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Hello everybody. This is Martha Jones speaking. Um, your usual radio person is a little busy trying to figure out how to get that muck up from around the school and swearing about men with tight pants, so I'm going to take care of things tonight instead. I've been promised booze, and I'm very willing to share, considering what's been going on today.

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Calm down, you don't need to poke at me. You're very rude, did you know that? I told you I'd follow you, but what'd you bring me here for?

*chittering and paper shuffling*

Oooh, I see. You couldn't have just written me one of your little notes asking me to come in? There's no need to be rude just because you're squirrels.


What do you mean it's already on? Oh for the love of--good evening, Fandom. This is Martha Jones speaking, complete with a cadre of obnoxious squirrels. It looks like your usual hosts are away this evening, probably on the same school trip that's taken everyone else away, so I think I'm meant to fill in.


Well, if Mister Deadpool can do it, I suppose it can't be that hard.

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