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Fandom Radio- Tuesday, June 19

*door slamming*

And I'm back. Again. *sigh*

At school, Science class went to Selkie Cove and watched the waves, for science, and Getting to Know Your Own Backyard went to Neptune. The squirrels also have very strong opinions about someplace called Pluto?

*angry chittering!*

Whatever you're complaining about, I didn't do it, stop yelling! Anyway, Advanced Takeout learned how to make something called ramen, and that's it for classes.

In town, Mary was at the Arms, being presented with something called a Guntherburger Streudel, which... sounds wrong somehow, and I'm not quite sure why. Liam is new and he landed in the park, only to get taken away by troopers to be the new sheriff, or perhaps arrested? No, sheriff, because he's who Nathan got to talk to when he came in to ask about current weapon policies. He wasn't the last new person, because Octavia arrived in the park and met up with Bellamy, who she seems to know anyway.

Welcome, new people. I get to leave now. Till next week, probably.