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Fandom Radio, Monday, April 17th

And here I am, at the radio station. Not because I want to be, but because the squirrels thought it'd be a great idea to drag me through the streets while whatever that is is going on around the island. I could have just called this in.


Okay. If I had a phone I could have just called this in.


And e-mail. Are you happy now?


Good. Give me the kriffing notes so that I can get out of here before a snipe or something breaks down the door. Everything is still basically the textbook definition of 'all hell breaks loose' out there right now, with, as I'm sure you've all noticed, some other weird additions to the giant Lepi-looking things.

The Library was seeing plenty of activity, including but not limited to Dante strolling in looking for eggheads. Who were researching, because that's how this island rolls. Peridot found an empty folder that said that apparently there were maps of the island's machinery, and Kuzco wanted it to be known that he didn't eat them. Kathy convinced Dante to go rest and come back with pizza - look, I didn't open Luke's yesterday, I commend the dedication of the competition over at Pizza Planet during these dangerous times - and then she found a piece of map, which Gratuity looked up online.

Rhys found a piece of map too, prompting Kathy to decide it would be great to find more. Which... yeah. Maps generally work better when you have the whole thing. Good call, Kathy. Kuzco absolutely followed Rhys into the library to use him as a human shield in these dangerous times, because of course he did, and Kenzi put her research chops to work by also coming up with a piece of the map.

See? Whole maps. Very useful.

Over at the dorms, Shiemi is fighting valiantly to keep giant rabbits out of the garden. Good on you, kid. Protect those... Uh. What's even growing this time of year, anyway?

Whatever, I'm sure they were in great hands.

And finally, over in the park, Zack was bouncing around, happy to be fighting hostile creatures over there. He ran into Pinkie, who was blowing monsters up using sprinkles, and apparently a great friendship was born.

One that involved explosions.

And that looks like all the notes, so if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go... grudgingly get involved in this, or something. Kanan, out.