Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

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I'm sorry, I don't know how any of this works. I just talk at this thing?

*excited chittering*

All right, I guess I can try. Uh, hello everyone? This is Khadgar speaking. Mr. Barton is apparently on vacation, so I've been asked by the squirrels to read their notes from yesterday. Or try to, at least, this is some very interesting handwriting. Let's see, at the school, Ahsoka had her library shift, and when Rhys came in he found Ahsoka dealing with a... cow licking the books. You know, it's one thing to listen to these things said on the radio, and it's another thing entirely to actually see it on paper.

Things were quiet in the dorms, but over in town, Hannibal and Jono had a Serious Discussion about the girl who visited them last weekend, which must be very serious because it's all in capital letters and everything. Jono was also at Groovy Tunes, where there was apparently some kind of creature making everything silent, so when Ringo came by, she and Jono seemed to resort to telepathy to communicate. That's pretty useful, actually.

Finally, there was a party at Caritas for... no particular reason, it looks like. Goody agreed with Mike that sometimes you don't always need a specific reason to celebrate, and Tony tried to get Tamsin to wear one of the pink crowns they had laying around. Tamsin also complimented Mike on his biceps because they distracted nicely from his wig, and Peter just thought the rainbow wig was hilarious.

That seems to be everything I was handed by the squirrels. This wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, actually. Do I have to do anything to turn--

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