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Fandom Radio, Monday, April 3rd

Oh, right. Radio.

*Tentative chittering*

Hm? No, I'm in a great mood this morning. It helps that I'm wearing clothes that fit me properly and my center of balance isn't all weird. But don't expect me to not complain about being up at this time of day next week. Just warning you now. Anyway, I see you have notes. A decent, actually worth getting out of bed amount of notes. Messing with the bodies of practically everyone on the island is good for the news, who knew?

Morning, Fandom. This is Kanan Jarrus, and here's everything that happened in town yesterday that the squirrels decided was news.

Like Kathy dealing with her first genderswap - ugh, this isn't the only time this has happened? - in the apartment above Luke's. She got texts checking up on her from both Dante and Anders, though the Anders texts came with a bonus visit afterward. And Kathy and Raven both watched baking shows, while contemplating crafting shows. I'm not much for either, but I can respect wanting to just park on the sofa for the weekend, ladies. Good call.

Meanwhile, downstairs in Luke's proper, I was threatening severe bodily harm if the cook made pancakes for any reason beyond 'somebody ordered them.' It was a dessert day, I stand by this. Steve stopped by and asked me where I was, which isn't something I get to say often around here, before he figured out that we were both hit by the same weird. Eliot stopped in to see how I was handling the weekend - or to gloat about how he was doing better at it, I'm not completely sure - before getting nosy about my sex life. Apparently the consensus even among the squirrels is 'Kanan actually needs one.' So. Kriff you all.

At the Magic Box, Anders was finding that being a shorter girl makes for awkward adventures in trying to reach things on the higher shelves. Or at least adventures in step-stools. Dante showed up with pizza to help soothe the indignity before they talked about other ways that their indignity might be soothed as well. Seems to be on a lot of people's minds these days. Also, apparently knowing that this sort of thing is going to happen makes it easier to cope with? So, if there's any other weird thing that happens around here on the regular, I'd sure love to know. I've been a kid, an old man, a tooka, and a woman. That's... got to be it, right?


I hate this place.

At Demon Marcus, Sparkle was continuing the sale that Ada started yesterday, and he was doing so in a cute dress and high heels. He got a visit from Hera, who stopped in to get clothes that fit her better than mine do, and they worked on getting her a guy-wardrobe while talking about the dangers of zippers in jeans. Uh. Yeah. I should've warned you about that one sooner, sorry Hera. Sparkle also got a phone call from Leto, and they talked a bit about what they looked like as women before the conversation turned to gossip, as far as the squirrels can tell.

Jono opened up the Boards for any members of the band who were feeling up to rehearsal, but mostly just used it as an excuse to play music and sing, both on his own and with Dr. Lecter in particular. He also took a moment to tell an insecure llama with a tambourine that he was, in fact, a pretty llama. To which Kuzco demanded, 'tell Dante.' So, there you go. Kuzco's a pretty llama, Dante.

I guess.

And finally, we had Verity also dealing with weird gender confusion with dessert, only at J,GoB. Should've stopped by Luke's, Verity. Eclairs sound great, but I had the cook make this thing with strawberries and way too much whipped cream... Ah. Anyway, her being at J,Gob did mean that she could offer Shiemi some very sound advice about the importance of chocolate, so I suppose some good did come of her being there, after all.

Never underestimate the importance of chocolate. Important advice no matter what you've got in your pants. And that's all the notes, so I'm going to go home, maybe walk my dog, and resume being thrilled that all my regular bits are in order. Take care, Fandom.