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Luke: I can't believe I'm doing this again.

Wallace: I can't believe I'm offering to help.

Luke: What? It's your radio night, I'm helping!

Wallace: I'm retiring after this. Let this be my swan song. I'll make a lot of stupid faces and people will think I deserve an Oscar. It's working for Natalie Portman.

Luke: I don't get it.

I've got beer let's do this )
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Hello, Fandom, and happy day after Christmas. Please, don't tell me about your presents. I'm liable to go into a jealous rage, black out and wake up surrounded by bodyparts.

Christmas becomes so much lamer the older you get, remember that. But New Years gets better.

Anyway, as far as news goes, Ellie was at the clinic for some reason. I bet she could have gotten off due to snow. John was avoiding Tino at Caritas and, surprise, Jaina stopped in. Karev was in the second floor common room and talked to Bruce about not being big on the holidays. Bod was looking at snow, and a whole bunch of people are back from Christmas trips. Like Ender, who gets a visit from Tahiri. And Luke, who talks to both Nico and Percy. Jason is also back in town and Nico stops by after getting sexiled from his room. Tough break, bro.

Anyway, that's it for tonight. Enjoy those last feelings of Christmas while you can. Onto New Years! I can't wait to get drunk.
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Hola, Fandominos, this is Wallace Wells with WTFH Fandom radio. Absolutely nothing happened to day. Well, not absolutely nothing, but it's close enough. Close enough for me to be bored with every single one of you.

Alex was watching a movie on the second floor. Thrilling. Jaina checked the weather. Exciting. Ellie was eating latkes at the clinic. Sensational. John Sheppard was having latkes and booze at Caritas. Mind-blowing. Blysse and Tahiri had non-latke food at the Gig. Titillating.

Ha! Tit. See that, Fandom? My boob joke was the most best thing to happen to all of you today. You're welcome.

Well. I'm off to watch Iron Chef and get drunk. Goodnight.
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Dan: Good evening, Fandom. This is Dan and Wallace and there is something weird going on in town.

Wallace: I honestly don't care.

Dan: You don't?

Wallace: Nope. Not a single [feedback] given.

Dan: You are so caring.

Wallace: Yeah, whatever, like things aren't gonna work out eventually.

Dan: *sighs* I guess I'm not as optimistic as you are.

He'd care if he knew David Bowie was involved )
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Wallace: Humphrey, I'm getting so desperate for sex that I'm finding you attractive.

Dan: That's so flattering...really.

Wallace: You're welcome.

Dan: I can't really say the same.

Wallace: Oh you liar!

Dan: Dude, I'm sixteen and you're pushing thirty. Let's drop the subject.

Haaaaaay cut tag )
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Wallace: Hello, Fandom. This is Wallace Wells and Dan Humphrey filling in for your lovely principle this evening.

Dan: Very lovely. Good leader. Brilliant.

Wallace: Stop sucking up, Dan.

Dan: Right.

Friiiiiday radio )
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Wallace: Evening, Fandom! Nice to see you all weren't eaten by fish.

Dan: Yes, we're very glad for that. Nasty way to die.

Wallace: Smelly, too.

Dan: Yes.

Lord, I almost went to bed before writing this )
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Wallace: Helllllllo Fandom! You like me, you really like me!

Dan: And me too.

Wallace: Nobody cares, Dan.

Dan: I hate this already.

Wallace: Lies! Everything is fun with Wallace Wells. To the news!

The O key on my keyboard is still jacked siiiiiiiigh )
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Dan: This is just too weird.

Wallace: What is?

Dan: You look just like Chuck.

Wallace: Yeah, I'm aware. But I'm gayer.

Dan: I didn't think that was possible. Well, um, I guess we should get started then. I'm Dan Humphrey, like always, and believe it or not the voice you're hearing isn't Chuck's.

Wallace: Hi! I'm Wallace!

Dan: So freaking weird.

Weekday radio is always a shiny experience for me )

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