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Fandom Radio [October 18, 2013]

...I will shoot you in the karking head. It's way too karking early to be awake and I drank most of the minibar last night and I am in NO MOOD FOR KARKING RO--

*frantic chittering*

We're on the air already?


Well played, tiny rodents. This is Cade and I'm doing the news or something. I'm so karking thrilled, you have no idea.


Yes, I'm pretty sure they know I'm being sarcastic. Anyway. Tuscany. We were in still in Castello di Casole in the morning--don't you like my pronunciation? I took a class on it yesterday while my lazy karking roommate slept in and went to the spa. Pretty sure he's sleeping through this broadcast too. Karking incredible. You could still work out and hang by the pool too, and there were people eating because Italy. Isabelle and I talked about how we're totally going drinking and none of you losers are invited, and she and Flick discussed the kinds of friends he attracts. Topher and Billy had a completely healthy breakfast of pizza and gelato. Were we supposed to be eating something else this week? Because I've been living on that and the minibar.

Hannibal and Sparkle went back to Siena to visit the Museum of Torture--sounds like a laugh a minute--and a bunch more of you went to the Isle of Elba and were all healthy with the hiking up giant mountains like idiots. That's why they invented cable cars and apparently only Mordin and Kitty were smart enough to figure that out. There was also other things to look at--everyone take a shot because there were more frescoes--and also go-karting, plus food and shopping.

Last night, we could hang around the estate and hang out in the rooms like Jim and I did because free minibar, or you could hang out at the bar or restaurants, or in the pool like Flick or the spa "because massages."

It's really karking early and I'm still a little drunk, but I don't think that's actually a sentence.


Yeah, I know you're squirrels. Still.

Or you could be over on Elba drinking in stupid white pants without zippers to pee out of--what? I know the rest of you have seen the portraits of Napolean too.

*more chittering*

They didn't give you pants. Okay. Seems like a wasted opportunity if you ask me.

And there are losers still back on the island wearing whatever pants they want, I'm guessing. Rosalind's still hiring at the book place, my regular roommate was over at his boyfriend's place to assure him that his trip home left him not dead, so good for you, Stiles, and Mike wanted to know why Derek was baking brownies, which seems like a valid question. Jack came by with apple pucker which is just karking wrong, and they talked about what the eclipse would do to them. Um, it's in space. It's not going to fall down and smush you. Karking primitive pre-space exploration society.

Finally, different Mike got the tour of T&C, complete with an explanation of the panda, which is more than anyone has ever given me.

Anyway, gotta go pack up what's left of the minibar into my luggage. See you in Florence.