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Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Fandom! This is Nadia Santos, back in radio form for the evening, and broadcasting live from something like a billion years in the future outside New New York (and you'd think after a billion years, they'd've gotten more creative in naming things, but noooooo). How am I doing it? I have no idea. Something about the TARDIS and the effect of a sonic screwdriver.

I didn't even think I'd be doing this again so soon. The squirrels are texting me. They have some impressive spelling, for squirrels.

Radio! In! Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace! )

Aaaaand the next text just says "the end", so I guess I'm out of notes. Sounds like you're all having a pretty good time and no one's gotten anything else blown up yet, so good job, Fandom, and have a wonderful summer!

Fandom Radio, 5/6/07

Monday, May 7th, 2007 01:20 am
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It's Graduation Weekend Sunday, folks, which means we've got lots of news, and I, Nadia Santos, am the one to bring it to you. So strap yourselves in.

There should totally be clever text, here, but my neck hurts so I've saved my clever (hopefully) for the broadcast itself )

And that's all I've got for you this evening, Fandom. Here's to a great summer, wherever you might be spending it.
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--or maybe I press this button? I don't remember! I don't know if this is working, now! Maybe if I push this button--*feedback*--ack! Nooooooo! This one?



*chittering, bits of static like someone is moving the microphone, more chittering*

Oh, are you tryin' to tell me it's on? Okay, but if people don't get their news, they're gonna be mad at me an' I'll have to tell them it was your fault. . . .

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I'm Nadia! I'm seven! An' I'm doing the radio all by myself 'cause I'm a big girl! Yay!

In which nearly every sentence starts with 'And then' )

I'm sleepy now, so I'm going to go away.

*five minutes of dead air before the squirrels finally turn the equipment off.*
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Hi, Fandom. It's Nadia here on WTFH. Want to know what sucks? Being in the middle of kissing your boyfriend and then suddenly finding yourself beat up and holding a blowtorch in a church. For the record, I'd like to apologize for whatever the hell it was I apparently did to Chrono, or anyone else who was there, as well.

That being said, let's move onto the news, m'kay?

The news, according to the bitter Argentine spy )

And that's it for tonight. Good luck on your finals, everyone. And if you see any spiders or, I don't know, DEMONS that you don't already know as classmates or what-have-you? Do yourself a favor and smoosh them. I've got a boyfriend to find.
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Hello Fandom! This is Nadia Santos broad--Bailey, put that down--casting live here at WT--no, Bailey, I don't think that squirrel wants a hug--FH once again on this lovely--Bailey, stop that right now, I mean it!--kid-filled Sunday.

If any of you have parents who have ever said "I hope some day you have a child just like you", I'm blaming you.

Bailey, please just sit quietly for a little bit? I'll let you help me read the news. . . . Thank you.

You are not my mother, you are a snort )

BAILEY: Mama, you're silly.

NADIA: No, I've just been in Fandom for too long. Is that it? I think that's it.

BAILEY: I'm tired.

NADIA: Honey, you don't know the half of it. Good night Fandom and Fandom kids. Here's hoping we manage to get you all to your proper homes, soon. Before we all go completely insane.

[ooc: For the record? There were more than 90 posts in this game, today. I'm impressed. *falls over*]
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Greetings, friends, teachers, neighbors and good people of Fandom! It is Nadia Santos on WTFH, this fine Sunday holiday, to bring you the good news of the school, the dorms, and the town!

In which Nadia shows that she probably had just an eensy bit too much Easter candy, today. )

Once again, this has been Nadia Santos, bringing you the good news! Happy Easter, if you celebrate Easter, pleasant Passover if that's more your thing, a great whatever other holidays that I might not know about that happen right around now, and have a good Sunday in spring, if you're not celebrating anything in particular. Keep sugar in your heart, all year long!
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Hello, Fandom. It's Nadia Santos, back for another Sunday installment of WTFH, or Fandom: the Soap Opera! We're all leading characters in our own mini-dramas. Just remember to find your comic relief.

I'm told there's this tradition of today being a big comic relief day. Here's hoping it's working for everyone. And here's hoping possibly even more that the squirrels aren't too much in the spirit with the notes they've given me, today. . . .

In which the hot girl character discovers her boyfriend who fell down the elevator shaft didn't die after all, but had amnesia and believed himself to be a chippendale dancer in Albequerque )

And that's it, folks. All the news and what-have-you. Keep April Fools Day in your heart all season long!
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Hello, Fandom. This is Nadia Santos, once again bringing you the news on this meatbally Sunday night.

*sound of chittering*

What do you care if I have a headache? You knocked me out with an acorn, before.

*more chittering*

No, I'm not going to turn on the lights. This little light right here is plenty bright enough for me to read the notes.


Yes, there is.


Yes, there is.


YES, there--I'm arguing with a squirrel. I have no idea what it's saying and I'm arguing . . . Anyway. On to the news.

Don't mess around with the gal in shades of noir )

Well, that looks like all the notes we have for tonight, people. This is Nadia Santos saying don't eat the meatballs, you don't know where they've been. And goodniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz--*click*
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Hello again, everyone this is--*thwudonk*--hey! Cut that out!

*sound of annoyed chittering*

Ha! You think you can knock me out again, think again! I'm on to your squirrelly ways!


*more chittering*

Anyway, this is Nadia Santos, bringing you all the intel of the day, this time with 100% less crazy.


. . . 95% less crazy.


Okay, okay, 80% less crazy and that's my final offer!


Thank you. Word of advice, people? Never do radio without the proper headgear. Always wear--*thwudonk*--a helmet.

but on to the quote-unquote real news )

And that's it. No more notes. This is Nadia Santos, saying happy Sunday, Fandom, and watch out for squirrels bearing acorns. They have nasty aim.
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Nadia: Hello Fandom! This is Nadia Santos, once again on Pirate Radio, and joined by a bit of a strange crew to bring you the news this evening.

Brian: Greetings Fandom! This is Brian Slade and I've been kidnapped by a crazed fan. (Help!)

Nadia: *smacking sound* You have not. And you didn't seem to be complaining last night.

Brian: Ow! I said I'm not like that!

Liam: Get off me you little demon rats! *sounds of chittering* Demon squirrels then!

Wilson: I was enjoying a walk in the park you little fur brained rodents! *sound of chittering* No my Hippocratic Oath does not cover emergency broadcasting for the ... oh forget it, where's the rum?

Salem: Rum? This job comes with rum, let's me see what everyone is doing, and make of fun of them for it?

Nadia: It's the best job ever. And I'm guessing you're not Faithful, since he's done it before. We're sharing that rum, right?

Salem: Faithful? What kind of a pathetic name is that? I'm Salem Saberhagen.

Liam: The cat is talking! I'm surrounded by demon beasts.

Brian: The cat is talking? Did you put something in my drink, Nadia?

Wilson: Try teaching classes here, Irish.

Salem: Of course the cat talks. Mortals. Oooh, tuna.

Nadia: Give me that bottle. Are we going to talk about the news, or are we going to sit here and double-u tee eff about the talking cat all night?

Liam: A talking demon cat is news, lass!

Brian: Unless it's just a bit of pharmacology, and then it's old hat. Fun. But old hat.

Nadia: The cat talks, it's not a demon, it's not that weird for Fandom, and I don't think I want to share my rum with you two any more. Dr. Wilson, would it be unethical to drug them all and just do this radio broadcast by ourselves?

Wilson: Probably and besides, this is Fandom, we don't need recreational pharmacology, we generate our own quite nicely. Are these the notes for tonight? *Sound of rustling paper* And these....and these...and...oh dear Lord.

Salem: Unethical? Nah. But then there'd be a lot less emberrassment tomorrow morning. Let's get to it!

Dorms: Sanity not needed )

Liam: Oh thank the Lord. I could kiss each and every one of you.

*alarmed chittering*

*sound of something heavy hitting a thick Irish skull*

*drunken Irish snores until the radio cuts out*

[I crawl off to die now. Much, much, love to my fellow radioers [ profile] dr_jwilsonmd, [ profile] nadiathesaint, [ profile] threeweapons, and [ profile] walter_n_wires]
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VERONICA: Good evening, Fandom! Tonight I bring you a very special edition of radio... with snakes!

BEL: Hey, Veronica. You doing radio?

VERONICA: No, I'm writing a spec script for Wormhole Xtreme using real life Fandom adventures. What are you doing?

BEL: Oh, cool, I was just watching that for the first time tonight. We just heard your voice and decided to pop in.

PHOEBE: Hi, Veronica!

VERONICA: Phoebe, have you been drinking?

PHOEBE: Oh yes! It was better than dealing with the snakes.

VERONICA: You know, I think the snakes are the most normal thing that's happened in Fandom in a long time.

NADIA: Veronica! There you are! Did you hear that Blair is sleeping with--hiiiiiiiii Bel . . . Phoebe . . . Cally!

CALLY: What, huh, what's goin' on?

PHOEBE: Who is Blair sleeping with?

NADIA: . . .

BEL: You said he had a thing for me. He doesn't!

VERONICA: You're sleeping with Blair?

NADIA: Are you jealous that Blair stole your demon?

VERONICA: He's not MY demon!
PHOEBE: He's not her demon, he's MY demon!

CALLY: Wait, who else is sleeping with Bel now?

What happens when a witch, a demon, a spy and a mechanic crash radio )

BEL: And that's it for the radio--Nadia, what are you doing?!

NADIA: It's . . . a diagram.

BEL: Of what?

NADIA: . . . Your sex life. See? I've got Phoebe in the middle along with Blair and Veronica.

VERONICA: I'm not sleeping with Bel!

BEL: And I'm not sleeping with Blair!

NADIA: But I saw you kiss him in sex ed.

BEL: Kissing doesn't mean anything! I kissed Veronica in Spin the Bottle--

NADIA: My point exactly!

BEL: --and everyone kissed Veronica at her birthday party!

NADIA: Okay, there is that. I kissed her then, too.

CALLY: Me too.

PHOEBE: I didn't . . . is it my turn?


BEL: Yes. Yes it is.

VERONICA: . . . Oh sure, why not. Come here.

(prolonged pause filled with muffled unidentifiable noises)

NADIA: You guys could always just have a threesome. . . .


CALLY: . . . I'll be in my bunk.


[ooc: this edition of LARP radio brought to you by me, [ profile] sogothcally, [ profile] demonbelthazor, [ profile] future_visions and [ profile] nadiathesaint (who also made the awesome icon!).]

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