Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

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It's not even...why are you even?


...fine, don't blame me if you get used for target practice. Not that anyone's even listening at this hour.

Back in Fandom, things were quiet with Raven fighting with Groovy Tune's stereo, Eponine eating muffins at the Post Office, and Zack enjoying the puppies and awkward conversation at Furnado.

While for those of us on the Trip, the morning started with Dante and Anders having a non-squirrel assisted early wake-up. Rey and Anakin discussing fruit in depth, which is a thing people do apparently. Kuzco discovering what a bad idea it is to order Surreal out of a jacuzzi, or around in general, which means I should check how many students I have left, and Clint and Kitty planning house pets while on the animal tour. A quiet evening followed.

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