Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

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Greetings, ungrateful peasants. Once again it is I, Emperor Kuzco, who will remain an emperor even if you didn't elect me on last weekend, which only goes to prove how useless democracy is.

Classes are finished, which I know you're all grateful for, but the weird kids were back--no one saw any awesome ones who looked like me before Rhys turned me into a llama, right? Because I didn't go looking.


That doesn't make me a bad parent. That's why nannies exist. Helloooo. Tip was on the phone at the library because she's waaaaaay more conscientious than me trying to explain why she didn't go home last weekend. Because she wants to witness the glory of me graduating, no doubt.

Karla was at the Perk during the day, and Zack came by without a kid but Zack being there at all was enough of a surprise for Karla. Leto dropped by with his and Karla's daughter Helena, and Leda and her daughter Rain met Karla, too. Hannibal stopped by just to say hello. Luke's was having an ice cream for breakfast special--hey, I want to get in on that action--and Eliot got meet his grandkids.

*extended squirrel laughter* Kanan wasn't as impressed by the ice cream for breakfast as I am, and then Eliot got to meet Kanan's kid, and Parker came down in time to mock Eliot for having grandkids, and got to meet two hyperactive girls calling her Aunt Parker.

In the evening, Verity was at the Devil's Nest where people could drink for free if they'd had kids show up. And then all the kids went back to wherever they came from and the island went back to what we pretend is normal.

And I'm outta here! Byeeee.

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