Saturday, January 14th, 2017

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Back again you fuzzy fucks? Right, let's get to business then.

Starting with the school, Lucille was at the library, dealing with the... infectious diseases plushes. She spent her shift going through a book and comparing them with the illustrations and the symptoms they caused. Why the hell not? It's what I'd do. Practical Diplomacy talked about negotiating roommate agreements, which is why I have my own flat. The walls might change color, but at least I don't have to share unless I want to. Discovering Earth took the kids back to Australia, and no one's dead yet, so score one for you lot. Driver's Ed learned about what's in the cockpit of a car. O'Conner demonstrated on a Bugatti, but the kids had to make do with Hondas. Mate, they do not pay us enough for Bugattis.

Meanwhile in town, things got busy once the sun started going down. And not in the fun way, apparently. Some stone out in the woods lit up, and the dead started showing up. Are you guys fucking serious?

*urgent chitters*

Fuck me. Pass the whiskey. Right then. Some cowboy-ish looking fellow -- going by Leroy's art skills -- named Kathy and they discussed racism and Fandom because why the hell not. Abigail Hobbs also came through, though she headed straight for Jon and Lecter's place to see Hannibal.

Faraday had Wellspring Arms open, and Billy showed up looking for Goodnight. That might win for weirdest thing I've said all broadcast. And Jalian came in for a new whetstone. Luckily for Allie, Devil's Nest was quiet, but Kitty had a full house at Caritas. Goodnight thought it sounded like a dying cat and he and Kitty discussed teaching and Fandom. Billy finally found Goodnight, and had to break the news he was only here for a weekend. Ah, it's one of those things, is it? Fucking rough, friend, my sympathies. And Faraday had 'sneakily' followed Billy, and had Kitty send them both drinks while he filled her in on the situation.

And finally, Leto found his father in the Preserve late, late into the evening. Fandom family reunions. Such a joy.

That's it, folks. I'll be in my apartment, with my booze and hopefully no more ghosts than the usual metaphorical ones. If you need a drink, Fandom, you know where to find me.

*angry chittering*

Uh, yeah, sure, adults only or something. Whatever keeps Zoe from killing me. John Constantine, signing off.


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