Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

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It is eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarly and I don't want to be awake, you rotten, horrible beasts.



OW. I hate you so much. Right, well, we're all on vacation, though how you peasants can afford to be here I'll never understand. We all woke up in our rooms that we still have to share like animals, and then we could go have breakfast that I'll admit was...adequate...Frank tried to drink the terrace bar out of alcohol--good goal, Frank!--and you could spend time in the inferior, 4-person jacuzzi in the Great Room, or in the infinity pool. The Beach House had the beach pool, which also had Hyacinthe, Ada, and Dante. I found the 30 seat jacuzzi and I'm not sharing. I need the whooooooole thing. Because I'm an emperor and the rest of you aren't. So there. There was also a kayak full of sushi if you're into that sort of--

*sound of stampeding squirrels*

...and I'm all alone. Okay. Hyacinthe seemed dubious about the whole "food from a boat" thing. Rey found the library at Temple House--boooooring--and Mr. Rogers found the aqua trampoline.

*distant squirrel cheers*

PERVERTS. There was also kite surfing and tubing down by the main beach, which I'd totally do but...lazy. Plus 30 person jacuzzi all to myself. In the evening, we all partied on the terrace--Rey had problems with her hammock, so make sure to tease her about that today--in the infinity pool, dining on the beach, playing games at the Beach House, and wandering alone in the dark like a weirdo, Tali.

And that's all I've got. I'm outta here. Callin' dips on the giant jacuzzi again!

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