Sunday, July 30th, 2017

so_hawkward: ([posi] almost smirking)
[personal profile] so_hawkward
Good morning, everyone. This is Clint Barton, and let's see what news I have for you today.

Over in town, Jono was still dealing with a ton of oranges at Groovy Tunes, so if anyone is in desperate need of vitamin C, you might want to talk to him. Taako got the shipment for Fantasy Costco late, so he didn't have any merchandise out except for a half-eaten donut, which Magnus was more than willing to take. And in the evening, Zack went walking along the beach and Peter caught him by surprise; they introduced themselves and talked about what was keeping Zack out late, and what the school had been like when Zack was a student.

So, that's a nice set of notes for a nice, quiet day. I hope today is also a good one!

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