Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

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*crashing sounds*

What have I said about cleaning up after yourselves, Leroy.

Things were very shirtless up at the School yesterday, and everywhere else. Khadgar was in the library with a cloak and a journal. Home Ec used sewing machines to create toys, not my first suggestion, and Ada explained the beads to Hyacinthe. Bond cancelled Training Wheels because shirt issues, and Event Planning was all about the venues.

Over in the Dorms, Dante was shirtless, vacationless, but not catless, so nothing out of the ordinary there. Isabela came around because shirtless and terrible puns, and Anders wanted Dante's opinion on a barista's freckles, because that's a good way to get yourself banned from the Perk.

Speaking of the Perk, over Town, everyone at J,GoBs was saved from a cake lecture by a choking flamingo. Zack was shirtless and had puppies at Furnado if you're into that thing, Jessica was at Stark's working on jacket designs when Tony wanted to know what was with the cake and nudity and Steve got beads thrown at him. Kathey got a job at Dite's by hiding under the giant metal cock, which she immediately went to Raven about at Groovy Tunes.

Hera need caf to deal with teh shirt problem, alcohol works better, which led to a talk about the island being insane with Kanan. Ino was apparently into shirtlessness and puppies, since she found Zack on her couch.

Finally, at Caritad, Kitty's shirt problem wasn't, except for the part where Tino also had no shirt, and she threatened Steve with umbrella drinks when he tried to cope with the bead throwing incident by drinking.

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