Saturday, January 7th, 2017

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*clicking/static sounds*

--Fucking hell, you fuzzy perverts are back. What the hell? You came back in the middle of winter instead of road-trip for the year? You little shits really are gluttons for punishment.


No, I don't believe for a bloody moment you actually missed me. Now give me those notes so I can go the fuck back to sleep.

Right. It's Saturday, so this is John Constantine, and here's what the voyeurs saw yesterday. Don't blame me, blame the wildlife.

Friday apparently has three classes at school this semester, starting off a cheerful morning with Skywalker & Kenobi's Practical Diplomacy. You guys took popcorn to that, didn't you?

*frantic squeaking*

No, I don't want to know what 'fic' you wrote. Get over it.

Anyway, the kids had the figure out North Korea, with suggestions ranging from sanctions to aggressive negotiations to porn. I'm not even sure how that works, but sure, go wild. Discovering Earth with Jarrus and Lecter took their students to Austraila, a place where everything wants to kill you. So, not that much different from Fandom. And O'Conner is teaching Driver's Ed again. How the fuck does the school afford the insurance for all these kids behind the wheel? Of course, Lucille had the library open, where she thwarted the books' attempts to annoy her by ignoring them. Works for me, Lucy. Keep it up.

Town saw two of my aides working their other jobs -- I feel betrayed. Really. Peridot was comparing phones at Stark's while Rufus spent most of his Book Haven shift on his laptop. Groovy Tunes did not have a library aide working. Instead, Dante tried to convince the stereo not to play Nightcore covers. Jon, why the fuck are you even carrying any fucking nightcore? That's fucking bullshit.

That's all I have. Get used to the gossip, Fandom, they're back.

*squirrel cheers*

Yeah yeah, now pass me the whiskey you little--


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