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rebelseekspizza ([personal profile] rebelseekspizza) wrote in [community profile] fandom_radio2017-01-06 08:56 am

WTFH Radio, Friday

... You're shitting me. You guys are back?


... You still hand out free rum?

*affirmative chitter*

Fine, I'll take it. *clears throat* Hey, Fandom, we're doing radio again or whatever. Today in school, Civics talked about government and civics and all that shit. Like voting even matters. Whatever. Don't Be A Hero goes into why heroing is stupid because it gets you dead. Listen to this one, people, she's right. And then Creative Cooking has some weird bullshit trick where the guy pretends to be old. And no free food.

I feel cheated.

Back in the dorms, I Netflixed and crashed until Anders came in to talk to me about the shitty documentaries Netflix just put up. Though, I dunno-- might be fun-stupid, who knows?

In town, Ada spent her Demon Marcus shift going through catalogs. Having fun there, Ades? And apparently Starsmore's having some talent show thing that he's looking for sign-ups for.

That's about it for today, bring me my free--


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