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Fandom Radio, June 21st

It's going to be a long day, and some furry little bastards got me up early, so let's get this done.

Up at the School, Archaelogy had to explain things, largely about said things being on fire, apparently, Show and Tell came up with their own topics, which involved less fire and more party cannons, thanks Pinkie, and Ringo showed off her ATs, again. Try Not To Die had to deal with Deadpool in a blond wig. Heh.

The Dorms were the usual Tuesday deadzone, while in Town, Kathy texted and made tacos for Dante, Eponine dealt with complaints and scented lotions at the Post Office, Taako had a frappe problem at Fantasy CostCo, Zack was playing with puppies at Furnado when Leto came in for a pet rock, Nathan discovered why he should have taken my advice about getting rid of the plants because they're now hugging, and Kitty had to deal with zombie arguments at Caritas.