Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

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Yeah, yeah, it's morning, whatever, why are you guys so cheerful all the time? Especially you, Leroy.


Still drunk from yesterday. Gotcha. Healthy choices, my squirrel.

Okay, onto classes. Adulting watched a movie because sometimes being a grown-up means doing whatever you want. I have already learned that lesson because I'm advanced that way. Shooting Stuff had a test--not cool, teach--and Civil War class had a movie too. The library was full of flowers and also pollen, so keep away if you've got allergies, okay?

In town, Shiemi was super excited by some dancing plants at the flower shop--hopefully they don't rise up and kill us.


Call me paranoid, but I know how it works around here. I was minding my own business and WHAM, llama.

And that's all we have for yesterday? Awesome. I'm gonna go nap.

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