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Good evening, Fandom. This is Veronica Mars, former student, current teacher and hopeful radio broadcaster, bringing you all the news that's fit to report. And probably some that isn't, knowing this island. We'll start off with...

cut because y'all are talky meat tonight )

Is that it? Am I finally done? Wow, that took a lot longer than I remember it taking when I used to do this. Anyway, have a fun night, Fandom, and don't go falling into any fires.
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DICK: Hey, Fandom! This is Dick Casablancas with WTFH radio but I'm currently not in the radio station. My current location is Los Angeles. Even more specific, a room in the Hyperion in Los Angeles. I was, like, two seconds away from calling Meg and make her do radio for me but there was a knock at the door and lo and behold there was a bunch of squirrels with radio equipment! They love me, they really love me!

VERONICA: ... why the hell are there squirrels... Oh, hey Dick. Are you doing radio? That would explain the squirrels.

DICK: No, I'm not doing radio. I just like to spend my free time conversing with squirrels and electronics.

VERONICA: Well, the squirrels are probably about at your intelligence level. *sounds of indignant squeaking* Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean to insult you squirrels.

DICK: Oh hahahaha! Very funny, Mars. Now go away.

VERONICA: Aww, come on, let me help! I used to do radio all the time.

DICK: There's no chance of me saying no and you quietly leaving the room, is there?

VERONICA: What do you think?

DICK: Ugh, fine. Sit down. But try to be less annoying than usual. For our listeners' sake.

VERONICA: Not like I could be more annoying than you.

DICK: Oh you are *so* more annoying than I am. Ask Willow and Anders. They'll back me up.

VERONICA: Whatever. I'm sure there are way more than two people who back me up about you being more annoying.

DICK: I bet those people suck. But whatever, let's move on. The sooner we get this done, the sooner you can leave me alone.

Tis the season...to bicker a lot )

Well, Fandom, that's it for me. I'm sorry you had to put up with the horrendous evil that is Veronica Mars. You should feel bad for me, I'm with her for the next two days. Lucky for me it's New Year's and there's lots of booze around to help me cope. Night all, and don't get too drunk tomorrow! Leave that to me!

[Co-written with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] marsheadtilt]
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Hello Fandom! This is Willow Rosenberg, reporting to you on behalf of WTFH where this week the W stands for 'Willow was in no way late for the Prom due to being distracted by how hot her boyfriend looked in a - ' Hey! Who let you in here?

VERONICA: The squirrels dragged me away from the prom and brought me here. Who let you touch the radio?

WILLOW: Who let you back on the island? Though I do not blame the squirrels for trying to control how many people you infected with your ickyness.

VERONICA: Clearly the squirrels were concerned about your inability to effectively communicate the news. They wanted someone who could actually communicate effectively with people.

WILLOW: Still not seeing how this means you get to touch one of these microphones.

On to the news! )

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VERONICA: Good evening Fandom, this is Veronica and this is my last ever radio broadcast. *sounds of sniffling* No, I'm not crying. Shut up.

ARCHIE: And neither -- *sniff* -- am I. There's . . . a very strong smell of onions in here for some reason. Yes.

VERONICA: Exactly. We should start so we don't have to smell it for too long.

Cut for Veronica and Archie's last radio broadcast WOE )

VERONICA: And speaking of being mopey - *sniffles* - I think that's all the news for tonight.

ARCHIE: Suddenly I wish there was more. Strange, often indecipherable notes and all. *faint whimper* Veronica, I don't really want to sign off for the last time.

VERONICA: I don't either. We could just sit here all night and talk about random things.

ARCHIE: Oh! Like how to get to llama school!

VERONICA: Yes, or that dreadful song that everyone seems to love.

ARCHIE: I'd really rather not talk about that. Perhaps it's best to end the broadcast after all. You do know what they say about all good things. *sniffle*

VERONICA: *sniffle* Yes, I suppose you're right. We shouldn't be sad. Let's celebrate and remember a year in the life of friends.

ARCHIE: I'll never forget how many minutes are in a year now, either. So, for the last time, Fandom, this is former Lieutenant Archie Kennedy . . .

VERONICA: And Veronica Mars, signing off.

ARCHIE: Wishing you a fair wind, clear skies, and a very good night -- and a wonderful life -- indeed. We love you, Fandom. Take good care of yourselves.

VERONICA: And take good care of each other. We'll miss you all!

*muffled sniffling* Do you think they believed us about the onions . . .?

*mic cuts out*

[ooc: so much love to [livejournal.com profile] actingltcrumpet for co-writing tonight and for all the other nights. cookies to the radio staff for all their hard work. hugs to everyone else. WOE.]
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VERONICA: Good evening, Fandom! Tonight I bring you a very special edition of radio... with snakes!

BEL: Hey, Veronica. You doing radio?

VERONICA: No, I'm writing a spec script for Wormhole Xtreme using real life Fandom adventures. What are you doing?

BEL: Oh, cool, I was just watching that for the first time tonight. We just heard your voice and decided to pop in.

PHOEBE: Hi, Veronica!

VERONICA: Phoebe, have you been drinking?

PHOEBE: Oh yes! It was better than dealing with the snakes.

VERONICA: You know, I think the snakes are the most normal thing that's happened in Fandom in a long time.

NADIA: Veronica! There you are! Did you hear that Blair is sleeping with--hiiiiiiiii Bel . . . Phoebe . . . Cally!

CALLY: What, huh, what's goin' on?

PHOEBE: Who is Blair sleeping with?

NADIA: . . .

BEL: You said he had a thing for me. He doesn't!

VERONICA: You're sleeping with Blair?

NADIA: Are you jealous that Blair stole your demon?

VERONICA: He's not MY demon!
PHOEBE: He's not her demon, he's MY demon!

CALLY: Wait, who else is sleeping with Bel now?

What happens when a witch, a demon, a spy and a mechanic crash radio )

BEL: And that's it for the radio--Nadia, what are you doing?!

NADIA: It's . . . a diagram.

BEL: Of what?

NADIA: . . . Your sex life. See? I've got Phoebe in the middle along with Blair and Veronica.

VERONICA: I'm not sleeping with Bel!

BEL: And I'm not sleeping with Blair!

NADIA: But I saw you kiss him in sex ed.

BEL: Kissing doesn't mean anything! I kissed Veronica in Spin the Bottle--

NADIA: My point exactly!

BEL: --and everyone kissed Veronica at her birthday party!

NADIA: Okay, there is that. I kissed her then, too.

CALLY: Me too.

PHOEBE: I didn't . . . is it my turn?


BEL: Yes. Yes it is.

VERONICA: . . . Oh sure, why not. Come here.

(prolonged pause filled with muffled unidentifiable noises)

NADIA: You guys could always just have a threesome. . . .


CALLY: . . . I'll be in my bunk.


[ooc: this edition of LARP radio brought to you by me, [livejournal.com profile] sogothcally, [livejournal.com profile] demonbelthazor, [livejournal.com profile] future_visions and [livejournal.com profile] nadiathesaint (who also made the awesome icon!).]
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VERONICA: Good evening, Fandom. It's Veronica. No, you haven't slept for a few months, it's still July and it snowed. I'm completely baffled.

MARTY: You baffled. There's a common occurance. Hi everyone. It's Marty helping the clueless with her radio today.

VERONICA: Shut up, Blank. I didn't leave my room today until I had to come down here.

MARTY: Well later I'll show you how to use a doorknob.

VERONICA: I know how to use a doorknob, I just didn't want to.

MARTY: Really? *rustling of papers* Ahh... I see.

*"In The Navy" Begins to Play*

MARTY: But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

VERONICA: *music cuts out* Let’s just start the news, shall we?

MARTY: I can't believe you just cut out the Village people mid song.

VERONICA: I can’t believe I haven’t pulled out my taser yet.


MARTY: OW! Damn. Okay. To the news.

cut )

MARTY: You have no sense of humor.

VERONICA: I have an excellent sense of humor. You just don't appreciate it. Say good night.

MARTY: No reason to point the Taser at me. One more shock and I'll be on display at the local FKC as being "Extra Crispy". Good night Fandom!

VERONICA: Good night!

*In the Navy starts playing again*



*radio cuts out*

[so very much love to [livejournal.com profile] oatmanspatient for co-writing. also, special shout-outs to [livejournal.com profile] demonbelthazor and [livejournal.com profile] sogothcally for gathering the Festivus links and to [livejournal.com profile] actingltcrumpet for proof-reading!]
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VERONICA: Good Evening, Fandom. This is Veronica Mars bringing you the news on this lovely Friday. I have two very special guests with me tonight. *sound of indignant squeaking* Okay, three very special guests. Guys?

ANDERS: This is blackmail, Mars.

CONNER: Anybody ever tell you you play dirty?

VERONICA: All the time, boys. Now play nice or those pictures are printed in the next issue of the Fandom High Times.

ANDERS: Oh, frak me.

VERONICA: Well, hey, if you guys want to give me a soundtrack, I can put together a pretty nice video.

CONNER: No! No video! No -- why do you have a doll with you, Veronica?

ANDERS: Why is that doll alive . . . dude, is that Kennedy?!? HA!

CONNER: He's so tiny!

VERONICA: *more indignant squeaks* If you two don't stop, those pictures being public will be the least of your concerns. Why don't you do what I brought you here to do?

ANDERS: Okay, okay, we'll do it, but Mars, your boyfriend's tiny. *snicker*

VERONICA: Yeah, well, what's your boyfriend think about you, Anders?


VERONICA: Yeah, sure, whatever. Start the news.

cut for length )

VERONICA: I guess you want everyone to see these pictures?


VERONICA: Then say goodnight, Gracie.

ANDERS: Who's Gracie? Oh, frak it, McKnight, let's go, we have a plane to catch. Mars here can go have fun with her tiny boyfriend or whatever.

CONNER: Before you two kill each other, yeah. Hasta la vista, Fandom, we're out of here.

VERONICA: *sounds of squeaking* Archie says good night and so do I. Have a good night's sleep, Fandom we're gonna need it.

[ooc: much love to [livejournal.com profile] futurebucs_star and [livejournal.com profile] connernotconnor for bringing the snark tonight. Archie totally modded with permission, omg!]
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VERONICA: Hello Fandom! This is Veronica Mars bringing you news of all things sticky and spooky.

CALLY: And this is Veruca Cally, your special cohost for the night. We've definitely got a really crazy amount of stuff to cover tonight, so stick with us, okay?

cut )

VERONICA: Come on, if we hurry, we can make it to Luke's before it closes and I'll buy you a burger for helping me.

CALLY: Ooooh, burger.

VERONICA: Good night, Fandom!

[much love to [livejournal.com profile] sogothcally for co-writing!]
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Happy Friday, Fandom. This is Veronica Mars bringing you all the news of today – the good, the bad and the ugly.

You Learn Something New Every Day

I learned today that a large number of you will be spending your Saturday with me in detention tomorrow. We’ll have fun. Trust me.

The Things to Do at the Beach workshop learned about first aid. According to my notes, no one threw sand during the lecture. That’s good, since you’re high school students, not kindergarteners. Pippi and Parker and Molly and Fry practiced saving each other’s lives, while Jaye and Isabel discussed Fourth of July party plans. I know who I’d want to be nearby if I were drowning.

Meanwhile, over in Applied Dadaism, Artie tried to sell his students aluminum siding and then gave Tim, Walter, Marie, Stark, Kaylee, Tyler, Jamie, Phoebe and Kawalsky detention. I promise you guys, there will be no aluminum siding in detention tomorrow.

And finally, in Flight and Flying, Anakin briefed his students on their upcoming trip to Coruscant before letting them fly swoop bikes around the island. Oh, and Bel got detention. It sounds like I’m going to have fun tomorrow.

The cafeteria was pretty quiet today, with Sakurazaki braving the fish and Walter picking up picnic supplies.

The Dorms: Where A Lot of Unusual Things Happened Today

And that’s saying a lot for Fandom.

Early this morning, Pip was attacked by a cat outside the dorms. Pippi caught it on film. Pip decided to keep the cat and named it something that is, according to my notes, obscene in French. Meanwhile, Sakurazaki enjoyed tea and caught up on some reading in the Fourth Floor Common Room. Piper woke up with a hangover this morning and had a visit from the coffee fairy. Aeryn gave John a sponge bath and I am so not asking.

After the morning workshops, Pippi, Nadia, Seras, Walter and River met on the roof to chat. And then there was something called ‘roof jumping’, which I’m certain doesn’t mean what it sounds like because I know that none of those kids would put themselves in that kind of danger. After the roof jumping, Seras and Pippi went on a picnic. Willow visited Anakin and they practiced floating things. Maybe the roof jumpers should have asked them to hang out.

The Third Floor Common Room was the place to be this afternoon if you weren’t at the music festival. Buffy chatted with Dean while he prepared junk food for Alec who offered to strip to get his food faster. I’m thinking that might be counter-productive, Alec. Instead, he apparently talked to Buffy about cheerleading, food, and Dawn while he waited.

Alphonse stopped by and met both Alec and Dean. You know, I’ve heard a lot about both of you, but I’m pretty sure I still haven’t managed to meet either of you. Come to Caritas on a Tuesday or Thursday and I’ll buy you each a drink, okay? Sam was there, too, and he talked to Buffy, Dean and Alec. And Pip was there, looking for Walter. He talked to Al and Alec.

This evening, Jamie was in the Second Floor Common Room watching himself trying to become a millionaire. Tyler, Joxer, English Peter, and Sam were there, too. Sakurazaki and Al hung out in the Fourth Floor Common Room. No word on if either of them was trying to become a millionaire. Cedric and Jack hung out in Jack’s room. Cally and Anders… um… well… there’s no easy way to say this, so I hope you’re all sitting down. They broke up. I told you there was ugly stuff tonight. Cally is going to stay with me for a few days.

Town: Where There is Music in the Streets

Well, technically the park, but give me a break.

To bring you all the hot gossip from the First Fandom Music Festival, I have a special guest. Please welcome Professor Ted "Theodore" Logan!

Ted's Excellent Music Festival Report )

Thank you, Professor Ted!

Believe it or not, there were some non-music festival related happenings in town today. Pip stopped at All and Sundries to buy cat food and Tim stopped for light sticks. Because Tim rocks. Thanks again for those, Tim! Isabel spoke with Alfred at Café Fina about supplying desserts for the 4th of July picnic. River and Tyler had a date at Pizza Planet. Caritas was open. Oh, hey GOB? Where’s Tino been? I haven’t seen him all week. Anyway, Willow stopped in to ask GOB about putting in a dance floor. *snicker* Quark was also there and he and GOB discussed the intricacies of bar management. *more snickers*

Sparky Repairs, the book store, and Empire Records were also open, but no one visited them. Tommy and Dr. Lambert were also alone in the clinic. Individually, not alone together. Because I’m assuming Dr. Lambert has better taste.

Anyway, that’s a wrap for me tonight. Have a good night, Fandom and I’ll see half of you in detention tomorrow!

[so much love and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] wyld_stallyn for the special guest report!]
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VERONICA: Good evening, Fandom. It's Friday night and this is Veronica Mars. My radio broadcast has not been hijacked tonight.

ARCHIE: And anyone who would dare try to hijack the radio broadcast under the nose of an officer of the Royal Navy would be foolish indeed. Besides, good God, people! She has a taser!

VERONICA: Yes, but I'll only use it if I'm provoked.

ARCHIE: And hijacking your broadcast isn't provocation enough?

VERONICA: In theory, no. But the very untrue rumors that started because of the hijacking are.

ARCHIE: You know, I still haven't heard those.

VERONICA: Hey, you wanna start the news? Look, aren't you in the beach workshop?

cut for length )

VERONICA: And I think that's finally everything.

ARCHIE: Don't say that. You'll jinx it. That is, however, all that we had in our notes tonight. Hopefully you all are too busy reading to do anything else.

VERONICA: If we leave now, it wouldn't matter what they did, because we wouldn't be here to report it.

ARCHIE: That's incentive enough for me. Enjoy your new books, Fandom -- I think it's about time for us to sail off into the proverbial sunset.

VERONICA: Have a nice night!

[ooc: much love to [livejournal.com profile] actingltcrumpet for co-writing and everyone in the dada chat for helping me stay awake with the laughter.]
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MARIE: ... if we get caught? Hm, I don't think that button did anything.

WILLOW: Oh how's Veronica going to know? It's not like she's smarter than me.

MARIE: I haven't met her, but I'm sure you're right. *pause* Um, does that red light mean we're on the air?

WILLOW: Oh! Okay. Um, hi, Fandom! This is your pirate radio broadcast, which you can tell because I'm wearing a poofy shirt. Well, not that you can actually tell that, but take my word. There's also a skirt but I don't know if pirates wear skirts. I don't ask. That seems personal.

MARIE: She really is. I can see her. And I don't know if pirates wear skirts. Maybe we should call Barbossa next Thursday and ask.

WILLOW: Sometimes guys wear kilts. Do you think Barbossa is Scottish?

MARIE: Around here? I'd believe anything. *sound of someone attempting to whisper* The announcers usually give their names.

WILLOW: *sound of someone not successfully covering the microphone* They do? Oh poop.

MARIE: Uh huh. *sounds of a pencil scratching on paper*

WILLOW: Okay. Um. Then I'm... Rowan... no that's too obvious. Ash? No. Pine tree? Wait, how on earth would somebody be named pine tree?

MARIE: I dunno. Sounds kind of weird to me. Anyway... um... Hi, Fandom, I'm... Julie, your cruise director announcer for this evening, here with my friend...

WILLOW: Um... Michelle... Aldrin? *sound of badly covered mike again* That was so dumb! No way do I look like a Michelle or somebody Aldrin!

MARIE: *whispered* It doesn't matter! *normal voice* Your regular radio host couldn't be here tonight, so we're filling in. You want to start... Michelle?

WILLOW: *far too long pause* Oh! Um, yes. That would be me.

omg long! )


BEL: And I don't need alone time for spanking.


MARIE: Dirty!

BEL: On second thought.....

VERONICA: All right, everyone say good night!

WILLOW: Good night!

MARIE: Good night!

BEL: Night.

VERONICA: Barbossa, we need to talk about better security down here.

*dead air*

[ooc: so much love to [livejournal.com profile] willbedone for co-writing and a special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] demonbelthazor and [livejournal.com profile] marsheadtilt for their guest appearances! sorry if we missed any luau links, but that post was over 2000 comments!]
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Happy Saturday, Fandom. This is Veronica Mars, bringing you the latest updates in the prank wars and other stuff that's happened today.

You Learn Something New Every Day

Even on Saturdays apparently. Principal Washburn announces that anyone missing their underpants can pick them up in her office. Most of the Stickbugs show up.

Camp: Like the Dorms, but with Pranks and Fire

The Stickbugs wake up to surprise the Meerkats with an apology breakfast. They wait for the Meerkats to show up and discuss the fact that they are all missing their underwear. I, for one, would like to meet the people who are pulling off these awesome pranks and discuss strategy. Molly, Dawn, Buffy and Zack discuss whether or not they should trust the Stickbugs. They eventually decide to go out and end up having a cheesecake explode on them. Guess that answers the trust question. Molly and Dawn are apparently plotting revenge though. Good for you!

And I’m guessing it was one of the Stickbugs underpants decorating the flagpole this morning. Nadia and Pippi eat donuts by the main campfire, admiring the new flag. I stop by and catch up with Nadia. Al and Walter show up and Nadia, Walter, Al and Pippi plan a picnic, before which Pippi and Al have tea in the Squirrel common room.

In the afternoon, Anakin works on Alec's motorcycle with help from Cally, who was camping on the roof of Pangolin. I'm assuming not at the same time though. Hermione stops by and compares the Force to magic. Parker also stops by and fights with Anakin. And apparently it's motorcycle day, because Max has her's out and Joxer and Luna admire it. Max and Alec, you should go to Caritas some Saturday night and meet my friend Weevil. He has a motorcycle, too.

Jaye is in a good mood in the Seahorse common room where she breaks Dean's brain. Sam finds out that Jaye's toaster talks and the toaster breaks Jack's heart. I wonder if it's related to Crichton's toaster. Rory also talks to the toaser, Jack and Sam. Tempe and D'Anna have issues. Alec talks to Dean, Jaye and Jack. And Jaye and Jack also talk to Cedric.

The evening finds English Peter making sausages and potatoes over the Stickbug campfire, where he gives Briar a rundown on the prank war and is quizzed by Bel on any girls he might be interested in. And I could comment on my theories on why Bel might care what girls Peter is interested in, but I won’t because Bel can throw fireballs. In addition to his quizzing of Peter, Bel tells Briar about Faithful, which reminds me. I heard the radio broadcast you guys did while I was away last week. There will be retaliation. Tyler is there and wants to know if it’s English Peter’s underwear on the flagpole and Jamie stops by all glittery. Was there boykissy? Everyone knows that in Fandom glitter equals boykissy. If there was, I hope one of my photography students was nearby. I’ll totally give extra credit for boykissy pictures.

And over at the Pangolin campfire, Bridge has junk food and discusses the pranks with Bel, who gets an apology from Isabel about last night. Isabel also tells Bridge what happened and discusses the prank war with Xander, who chars his hot dog and makes Bridge bounce and if that’s dirty I hope you guys are staying somewhere other than Flamingo cabin tonight. Max, Joxer, Tyler, Alanna and Faithful are also present.

Elsewhere around the campsite, Parker talks to Jack after a fight with Rory. I wonder if that has anything to do with Parker's fight with Anakin.

Isabel woke up with Jack this morning, embarrassed about last night. She later discusses her actions with Parker and Aeryn. I hope that was before Aeryn and John were, and I quote, dirty and cute in their totally unique and awesome way. Oh, and apparently John has a birthday coming up. Happy early birthday, John!

Marie wrote a letter this morning and then learns to fly from Cam this afternoon. Hey, Marie? Next time Cam is teaching you something, do me a favor and call him something annoying, like Mr. Mitchell or Just Cameron. In other date-type news, Tim and River go for food.

Sam and Dean decide to get back their cabin-mates, Jaye and Alec for… okay, I’m not reading that on the radio. But now I understand why Jaye was in such a good mood this afternoon. One of the Peters reassures Greg about something and teaches him what frell means. And finally, Tempe is way emo. That’s not good. We need to cheer Tempe up. Maybe I should make a run to All and Sundries to pick up some glitter so we can try to get some boykissy going. That seems to cheer up most people around here.

Town: Where there are no Pranks or Fires

Mostly because Tex is pretty scary. But I hugged her when I was five.

Cute Sam and Molly have a date at J,GOB, while GOB gets stood up by Becky at Ching Tai. He ends up having dinner with Constable Fraser. Hmm. I wonder what Principal Washburn thinks of that. Hey, Phoebes, if you’re listening? Make a note that in your first gossip column in the fall, you should advise people not to make dates at Ching Tai unless they want to get stood up.

The park is a popular hang out today. Kurt is juggling and English Peter, Quark, and Clark stop by to chat.

And finally, All and Sundries, Hitzusen, Sanctity and Caritas are all open and unpatronized, as is the clinic for both Alanna and Stark.

For those of you who don’t know, every Sunday the town hosts a free brunch. Tomorrow’s is at Luke’s Diner, if you want to stop by and socialize. Have a great night!
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VERONICA: Good evening, Fandom. This is Veronica Mars bringing you all the latest and greatest on a rather chilly Sunday evening. I promise you tonight’s broadcast will be special, and not just because of my co-host.

ARCHIE: Flattery this early in the night? This is Lieutenant Archie Kennedy, and believe me, as we prepare to set sail on the voyage that will be the first summer workshop session, tonight's broadcast will definitely be special.

VERONICA: *snickers* It appears that you were all rather busy while we were out of town, so let's get right to it.

cut for length )

[co-written with [livejournal.com profile] actingltcrumpet]
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VERONICA: Good evening, Fandom. This is Veronica Mars, bringing you all the news on this Friday evening. And tonight, I've enlisted some assistance.

PIPER: You mean you head tilted us?

CHLOE: The power of the head tilt rules over all.

Cut for Length )

VERONICA: And that's all the news we've got to report tonight. Shirtless Boys? You can now head for the lobby. We'll be there in five.

CHLOE: Don't forget your name tags, so we know which of you is which. We might need that information for later.

PIPER: Excellent idea, Chloe. Good night Fandom!

[ooc: so much love to my co-writers, [livejournal.com profile] chloe_sullivan and [livejournal.com profile] cookinggeek. and extra love to [livejournal.com profile] cookinggeek for the awesome icon! *clings to roomies*]
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Veronica: Good evening, Fandom, this is Veronica. I've been off the island all day and I just got back, so I have no idea what you've all been up to. Bear with me since I haven't had a chance to review my notes.

Bel: So this is where you do the radio from. Huh, pretty cool.

Veronica: You're still here? Thanks for the lift today. I'll talk to you later.

Bel: I wanna stay and do the radio with you.

Veronica: *sigh* Why?

Bel: Why not? I've always wondered what it was like behind the scenes here. Like where you get your dirt from and stuff. Besides, you owe me for the ride.

Veronica: Fine. If you're gonna stick around, make yourself useful. Hand me that batch of notes, please?

Cut for zomg length. )

Bel: Okay, okay, you can put the taser down.

Veronica: I'll put it down when you leave.

Bel: Fine, I was just trying to be helpful.

Veronica: Yeah, yeah. Just go. Goodnight, Fandom. Hopefully we'll all get our clothes back tomorrow.

Bel: Good night!

[ooc: MAD PROPS to [livejournal.com profile] demonbelthazor who wrote the majority of this broadcast while I was out having a *gasp* life this evening.]
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JOHN: Hewwo! My name's John! Hi! I'm seven and three quarters! Hi again! Can you all hear me! Does anyone else wanna say hi? Say hi guys!


[Thank you to Angel, Bridge, Cam, Sam, Anakin, Barbossa, Xander, Angela, Marty, Aeryn, Jaye, Rory, Sean, Vladdie, Chloe, and Veronica for helping with all this. If a link got missed, please forgive me. This day was absolutely HUGE and I couldn't get it all.]

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Fandom High is a not-for-profit text-based game/group writing exercise, featuring fictional characters and settings from a variety of creators, used without permission but for entertainment purposes only.