Sunday, April 16th, 2017

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So, [microphone feedback] bunnies. Is this my fault for asking for a quiet weekend? This might be my fault, sorry. Anyway, there's bunnies running around that are a lot bigger than they should be, so hopefully you're listening to this from somewhere indoors where it's safe--if you can even hear this at all, considering all our technology isn't working right either. [Microphone feedback].

Okay, time for the notes. Up at the school, Ahsoka didn't look like she was in a good mood as she got the library set up for visitors, and luckily a bunch of people showed up to try to figure out where our latest invaders came from. John found something that made it sound like Fandom tried to do its place-jumping thing again, but didn't actually go anywhere. Kenzi and Tip got acquainted after Kenzi explained that this isn't something that happens every Easter, and Kathy and Tip talked about knowing multiple languages while trying to find things related to bunnies.

In town, Eliot and Hardison freaked out over the disappearance of the mainland and the phone lines and internet, respectively, and Cassandra and Lucille encountered rabbits in the park. Seriously, stay inside, people. Kitty got some coffee before heading around town to help--okay, if you're an adult or you're married to me you can do what you want but otherwise, stay inside.

Over at Groovy Tunes, Jono had a sign up offering shelter and escorting for anyone who needed to get back to safety, and Hannibal called to make sure he knew strange things were going on. Bucky tried to Google about giant bunnies at Wonka's, but JARVIS let him know the internet was down, and that he should lock the door. See, the AIs know what to do, they're very smart. Finally, at the Magic Box, Jenkins stabbed a rabbit to be able to get inside, which sounds kind of violent until you think about how freaking big these things are. Peter also had a sword, and he and Jenkins tried to figure out what to do with the rabbit's body. Parker also came by since she figured this is a magical thing happening so hey, maybe the magic store would have an answer.

Okay, now I'm not going to say anything about what next weekend should be like, I'm just going to reiterate that unless you have to be outside, you really shouldn't go anywhere. Stay safe!

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