Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

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Yeah, yeah, still a llama. Shut up. It's Kuzco again with his annoying furry friends who are in no way as awesome as I am, here to tell you all the news these creepers discovered yesterday.

We had classes, of course. In Adulting we learned, well, first of all, that remembering the days of the week can be way harder than you'd think and that's why we didn't have class last week. This week we did introductions and talked about our big adulting plans. I, naturally, am gonna continue to rule the world. You're welcome. How to Shoot Straight learned about gun safety, which...yeah. That should be all the class is. In that Civil War class, they learned what started the whole thing--slavery--and about the new big players in it...which I don't care about. If you do and aren't in the class, well, tough. In the library, Tip interrupted books doing...yeah, books can't do that because they're books. Also, gross.


No, that is not where bookmarks come from.

The dorms were super boring and quiet, and in town, the clothes in Demon Marcus are still purple--or at least they were when Alluka was working yesterday. Eliot was learning how to knit in Luke's Diner, and Shiemi disovered that the peonies were sick at the flower convent thing.

Right, that's everything. Here's to another quiet week where no one else turns into an animal. Ugh.

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