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Fandom Radio, Monday, April 24th

Good morning again, Fandom. This is Kanan Jarrus, and I've been awake for three hours already because of a little girl who wanted to take my weird Earth dog for a walk at well before sunup this morning. Say hello to the weird people who live on the island, Anan.

*Dog barking sounds, accompanied by the laughter of a little girl*

She and Stance are chasing squirrels. Which makes my job easier, here. Unless you listeners at home were hoping for an hour-long broadcast consisting of me explaining every button on the sound board. Quick, someone who isn't being harangued by a dog give me the notes.


Thanks, Leroy. Looks like we're starting in the dorms today, with Ada making breakfast stuff in the second floor common room, and Dante playing music for kids Kate and Janie out on the deck.

In town, Dr. Lecter and his daughter Angela were doing some cooking when Leto stopped by for breakfast for himself and his kid, Helena. Momoko woke up in a hotel room and reassured her kid, Alex, that she's her - yeah, my kid knows I'm me, but keeps telling me my face is weird - and talked to him about nightmares and his life and I'm getting the impression from these notes that there's a little tension going on there.

At Demon Marcus, Sparkle and his kid Elias were trying on clothes when Leto showed up to meet their son and get with the kissing of Sparkle. Tony and Riri stopped by to talk 'the future' and Riri's exceptional technical knowhow, and Dr. Lecter and kid Samar swung by with food and hugs for Sparkle, respectively.

Over at Luke's, Anan was absolutely not driving me crazy asking me questions about everything, because a sense of curiosity is a good thing in a little kid and questions are how you get answers. Answers and pancakes and... duck, I guess. She wanted to know about Earth food. Parker paid a visit, too, and asked me if it was my first time having a kid.

Yes. Very much yes.

Anyway, later on Momoko and Jaime took Del and Alex to Mooby Land - great little horrible restaurant I would never subject my kid to. No, Anan, just trust me on this. I'll take you back to Luke's for a burger if you have your heart set on one - and Momoko was pretty sure she deserved a shake for eating real hamburgers.

... Uh, Momoko? I have news for you about Mooby's burgers.

Anyway, that's all the notes. Anan! Get Leroy out of Stance's mouth, it's time to go!