Sunday, January 8th, 2017

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*excited chittering sounds*

Yeah, yeah, it's good to see you guys too. This place just wasn't the same without you all running around and spying on us.

So, uh, this is Clint Barton with some notes from the squirrels. Hopefully, no one got too used to having privacy around here the last few months. Over at the school, Ahsoka was managing the library, which was apparently full of different kinds of weather. In the dorms, Kuzco was destroying a cake all by himself while watching South African soap operas in the second floor common room and Shiemi was confused about why Kuzco is a llama. Now I have questions too, to be honest.

In town, Nathan Algren acquired a home on Chimera Court, which means I have to make sure my dogs don't run through that yard, and Jono had to deal with techno polka at Groovy Tunes. That doesn't sound like a type of music that should exist, but I know the internet has no bounds on the horrors it can create.

That looks like everything here for now. We'll see what the squirrels spot next week, I suppose.

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