their heavy metal Queen... thing.

Last but not least, Atton walked into Caritas and announced that last week was the most boring week. Which the band took to mean he was trying to jinx them. What is it with people automatically assuming that, anyway? The island's going to throw stupid poodoo at us no matter what we say.

*Chittering* *thunk*

Hey! No throwing acorns!

*thunk! thunk thunk thunk thunk thunk-*

I swear, I'm gonna--
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Hey everyone, Clint Barton here with a usual-sized pile of notes. That's always a good sign of a peaceful weekend.

Over at the school, Ahsoka meditated on the library desk. Like, on top of it? *chittering* I guess that's better than under it or something. In town, Jono was making posters for next weekend's Pride Weekend at Groovy Tunes, and Octavia came in because she was curious what the store is all about. Taako got Fantasy Costco all decorated in red, white, and blue because, as he told Magnus, his boss wanted him to, but he didn't know what the colors were for. I don't know if these are guys who should be informed about the concept of fireworks, but if anyone's wondering, Google the Fourth of July and the whole thing will make a little more sense.

Now I'm thinking about apple pie, mmmm. I'd better get out of here before I make myself hungrier. Have a good one, folks!

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, July 1st, 2017 11:16 am
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It's break-week, so there's no school.

In the morning, Kanan was at the park pretending to hit things near the duck pond while Stance makes sure all the ducks are going to need therapy for years Eliot came by with Val and complimented Kanan's form, then hopes his actual weapon is better balanced than the stick he's using. Eliot nagged at him about how he needs to train with something better than a broomstick until Kanan finally relented and reassembled his lightsaber. Now pretending to hit shit with a glowstick. Because Fandom.

Jenkins was having a half-off special on tarot card readings at the Magic Box yesterday, while Liam was at the Trooper Station drinking coffee and trying to go through backlogged paperwork. Welcome to the madness, fresh meat.

Lovely Hera's attempts to get the junkyard organized were kind of ruined by someone literally dumping a giant load of junk in the middle of the place, and Kanan stopped by later with Stance and also food.

That's it, Fandom. Someone go take that Liam-sod off to Caritas and introduce him to the band sooner rather than later.

WTFH, Friday

Friday, June 30th, 2017 07:52 am
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Oh, now where has that Dante kid run off to? Whatever. It's break, there can't possibly be a lot of notes--


... Okay, that's more than I expected. Whatever. You suck, Fandom.

In the dorms, Hyacinthe lazed around on the deck, where he ran into Summer, who's apparently been off doing whatever these past couple of days. I don't care. They flirt, because they're teenagers and so big hormonal bags of... hormones.

Jason also shows up to beg for drinks and talk about football. These kids. No imagination. Then he and Summer pretend they don't know each other and uggggh.

In town news, Hardison spent his time at the diner slathering crap in ketchup because Americans, am I right? When Tony showed up, he claimed it had something to do with scurvy. Yeah, nobody believes you. Nerd. You just sound like nobody put you in enough dumpsters as a child.

Cara returned to Caritas to serve drinks, where she met Magnus, presumably looking for drinks. Match made in hell or wherever, I don't know the guy.

Also that weird guy is still running the grocery store. Now he's making everything smell bad.


No, being mayor doesn't mean I can fire people. That's it for today. Now scram.
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No notes? There are no notes? Then what the hell did y'all little buggers get me up for? I'mma just...go home I guess?

I don't even know what to do with myself. Get me up for no notes, this is ridiculous...


Fandom Radio, June 28th

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 10:30 pm
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Go away, it's my week off.



Nothing happened either at School or the Dorms, because it's a break week. Over in Town, Liam checked on his shuttle in the junkyard, Kathy did arts and crafts at the Dite's, which seems like a terrible idea, and Octavia wanted to know what kind of store it was which sounds like a worse one. Apparently it wasn't yet break for ferrets at the Post Office, Taako was hot at Fantasy CostCo, Nathan played ball with a plant at Covent Gardens, and someone brought at gremlin into Furnado. Heh.
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*door slams*

*papers rustling*

Really? This is three notes. You got me here for three notes? *sigh*

Good morning. Nothing happened in school because there is no school right now. So in the dorms, Ringo took over the fourth floor common room to work on her ATs. There is a garage for that, you know. Less chance of people stepping on leftover pieces there. And in town, Verity sent a zombie from the Devil's Nest to audition at Caritas, the Merchant of Miracles took some "unicorns" to the park, but that's in quotes so I don't know how real that is.

That's it. I'm leaving now, goodbye.
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Ah, even on break week, there's always the news. Good morning, Fandom. This is Kanan Jarrus with all the notes the squirrels bothered to grab for me from in town. Maybe they're actually starting to pay attention when I tell them no stuff from the dorms.

Or possibly they just dropped that note on the way to the station and were too drunk to find it in the bushes. Either way, I'll take it.

In any case, the day's notes seem to start in the morning, with Octavia was out and about the streets of town, frowning into the window of the comic book shop. Don't much care for the brain rot, huh? Jalian passed her by and noticed that she was new, which led to an explanation of shops and why there were things in display in the window. Liam noticed here looking in the window and introduced himself, and then gave her a crash course on Bitterwoman. I might need one of those, too. I'm seeing merch about her everywhere and I have questions. Tony noted that she looked new - Octavia, not Bitterwoman - and talked a little about being from a place with disappointing aliens. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the only one from a place where it's mostly the humans who are no-good backstabbing bigoted sleemos. And Anne, trying to be helpful, stopped to tell Octavia that the place probably wasn't open on Sundays.

Over at the Boards, Hannibal opened the place for band rehearsal while Jono got himself ready for their vacation. Dante swung by with his guitar and chatted with Doc Lecter for a while about their plans for over break week. While I was ignoring the kitchen staff at Lukes while they attempted stupid acrobatic tricks with pancakes, Summer swung by with her suitcase to order a milkshake and chat with me about the way things are at home. She'll be back. Sparkle was dancing with a mannequin to pass the time at Demon Marcus when Anne showed up looking for some help getting new summertime clothes. Seems like a lot of people just don't know what to do with hot weather like this. And at Caritas, Atton was once again having trouble getting Tino to leave him the hell alone. Should have just stuffed him in the maintenance closet again this week, Atton. That seems to be working out better for you.

And that's all the notes the squirrels bothered to bring, so until next week, Fandom. Try not to blow up the island during the break or anything, alright?
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Good morning, Fandom. I hope you're all feeling well-rested and/or well-caffeinated today. Let's see what the squirrels spotted yesterday.

Up at the school, Ahsoka was trying to clear some leftovers from the llamas out of the library, which hopefully wasn't as unpleasant as it sounds. In the dorms, Summer was relaxing and napping out on the deck, and in town, Jono was trapped in Groovy Tunes by Joni napping on his lap. It's true, you can't wake a sleeping cat, it's too mean and they'll make you pay for it. Finally, Mike had to listen to the zombies playing old TV tunes at Caritas. That could be entertaining if they're playing good ones.

And that's all for me for today. Stay safe, everyone!

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, June 24th, 2017 11:14 am
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Fine fine, I'm here. Calm down, you fuzzy little arseholes.

Philosophy of Food wrapped up the term by having the students taste-test foods from their own cultures as made by Hannibal...unless people wrote essays, in which case they get them back printed on edible paper...what the fuck is wrong with this place? Japanese Art broke things and put them back together but with gold, which is apparently an art and philosophy thing called kintsugi. The more you know, kids.

Meanwhile in town, all the screaming you heard was Dante blasting Spanish death metal at Groovy Tunes, and at Turtle and Canary, the goat-that-is-not-actually-a-unicorn is loudly pining after Thursday's drama llamas.

That's it. I'm out of here. Go do something interesting, Fandom.


WTFH, Friday

Friday, June 23rd, 2017 04:59 pm
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What? I'm not late. I was on my way to work--


Real work. *feedback*, you've heard of that, right? Scram.

Woodworking and Vehicle Proficiency class kicked off with the teacher apologizing that they hadn't gotten around to the vehicle part. What is this, a cliffhanger? Best Defence ended in Cara taking everyone down to the onsen, while Pole Dancing for Fitness - mmm - did spins.

Ada's day at work was interrupted a few times by llamas - not that llama - but seemed good otherwise. And... that's it. Enjoy your last day of classes for the whole next week, guys.
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Hey it's Hardison an' welcome to summer! Glad we're finishin' up the last week of classes so y'all can get your relaxin' on before the heat gets terrible an' its back into the AC we go.

So let's get this goin', huh? School started off with Resolving Conflict Without Violence talked about scenarios that just needed to be fixed by violence. Seems to go against the spirit of the class, but a'ight. Iron Fandom kidnapped two judges--dammit Eliot! Talk to your kid about kidnappin' because who else will? Anyway, the last class was about cheese an' I'm glad I was a judge back when they were still just askin' folks. Deadpool was tired from all the teachin' he'd done the day before, so Arts & Crafts just made their projects up. An' at the , Peridot apparently went to my Nana's School of Dealin' With Kids, an' kept yellin' "I caught you!" even though the books were behavin'. Mmmhmm.

Dorms were quiet an' in Town, the plants were super-moody at
Covent Gardens an' Tali was dealin' with creepy electronics at Stark Industries.

A'ight, that's it for me today. Later, Fandom!
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It's going to be a long day, and some furry little bastards got me up early, so let's get this done.

Up at the School, Archaelogy had to explain things, largely about said things being on fire, apparently, Show and Tell came up with their own topics, which involved less fire and more party cannons, thanks Pinkie, and Ringo showed off her ATs, again. Try Not To Die had to deal with Deadpool in a blond wig. Heh.

The Dorms were the usual Tuesday deadzone, while in Town, Kathy texted and made tacos for Dante, Eponine dealt with complaints and scented lotions at the Post Office, Taako had a frappe problem at Fantasy CostCo, Zack was playing with puppies at Furnado when Leto came in for a pet rock, Nathan discovered why he should have taken my advice about getting rid of the plants because they're now hugging, and Kitty had to deal with zombie arguments at Caritas.
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*door slamming*

And I'm back. Again. *sigh*

At school, Science class went to Selkie Cove and watched the waves, for science, and Getting to Know Your Own Backyard went to Neptune. The squirrels also have very strong opinions about someplace called Pluto?

*angry chittering!*

Whatever you're complaining about, I didn't do it, stop yelling! Anyway, Advanced Takeout learned how to make something called ramen, and that's it for classes.

In town, Mary was at the Arms, being presented with something called a Guntherburger Streudel, which... sounds wrong somehow, and I'm not quite sure why. Liam is new and he landed in the park, only to get taken away by troopers to be the new sheriff, or perhaps arrested? No, sheriff, because he's who Nathan got to talk to when he came in to ask about current weapon policies. He wasn't the last new person, because Octavia arrived in the park and met up with Bellamy, who she seems to know anyway.

Welcome, new people. I get to leave now. Till next week, probably.
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Hey, Fandom! The squirrels are taking it easy on me again with no dorms notes to be found, and so I'm in a pretty good mood. The notes I was handed are the usual contingent from town. I can live with that.

So, today's report of yesterday's news. Sort of news. Gossip, mostly, and even that's a loose word for it.

Over at Demon Marcus, Sparkle was putting out rainbow stuff and got a visit from Dr. Lecter with a rainbow apron for a gift and a meal of rainbow trout. I'm sensing a theme there. Don't give me a hint, it'll come to me eventually. Summer paid me a visit over at Luke's mostly to rope me into a shopping trip, but also to boggle at the pancake and hamburger concoction that the cook thought up. And to order one, I guess. Jono opened the Boards for rehearsal and Dante showed up to talk about being proud, I guess? Or maybe just Pride in general, as, like, an emotion. I don't entirely get this note, honestly. And finally, Atton once again shoved Tino into the maintenance closet at Caritas, which I think is the most sensible note I was given this week.

And that's all there is, so take it easy, Fandom. Especially on Sundays. Saves me the work.
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Hey Fandom, this is Clint Barton hoping everyone's having a good Father's Day morning, if that's something you celebrate. I'm going to be quick here with my few notes: in town, Taako had a delicious caffeinated drink with him at Fantasy Costco, and Magnus stopped by to ask if he could borrow one of Taako's skirts since it's been so hot outside. No judgement here, welcome to summer in Fandom. They also talked about the need to bring frappes back to their own world, and Magnus tried to talk Taako into teaching. Everyone should try teaching here for a little while at least, the students are highly entertaining.

Now my usual need for caffeine is even worse, so I'm out of here. Have a good one, folks.

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, June 17th, 2017 10:33 am
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I cannot believe you fucks get me up for this. Fine. Let's get it done.

School happened. Philosophy of Food got treated to a demonstration of Hannibal cooking steak and kidney pie, and he wanted to know if anyone has plans for their final projects. Mate, they're teenagers. They'll all pick something the night before and stay up to get it done. Japanese Art learned about sumi-e, which is like painting and calligraphy at the same time or something.

In town, Dante spent most of his Groovy Tunes shift looking at cat pictures, eventually remembering to put on music since it's a music store. And Xanthippe was at the beach in the afternoon, without her phone, so she just stared at the water since apparently she doesn't understand how to interact with the world without her digital leash. Kids these days. Go swimming, for one. Or build a fucking sandcastle. Fuck if I know, use your fucking imagination.

That's it, Fandom, I'm going back to bed. Try not to do anything weirder than usual.

WTFH, Friday

Friday, June 16th, 2017 07:59 am
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Hey Fandom, 'sup?


Look, do you want me to read this or not?


I still don't understand squirrel. Just saying. *shuffles* Oh, they're excited because Woodworking class proposed making squirrel houses. Just don't promise them a walk-in closet or anything, it won't end well. Defence class had a movie theater set up, probably to let people kick back after all the punching last week. And then there's the triumphant return of Pole Dancing class, which is all up to splits now!




Just 'cause I'm taking doesn't mean I'm dead. *FEEDBACK*. Peridot was in her room playing with ducks when Rufus stopped by to offer her a ticket to the space program or something. Huh. I'd opt out, it's *feedback*ing Baltimore Pride this weekend. But whatever.

Kira spent her day squealing over new puppies at the pet place - that's why the roommate was in such a good mood the other day.

And on that one, I'm out of here. Later.

*loud guitars play out*
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Ow! Ow! Quit it! Yeah, I know I'm late, I'm so--ow!

Yo, if y'all could stop throwin' acorns at me for a few minutes, I could read the notes that y'all thoughtfully left Ow! Dammit, Leroy, I'mma--ANYWAY, in School, Resolving Conflict Without Violence had to figure out how they could meaningfully improve one another's lives. Sorry, fantasy!France kid, that doesn't include flirtin' with people. Iron Fandom had beets as a secret ingredient--the squirrels say that's just mean, TA--and special guest judge was Verity. An' since the notes don't say otherwise, I'mma just assume she showed up of her own free will an' everyone was happy. Arts and Crafts made flags outta glitter an' felt while Deadpool played Candy Crush. An', lastly, in the Library, the children's books were followin' Peridot around like little ducklings. Awww.

Dorms had a bit of activity today to my eternal chagrin. Ada was makin' edible glitter in the second floor common room. She an' Peebee agreed that just eatin' the glitter was a terrible waste--see, this is why coverin' dorms makes me cry. Ada also explained what she was doin' to Jughead and Summer, who had no idea that glitter could be edible.

Back in Town, which makes me feel so much better about reportin' on, Tali worked at Stark Industries, cause she's gonna get that air conditioned suit to work, goddammit, while Ino opened Pick Your Poison an' enjoyed a pleasant chat with Hannibal over tea, talkin' about how she makes everythin' in the shop personally. At the Park, Kanan is practicin' forms with a broom, which actually makes sense when you think about it. Old Man Jenkins walks by an' asks about the form Kanan is usin' an' gets a lesson in force which sounds kinda aggressive but okay. Peter grabbed a sword of his own an' asked for a spar, which still seems kinda uneven, considerin' there's a broom involved. In non-violent news, Anders got to oversee puppies bein' born at Furnado an' every squirrel in here just Aww'd in unison. Not me, though. I'mma wait a coupla weeks until their eyes open an' their fur grows in before I start awwin'.

Ow! An' apparently that's enough to get 'em flingin' acorns again, so I'm out! Bye Fandom!

Fandom Radio, June 14th

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 11:36 pm
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[personal profile] wrongkindofsith wrote a story too? In addition to the fiction you regularly hand me?

*papers shuffling*

Very funny. I can see someone doesn't want any rum today.

Classes continued at the School, with Archaeology raiding a treasure room, Show and Tell watched YouTube which somehow led to bunnies and Ino dropping in to organise a zoo trip. Try Not to Die went to New Zealand, one of the prettier places to avoid death in.

The Dorms continued to be deserted, while in Town Hannibal opened Counselling again, I Doubt The Effectiveness of Bought Miracles had discount problems at Turtle and Canary, Summer had old horse sale signs at Needful Things, no idea if there were old horses to go with them, Raven liked the music at Groovy Tunes, be unfortunate if she didn't, Kathy did yoga at Dites, Eponine had butterflies to deliver at the Post Office, that can't be right, and Zack had a cuddly puppy at Furnado. Rufus grumped at Book Haven which made things tense when Zack came looking for a book and presumably when Ann did the same. Finally, at Covent Gardens Nathan watered the snap dragons, with poison hopefully.
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*door slamming*

And I'm back. At least there isn't a lot to read, which also makes being woken up this early all the more insulting.

At school, Getting to Know Your Backyard explored Uranus-


Be professional. Science class talked about the science of music, and Advanced Takeout practiced microwaving popcorn. Even I know how to do that.

In town, Alluka was at Demon Marcus trying to find a way to deal with a mannequin monstrosity, and Eliot dealt with a phone call from home at Luke's, and a visit from Kanan, who felt the need to apologize for some of the weirdness last week. And there was quite a bit.

That's all I have. Till next week, I assume.
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Hey, Fandom. Kanan here with all the notes the squirrels bothered to take, which will probably take me all of three minutes to read. And of course they get me to read them on the day I have to teach, so I can't even share that rum with them.


No, Hera would kill me. Give me those notes so I can finish wrestling with the caf maker and get a decent dose of something with that other kind of kick before I have to put up with Chopper.

Huh. Looks like it's all town again this week, which suits me fine. At Luke's, I brought my dog with me to work. Because sometimes you just have to take your dog to work. In a diner. He stayed out of the kitchen, anyway. Summer stopped by and met Stance, then asked me a very important question about the wildlife from my home galaxy. Sparkle was at Demon Marcus putting out what the squirrels assure me is a pretty horrifying display of furry coats, and got a visit from Jughead, who was looking for some new clothes, and Hera, who I suspect was looking to get out of the apartment before she killed me, but was also looking for new clothes. Multitasking.

Jono had beer over at the Boards for rehearsal and a potential open mic. Looks like the rehearsal part was popular, at least, with Dante showing up to drink beer, ask personal questions, and speculate about how alcohol plays with fire - generally the good stuff just makes more fire. You're welcome. Dr. Lecter was there partly because he's part of the band, and partly to support his husband with promises of a vacation. Hey, a vacation doesn't sound half bad, I need to look into taking one of those, especially after last week. Peebee, the newest member of the band, showed up to play a little on the piano, which prompted introductions from Dr. Lecter and a demonstration of the theremin, and a conversation with Dante about instruments and bands she might want to try.

Finally, last but not least, at Caritas, Atton was having one of those weird days of the week where you can't really get a handle on which day of the week it is. My sympathies, man. It's Monday.

And on that note, I'm out of here. Gonna caffeinate before class. Jarrus, out.
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Uh, hi everyone. Mr. Barton isn't available this morning because, uh, apparently his wife isn't an animal anymore and he didn't want to come in if there weren't a lot of notes. So, I've been blessed with squirrels instead.

*pleased chittering*

Well, thank you. I figure there's no harm in being polite to you. It looks like all the notes today are from town. At Groovy Tunes, Jono accidentally ended up in a music video, which is really only something that could accidentally happen here. Also, Taako had to deal with Fantasy Costco being overheated, and Bo and Kenzi came in to do some shopping, or at least some random looking around to see if there was anything interesting that they suddenly needed. That's the best kind of shopping, I think.

That's everything the squirrels handed me, so I think my work is done. Uh, have a good day!

[Sorry for the delay, I forgot to post this before running out for my actual school's graduation!]

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, June 10th, 2017 09:31 am
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Right, let's get this bloody over with.

School actually had three classes today. Magnus got everyone in Woodworking a Frappuccino as an apology for missing class last week because he got lost on the mainland. Sucks to be you, mate.

In Japanese Art, Nathan gave the class a basic introduction to ikebana, or Japanese flower arranging, and Peter checked in to see what Nathan's doing with the flowers his shop provided. Steve was loitering around afterwards as well, and Nathan asked him how he feels about flowers, and pointed out he wouldn't be teaching about flower arrangements if everyone knew how to do them.

Philosophy of Food discussed foods that are common or valued in various cultures, while Hannibal reminded them they have a class project.

It was similarly quiet in town, except for Dante's blasting angry dance music and playing along on the guitar as a method of coping with the trauma of the screaming goat at Groovy Tunes. At the Magic Box, Jenkins opens a cupboard to discover chipmunks in flagrante delicto -- that's fucking shite. Don't tell me they're smart like the fucking squirrels -- and at Turtle and Canary, the Merchant of Miracles is dealing with a lovesick... the notes say 'unicorn,' but that's scratched out and some squirrel scribbled 'goat' in the margins. Is that why 'unicorn' always had quotations around it? Fucking hell, some Merchant of 'Miracles' if he doesn't know a bloody fucking goat when he's got one.

That's it, folks. Enjoy your weekend, Fandom.

WTFH, Friday

Friday, June 9th, 2017 06:38 am
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Why is this always happening when I just rolled out of bed...? Ugh, *FEEDBACK*.

In school news, Cassandra taught Defence class how to punch bears. They let her teach? That Magnus guy finally showed up back to class talking about sanding and getting lost.

Yeah, everyone buys that excuse. Whatever. Poledancing teacher's still missing in action.

The dorms just saw Summer having some weird, long phone conversation that involved a lot of shouting. Not sure what that was about.

In town, that guy Leto is back to get some coffee. Can't find any at home? Someone called Zack swoops by and recognizes him. They play catch-up. Luke's Diner is looking weird and peach, so they're serving peach shit.

That's one way to roll with it.

Spencer stops by to see Hardison. They joke around some about yesterday.

Yesterday was weird.

The candy shop was also dealing with a massive peach overload. Stark shows up to boggle with Barnes about it. At least Ada was in a good mood down at Demon Marcus. Good. She earned that.

And that's it for me. I'm going back to... ... work, I guess. Ugh. Whatever.
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Yo, didja all do a bit of redecorating since last week? This place seems...I dunno bigger. An' peacher.


No, peachier would mean stuff is more peachy than the last time. The walls are definitely peacher. Now hush. I ain't gettin' into an argument about grammar with a damn squirrel. Movin' onto notes so shut certain squirrels up...

School saw Resolvin' Conflicts Without Violence talked about fight versus flight versus negotiation. Iron Chef apparently had kimchi as its special ingredient today an' Jenkins as their special judge, who they kidnapped--

Raven. Kathy. Please don't go kidnappin' people. It ain't--you can't--you shouldn't--no kidnappin'!

Arts & Crafts had a teacher this week, but he was drunk. TA Xanthippe wanted to know where he'd been for the past two weeks, a conversation that I'm sure went well for her. In the library, Library, the books were hidin' from Peridot, but that seems like the least of her problems. Summer came in an' had a weird conversation that involved randomly-appearin' mega-muscles, unprompted hugs, an' general creepiness. Mara pulled a weapon on Peridot for...reasons I guess? An' Rufus recorded everythin' weird Peridot was doin'. Anakin had office hours, but as an old man.

No weirdness to report in Dorms but Town more than made up for it. In Covent Garden, Peter was bribing his flowers for good behavior. Kenzi was a Luke's, her hair mysteriously changin' color with every comment in her phone call with Cecil. Eliot was at the Perk, dressed as a cowboy an' every comment I have is inappropriate--an' Kanan came by lookin' like a woman. Then their conversation got weirder which don't seem possible, but the squirrels assure me is true. An' Steve was shirtless at the Gym an' a herd of squirrels just nearly trampled me running into town to see if he's still there.

Hannibal was at home with Jono while they randomly switched ages, languages, and sometimes caught fire.

An' that's all for yesterday's news, have a good day! I'mma head home an' see if Eliot still has that cowbow outfit.

Fandom Radio, June 7th

Thursday, June 8th, 2017 01:01 am
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What do you mean they're different wars?


Well, I don't see ow it matters, she's supposed to be immortal anyway.

*more chittering*

...and we're on air...we'll finish this later.

Up at the School, Archaeology ditched a talk on ethics in favour of watching a movie, Show and Tell was all about music, and Try Not to Die went to China, though Ahsoka and Jyn were both dubious while Jason didn't like the food. Meanwhile in the Library, Khadgar had table issues.

The Dorms, still quiet, and in Town, Eponine spent the night at Serenity Cove with a bottle of whiskey, as you do before finding tiny cacti at the Post Office, while Clint went from having an adorable animal in his lap to a naked human in his lap, we've all been there, Clint. Someone left a a rock at Furnado, weirdo, Nathan didn't need to use his sword on the flowers but probably should have anyway, the Miracle Guy and Summer freaked out the squirrels with being calm and mellow at Turtle and Canary and Needful Things, Hannibal engaged in noise pollution at Fandom Counselling, at Dite's, Kathy sold patriotic toys to Anne before taking lunch to Raven at Groovy Tunes.
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Fandom, hey! Kanan Jarrus here with yet another tiny stack of notes to nip all of your gossipy needs right in the bud.

Or however that saying works.

Anyway, the squirrels' notes were all in town again yesterday, something I'm always grateful for. Sparkle was watching something about cars on YouTube over at Demon Marcus and getting basically nothing done in the process. At Lukes the cook found a crate of something called Peeps in the freezer, and those things are going to haunt my dreams forever. Summer stopped by to sample the pancakes, and we had a chat about what we've been up to this past week. And over at the Boards, Jono opened the place for a band rehearsal and an open mic, but mostly just wound up chatting with Dr. Lecter about - and I'm quoting the squirrel here - 'his best Google Translate Danish' and strawberries.

And that's all the squirrels had to say this week, so this is Kanan, signing off.
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*cute weetiny lion roaring*

Stop trying to eat the microphone, I need it for just a little while, and then we can go home again. *coughs* So, hey Fandom, this is Clint Barton, here with some quick Sunday morning news. First things first, in the dorms, Summer made tacos for everyone in one of the common rooms. Tip was drawn in by the smell of the food, and she and Summer talked about Tip's microwaving skills, and how Summer was adjusting to being in Fandom.

In town, Jono was forced to listen to pop music by the stereo at Groovy Tunes, and Taako cleaned things up at Fantasy Costco by organizing the stock by color. Magnus noticed that the place looked a little different, and he told Taako about his trip to the mainland, where he didn't get any closer to getting them home, and offered to fight the tentacles in the stock room. That sounds fun and gross at the same time.

And that's all the notes, so that's it for me today. Have a good one, everyone.

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 11:55 am
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You brought me here for this? One page of notes? You couldn't have brought whatever gear you use for vacations and come to my flat?


Whatever. Fandom, it's gossip time.

First up at school, Philosophy of Food talked about the things that affect how we think of food, like culture and availability and economics, while Japanese Art learned about -- and attempted to write, the poor fuckers -- haiku.

Over in town, Jenkins hit up J,GoB and ends up with a gigantic box of donuts that he went out on the patio to enjoy. The Merchant of Miracles's "unicorns" why the fuck is 'unicorns' in quotes? If they're not actually unicorns, don't fucking report them as unicorns -- were very interested in Jenkins's donuts, much to their owner's dismay when he caught up to them. Dante was screwing around on the guitar at Groovy Tunes, when Ada showed up with a giant box of donuts because it was National Donut Day. Why didn't you fuzzy arseholes put that note at the top? Happy late donut day, people. Go get some. They contemplated glitter donuts, and made plans for going to Baltimore Pride.

That's it. Cheers, Fandom. Don't do anything I'd do.

WTFH, Friday

Friday, June 2nd, 2017 04:35 pm
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Ugh, what time is it? That's *FEEDBACK*ing inhuman. At least this stack of notes is small.

Best Defence did water balloons, 'cause I guess someone was going hot and heavy.

And at Demon Marcus, Ada was singing. Guess she's in a good mood again.

*rustling* That's all?

'kay, then. I'm done.
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It's the first of June today. The year is half over an'--ow!

*Squirrely chittering*

Apparently, I ain't supposed to mention how fast this year is flyin' b--ow!

A'ight, a'ight, I'mma just jump to the news, just to escape these damn violent squirrels. Classes started with Resolving Conflict Without Violence, talked about when it was okay to just walk away. An', if I may be so bold, there are also times to just run away, too. Can't do nothin' if you're so beat you're hospitalized. An' in Iron Fandom, Parker was the special guest judge--aww, that's sweet--an' the secret ingredient was choco--DAMMIT, TA! We ain't gonna get her off the ceiling for a week.

Movin' on to Dorms, Ada was out on the deck, enjoyin' the weather with a blanket an' a book. Dante suggested a day trip out to the city to help her feel less cooped up. Jalian complained about the rainy weather, an' Summer sends a video of her eating cereal to her brother an' Ada suggests better ways to blackmail someone.

I love it when Fandom students come together.

Jalian doesn't understand the point of the video--I ain't sure the point either, but I just kinda shrug an assume it's what all the kids are doing these days--an' Summer just offers her cereal. Kay.

Last we got Town where Starks had a Tali workin' air conditioners an' Coven Garden had a Peter lecturin' the flowers about playin' nicely with everyone else. Yo, Peter, you wanna come give that lecture to the staff at Luke's, too?

A'ight, I'm out! Have a good first of June!

Fandom Radio, May 31st

Thursday, June 1st, 2017 12:06 am
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What have you done to that poor rum?


Not it doesn't look tasty, it looks like, nevermind. Anyway, yesterday's classes at the School involved Archaeology tackling paperwork, Show and Tell talking about food, which in a shocking turn of events led to Pinkie expounding on cupcakes, and Try Not To Die going to Botswana.

The Dorms were once again quiet, while in Town, Nathan took a sword to Covent Garden's stock, drawing the attention of Anne, wh no doubt congratulated him on that brilliant idea. Kathy skipped work and got texts from Anders, there were no deliveries at Fantasy Costco, possibly because of Eponine's butterfly problem at the Post Office, the Merchant of Miracles invented a holiday to get rid of excess stock at Turtle & Canary which explains a few things, Summer displayed something resembling common sense by being creeped out by creepy dolls at Needful Things, and Zack had 'cat' problems at Furnado. You might want to give him time to air the place out.
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What the -- hey!

*door slamming*

Really? Really, we're going to do this? You're kidding me, right? No, I'm not going to -- ow! Ugh, fine. If I read your weird, creepy notes will you let me leave?


Fine. Whatever. Congratulations on making sure I never change my mind and think you're cute, because that is not going to happen now. Nope. So let me get this over with. Starting with school, where Getting to Know Your Own Backyard took a trip to Jupiter and its five billion moons. Really? Talk about overcompensation. Steve was back this week for Advanced Takeout, which was covering how to do a barbecue without actually cooking since yesterday was apparently a holiday here. Summer said she was going to bring a Jello mold with beans in it, aaaaaaaaaand there's a squirrel retching in the corner. Look, if I have to know about it, so do you. And finally in my weird, weird Science class, we were talking about chemistry. Except the people kind, not the actual science kind. There were rulers, it was weird, I tried to get Isabela to help me out with the assignment, do people really need to know about all of this?


OKAY ALREADY. Over in town Alluka was eating cookies and looking through a catalog instead of dealing with the rompers they had in stock. Rompers? What are --

*electronic beeping noises*

Oh. No. Those are -- no. Anyway. Shiemi was apparently really busy at Covent Garden for once, because of the holiday, especially since one guy ordered two hundred poppies. Anne was in the park, doing something the squirrels tell me is called tai chi.

*more beeping*

Well, that looks interesting. And apparently it was a good night for faculty to mope around at home? Sarah was binge-watching vids on Netflix. She invited Tony over and said he was easy, so you can fill in the blanks from there. Steve was drinking to deal with the holiday, but at least Tony tried to make him eat something.

Seriously, you little furballs, you have weird hobbies, with the creeping and the note-taking and -- wait, are you done shoving little pieces of paper at me? Finally! Later, Fandom, this is Peebee and I am outta here.
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Hey, Fandom. Kanan Jarrus here once again with a bunch of drunk squirrels and what can only be described as a frosting hangover. Apparently there's an upper limit to how much of the stuff I can eat without crashing. Who knew?

Anyway, there are squirrels, so there are notes. Starting with the - dammit - the dorms. Where Shiemi was doing some maintenance in the garden. Something about colorful pillows? I'm torn between being relieved this wasn't a sex note, and wondering why the hell there are pillows in the garden.


... The squirrels are telling me that they grow there. On a tree. I worry about you guys, I really do.

In town, Doctor Lecter went to break up a catfight in his home, but found out the hard way that one of the cats involved was actually a gremlin. Which really explains so kriffing much. Jughead was at the Perk, trying to figure out what to write - the squirrels would like you commend you for attempting to use drinking to assist, but recommend Caritas for writer's block around here - when Dr. Lecter rode his bike through the place. Summer wasn't riding a bike, but she did nod hello to Jughead. Which hopefully helped with that writing block.

At the Magic Box, Anders was hard at work cleaning out the storage room, which meant that he missed when Dr. Lecter rode through on his bike. Lecter hit Demon Marcus too, while Sparkle was dealing with a surplus of rompers that he apparently hadn't ordered in. At Luke's, the kitchen staff was making cakes out of pancakes, and I might never eat cake again, when Lecter rode his bike across the kriffing counter. I cleaned up after him, don't worry. Then Summer stopped by to order the traditional weekend sandwich.

Jono was hosting some kind of jam... band audition thing... at the Boards. Peebee stopped in and chatted with Jono for a while before auditioning. Lecter rode through there, too, much to Jono and Peebee's bemusement. And then Dante stopped in for the jam and to see if anybody else had stopped in to play. Don't look at me, I can't carry a tune for love or credits.

And, finally, Atton was loudly playing something called Metallica at Caritas, to the zombies' dismay, but that didn't mean he missed the opportunity to film Lecter as he hit both the stage and the bark with that bike of his.

Anyway, that's all the notes I've got. Try to keep out of trouble, Fandom. If you see a gremlin, avoid it. If you see Dr. Lecter, take away his karking bike.
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Hey folks, Clint Barton here.

*weetiny adorable roaring*

And Kitty says hello too. This isn't quite what I had in mind when I thought about sharing the radio booth with my wife, but hey, it could be worse, right? Anyway, I just have two quick notes today before I leave you to your day and I go back to lion-sitting: over at the school, poor Ashoka was still getting paint colors off of herself at the library, and in town, Jalian ended up working on a toaster at Stark Industries even though she didn't want to and the customer was stupid.

That's it for me. Say goodbye, sweetie.

*more adorable roaring*

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, May 27th, 2017 09:04 am
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Fucking hell. Morning, Fandom. Let's get this done.

Philosophy of Food met in the Danger Shop this week -- which sounds like the set up for a food fight, but that's not happening with Lecter -- and discussed how environment may or may not affect people's food choices and preferences. Japanese Art also used the Danger Shop, and learned to make traditional mochi, which the squirrels insist is an art. What the fuck is a mochi?

*squirrlish chittering*

There is a lot of fucking weird food out there, isn't there?

Mostly town dealt with the effects of the paint-rain. At Turtle and Canary, the Merchant of Miracles is annoyed and blaming Apu for his "unicorns" being bright red, despite the fact it's raining fucking paint, and he goes through the store's shampoo stock trying to clean them up... look, mate, if you're a fucking merchant of 'miracles,' fucking miracle it away. Fucking tosser conartists...


Yeah, but the con isn't my magic, Leroy, it's everything else. So fuck off.

At Syndulla Scrap, Hera is not fucking happy about being painted different colors because of the rain. Fuck off, Fandom, she's already a perfectly nice color. Leave the lady alone. Later on, Summer came in to see Hera's ship and have Chopper help her look over some maps. Dante was practicing his guitar skills at Groovy Tunes, and on the domestic end of town news, Kitty and Clint had pizza and talked about how some of his work friends turned out to be evil. Man, that always sucks. Sorry, mate.

That's it, Fandom. All the news unfit to print, delivered straight to your ears. You're welcome.


WTFH, Friday

Friday, May 26th, 2017 11:07 am
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Hey, Fandom. Hope you're having a good day even if the weather's crap.


Oh, *FEEDBACK* it. Right, Woodworking checked on everybody's work, boring. Best Defence dumped people in the middle of nowhere and then made them punch shit. Okay, less boring. And Pole Dancing class... wasn't happening. Awwww...

In the dorms, I hung out texting Kat when Anders stopped by like an *FEEDBACK* and we talked about shit. Just shit, don't look at me like that.

Over in town, the chickens at the pet shop decided they wanted Kira to play taxi. Chickens do that? So weird. Lecter had to counsel some guy whose kid was an octopus - that's a sucker of a time right there - and Ada was fitting party clothes at Demon Marcus.

Okay, we have not had a party in at least like, two weeks? We gotta fix that.

... anyhow, New Guy at Turtle & Canary was freaking out because shit was on sale, and that's all for yesterday.

I'm done. Everyone make sure to bring an umbrella when they step outside unless they wanna wind up red with polka dots or something. *click*
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*Loud sneeze*

'Sup Fandom? This is Hardison, hatin' on every tree an' plant on the island right now. My allergies got allergies, yo. So let's get through these notes real quick cause I got a bottle of Claritan with my name on it.

School did its thing, with Resolvin' Conflict Without Violence talked about the difference between directly hurtin' folks an' standin' idly by while folks were hurt. Sounds pretty heavy. Unlike where I laughed my way through Iron Fandom at all the Eliot clones. The secret ingredient was bread this week an' Eric won. Good job, Eric! Xanthippe was in charge of Arts an' Crafts cause Deadpool bailed, an' so it was googly-eyes day. Sounds legit. An' in the Library, the books were misbehavin', but only when Peridot wasn't lookin'. Books are gaslightin' rocks an' this island just keeps bein' weird.

Just one note in Dorms, Summer was tryna bribe her brother for information about their Grandpa. That sounds like an interestin' family dynamic there.

Over in Town, Tali was at Stark Industries fixin' a vaccum robot. Was it in a knife fight? Anders was lookin' up non-eating options for chickens at Furnado. There are some? Ow ow! Stop throwin' acorns at me! An' the flowers were alive at Covent Garden. Ain't they supposed to be? Would be a terrible flower store if they weren't.


Oh! The snapdragons were sentient. Makes more sense.


Wait, no it doesn't. Anyway, that's it for the notes. Hardison out.

Fandom Radio, May 25th

Thursday, May 25th, 2017 12:35 am
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Do I want to know why Leroy is covered in glitter?


Thought not. Moving on.

Up at the School, there were classes. Archaeology went down. Heh. Show and Tell played with toys, and Try Not To Die went to Estonia despite Anakin not knowing where that is. Let's hope he counted the students before coming back.

The Dorms were quiet, again, and over in Town, Zack built a chicken coop at Furnado, and Philomena asked if you needed a rooster to get eggs, no that's how you end up with baby chickens, honestly you people. Summer cleaned at Needful Things, Nathan ignored dragons at that store, there were lots of cats at Groovy Tunes, and the Merchant of Miracles wrote notes at Turtle and Canary, probably to do with all the wildlife. Taako opened Fantasy Costco only to have Magnus complain about a lack of adventure, next time the island goes insane, blame it on him, while Jenkins wanted to know about mockingbird gum. Ew. Eponine had copier issues at the Post Office, and had to deal with the Miracle Peddler wanting to send mail. Very Important Mail.

Also, everything was terrible during Kitty's Caritas shift. Because Tino was there, probably.
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*door slams*

All right, fine. Good morning... or whenever, this is Rey, a little late today because no one told me I'd be kidnapped by squirrels weekly.

At school, in Getting to Know Your Backyard we went to Mars, Tony was flying solo in Advanced Takeout where he taught the students how to tip for pizza, and Philomena realized her Science students were just going to keep coming back so she talked through a Shakespeare movie. Peebee and Peridot were mostly just confused and think it's strange here. Well... yes. Oh, and in the library, Gratuity was focused on a care package of books from home.

And in town Shiemi got non-holiday work done at the flower shop, and Sparkle celebrated his birthday- happy birthday- at the Perk with a recreation of something called a unicorn frappucino? Once again I don't want to know. And even if he wasn't broadcasting his birthday- my apologies for literally broadcasting it- Hannibal came by with a gift. At Luke's, Eliot was dealing with staff wearing a... luchador- don't know what that is- mask.

That's it. Sorry for the lateness, we'll see if I can escape the squirrels next week.

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Are you guys sure it isn't earlier today than the usual time? It feels earlier today than the usual time.


Yes, I see the clock. That doesn't make me feel any less like I've been hit by a hoverbus. Better give me the notes so I can slink back to-- right. I teach today. Give me the notes so I can try to catch ten minutes of sleep in the copilot's seat before class.

Oh good. There's a dorms note. Which is about how Summer was watching Ball Fondlers in the second floor common room yesterday evening, and kriffing hell, Summer, some things really shouldn't be done in public spaces.

In town, the Merchant of Miracles was lamenting people's lack of interest in unicorns at Turtle & Canary. I'm guessing I'd be more interested if I knew what a unicorn was. Magnus stopped by looking for something called Baja Blast, and wanted to pet the goats. See, goats, I know about. Unicorns are some kind of subspecies of weird Earth goat, you heard it here first, folks. Anyway, apparently the goats aren't for touching, so Magnus left.

At the Boards, Jono was advertising for some kind of Talent showcase, which Dante informed him had better not be named 'Fandom's Got Talent' before suggesting they get the band back together. Sparkle got in a shoe order to replace the missing shoes from last week, so now Demon Marcus has too many shoes, which he tried to pass off on Leto when he phoned, to little avail. At Luke's I was helping out in the kitchen when Summer stopped by with Red Bull--


What do you mean, there's my problem? I wasn't even mixing it with anything!


Okay, fine. The squirrels want me to formally and publicly apologize for blaming my tiredness on them doing their jobs, when apparently 'Red Bull crash' is a thing. Happy?


Good. Then I'll close out these notes by sharing that Tino was completely insufferable at Caritas, and so Atton was avoiding him by staying behind the bar and snarking. And that's all the notes this week, so I'm going to go grab another Red Bull so I can hair of the dog this fatigue before class. Kanan out.
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Hey everyone, Clint Barton here, and from the stack of notes I've got here, it looks like yesterday was a peaceful day in Fandom. 


"Peaceful" is not the same as "boring."  Sometimes it's nice to wake up on a weekend and just be yourself, you know? Anyway, over at the school, Ashoka had to keep an alot of glitter occupied at the library so it didn't get any glitter on the books. It doesn't look like anything major happened in the dorms, and in town, Taako was dumping things all over the place at Fantasy Costco, Jalian was working on some tech with Jarvis at Stark Industries, and Jono's cat was hunting the little blue men who live under the shelves in Groovy Tunes. Yeah, that definitely seems like a note to end on. Have a safe week, everyone!

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, May 20th, 2017 10:25 am
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Right then, let's get this done. It's time for all the news that's unfit to print, courtesy of the voyeuristic squirrels.

*squirrel cheers*

That wasn't a compliment you plonkers.

School had two classes: Philosophy of Food discussed the question of why we eat, and Hannibal had people choose one out of pairs of foods and explain why they made that choice. Pretty sure we eat to live, mate. Japanese Art learned about-- fuck me. Do..doro-dang-o? Fuck if I know. Which is apparently the Japanese art of making shiny polished mud balls. Apparently that's a thing. Hannibal checked in on the class and talked with Algren about the 'virtues' of playing in mud as adults. I mean, I don't turn the telly off if it's ladies' mud wrestling, if that's what you mean. And Steve showed up to tease Algren about the mud pies, and Algren tries to convince him to try it.

Over in town, Dante was playing around with a guitar at Groovy Tunes until Ada showed up with ice cream sundaes for lunch. Sounds like a plan to me. At Luke's, the cook is still a sheep -- sucks to be you, mate -- but Parker won't let the staff make all the specials lamb again today. Alots are also off the menu. That's just fucking disturbing.

Hera opened up the junkyard to try and sort through and organize things, good luck with that. Summer went to the Perk to try and study, and ended up people-watching because there was a customer making a huge deal about the size of the coffee cups and the amount of foam and spoons and other fucking yuppie nonsense. Hera came in on her break, and asked Summer about some of the ingredients on the menu. They talked about Hera's galaxy and whether it's the same Galactic Federation exists in her world as it does in Summer's....Also Hera may be trying to give Summer tips on how to locate a high security prison. Well, I guess that's a hobby.

That's it Fandom. I'm going back to bed, don't do anything I'd do.

WTFH, Friday

Friday, May 19th, 2017 07:51 am
rebelseekspizza: (dante white: sharp)
[personal profile] rebelseekspizza
Hey Fandom, what's up? You just booted me outta my morning nap to do this. So let's get through it.

Pole Dancing class did crunches today. ... ... ... ...


Yeah, I'm still here. Best Defence was more boring. They just hit shit. Dummies, even. Cara encouraged Cassandra to hit them as an example. And Woodworking class was all about ducks, because... making ducks is cool... I guess? I don't know. Some of these teachers are weird.

Over in town, Starsmore was also all about the ducks, 'cause he spent his afternoon moping by the duck pond and then Lecter texted him to ask if he wanted duck for dinner. Seriously, the *feedback* is with all the ducks?

At least Kira mostly had bunnies wandering around at the pet shop. That makes more sense. Out at the Causeway, Kathy was hanging around looking for something to do, so she called some.

*squirrels groaning*

At The Magic Box that guy Jenkins had a weird magical conversation with... something, I got no clue. Verity or whatever her name is swung by to talk about hexes and tango. *feedback*ing old people shit.

It was quiet at Lecter's weekly therapy thing, so he aired things out. Ada was at work at Demon Marcus, reading books - aw, *feedback*, I forgot to stop by this week - and that bartender guy Mike celebrated his birthday with Verity at home.

That's it. Gotta go to work, catch you later.

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