Monday, June 12th, 2017

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Hey, Fandom. Kanan here with all the notes the squirrels bothered to take, which will probably take me all of three minutes to read. And of course they get me to read them on the day I have to teach, so I can't even share that rum with them.


No, Hera would kill me. Give me those notes so I can finish wrestling with the caf maker and get a decent dose of something with that other kind of kick before I have to put up with Chopper.

Huh. Looks like it's all town again this week, which suits me fine. At Luke's, I brought my dog with me to work. Because sometimes you just have to take your dog to work. In a diner. He stayed out of the kitchen, anyway. Summer stopped by and met Stance, then asked me a very important question about the wildlife from my home galaxy. Sparkle was at Demon Marcus putting out what the squirrels assure me is a pretty horrifying display of furry coats, and got a visit from Jughead, who was looking for some new clothes, and Hera, who I suspect was looking to get out of the apartment before she killed me, but was also looking for new clothes. Multitasking.

Jono had beer over at the Boards for rehearsal and a potential open mic. Looks like the rehearsal part was popular, at least, with Dante showing up to drink beer, ask personal questions, and speculate about how alcohol plays with fire - generally the good stuff just makes more fire. You're welcome. Dr. Lecter was there partly because he's part of the band, and partly to support his husband with promises of a vacation. Hey, a vacation doesn't sound half bad, I need to look into taking one of those, especially after last week. Peebee, the newest member of the band, showed up to play a little on the piano, which prompted introductions from Dr. Lecter and a demonstration of the theremin, and a conversation with Dante about instruments and bands she might want to try.

Finally, last but not least, at Caritas, Atton was having one of those weird days of the week where you can't really get a handle on which day of the week it is. My sympathies, man. It's Monday.

And on that note, I'm out of here. Gonna caffeinate before class. Jarrus, out.
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*door slamming*

And I'm back. At least there isn't a lot to read, which also makes being woken up this early all the more insulting.

At school, Getting to Know Your Backyard explored Uranus-


Be professional. Science class talked about the science of music, and Advanced Takeout practiced microwaving popcorn. Even I know how to do that.

In town, Alluka was at Demon Marcus trying to find a way to deal with a mannequin monstrosity, and Eliot dealt with a phone call from home at Luke's, and a visit from Kanan, who felt the need to apologize for some of the weirdness last week. And there was quite a bit.

That's all I have. Till next week, I assume.

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