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Lily: This is our last broadcast, huh?

Barney: Until next term, duh!

Lily: You sure about that?

Barney: Please, like we'll ever let go! )
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Barney: Alright, here's how this is gonna work.

Lily: How is this gonna work?

Barney: There was a gathering today and they likely used that M-I-N-G-L-E word. Meaning we need Read more... )
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Lily: This is our last broadcast of the school year, you know. Next week is graduation already. All the little kiddies go on to whatever's next for them... I bet just saying that made someone cry...

...And now this is where I would turn to Barney for comfort, of course )

[IDEK, people. IDEK.]
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Lily: It's Thursday again, and you know what else today is?

Barney: Yet another day we celebrate alcohol. )

Fandom Radio- April 8

Thursday, April 8th, 2010 09:05 pm
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Barney: Good evening, Fandom!

Lily: It kind of seems like like what? like what? )
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*sound of smacking on skin*


Lily: OW. What was that for?

Barney: OH NOES )
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Lily: Oh look, we both survived St. Patrick's Day.

Barney: Survived it? I blew dirty? )
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Barney: --And I said, EMILIO! See? Great story.

Lily: That kind of sounds familiar for some reason.

Barney: No it doesn't. Did I ever tell you about the very first time I drove a car? )
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Lily: So I guess we're back to radio. Where you all got to go to the Bahamas for free.

Barney: I don't know what you're talking about. I went to the Bahamas. It was magical. I even met a find out here! )
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Barney: Hurry, we're going to miss the final skate!

Lily: Think we can get through this before Bob Costas and his hair are done with his interview?

Barney: If that's his hair, I'm AN OLYMPIAN! )
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Barney: *scratching* It iiiiiitches, Lily! Rub some more cream on!

*POP*"" )
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Lily: So do we have to start off talking about pornography? )
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Lily: Oh my god. Oh my god, I wanted to see if you'd actually do it, but you actually did it. The squirrels are wearing... )

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