Monday, March 27th, 2017

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Okay. Okay, I get it. You little hairy terrors are never going to let me sleep in again. There better be more than three notes this week. If I got out of bed for that again, I'm gonna...


Okay. There's four. You win this time, squirrels. Good morning, Fandom. This is Kanan Jarrus, with everything you did on a lazy Sunday. Once again it was all in town, with the staff at Luke's spending most of the day failing to get my attention. Sparkle was bored and playing games on his phone at Demon Marcus, and Jono opened up the Boards to his band so that they could eat junk food and discuss songs, with Lucille and Dr. Lecter offering to write something. And then, in actually interesting news, Kitty and Clint celebrated their first wedding anniversary at Ching Tai. So, congratulations to the both of you, and here's to you two not getting sick of one another in years to come.

That's all the notes, so I'm going to... I don't even know. I'm up now, I'm going to go make some caf.

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