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rebelseekspizza ([personal profile] rebelseekspizza) wrote in [community profile] fandom_radio2017-06-16 07:59 am

WTFH, Friday

Hey Fandom, 'sup?


Look, do you want me to read this or not?


I still don't understand squirrel. Just saying. *shuffles* Oh, they're excited because Woodworking class proposed making squirrel houses. Just don't promise them a walk-in closet or anything, it won't end well. Defence class had a movie theater set up, probably to let people kick back after all the punching last week. And then there's the triumphant return of Pole Dancing class, which is all up to splits now!




Just 'cause I'm taking doesn't mean I'm dead. *FEEDBACK*. Peridot was in her room playing with ducks when Rufus stopped by to offer her a ticket to the space program or something. Huh. I'd opt out, it's *feedback*ing Baltimore Pride this weekend. But whatever.

Kira spent her day squealing over new puppies at the pet place - that's why the roommate was in such a good mood the other day.

And on that one, I'm out of here. Later.

*loud guitars play out*

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