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Hey, guys. Sorry, I just-- never mind. Getting on it.


There was actually some stuff going on down there yesterday, with Hannibal turning out and finding out he's supposed to drive the shuttle.


Natalie packed up her room and got ready to go. You'll be missed. Jim stops by and mentions how creepy the place looks. Yeah, empty'll do that. Cade notices she's leaving, and she talks for a while about what she's going to be doing next.

Bay took off for a while after receiving a phone call. Hope it wasn't bad.


Bruce got some breakfast at the hotel, then received a guest in the shape of Rilla, who wanted to know how someone called Alfred was doing. Kenzi goes looking for Bo to flail about not finding a place so far, but it turns out Bo's got them covered.

Derek was working at the MCA - seriously? He does apartments now? Priestly dealt with confused, striking staff at the diner, Sparkle played dress-up with the metal chicken and Lex enjoyed one more stint at the Perk before leaving down.

Jaye kind of... yanked Kitty into running the station. Uh, sorry. She's... yeah, that's not excusable. Sorry. Mike took it easy one last shift, while Allie poked around and ignored Tiny. Then she talked to Eponine about some... heavily existential topics. Yeah. Let's go with that.
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Kaidan: Hey, good morning, Specialist.

Sam: Morning, Commander. Awful weather outside. ...Er, sorry. I must be tired if I'm making small talk about the weather.

Kaidan: Didn't get a lot of sleep last night?

Sam: Not what you might call 'a comfortable amount.' That's all right, though.

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And I believe that's it, Fandom. Thank you for listening to a longer radio than usual, and enjoy the rest of your week.

Kaidan: This was WTFH radio-- intruding on your privacy. Again.

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, August 10th, 2013 07:52 pm
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Hey, hey--

*squeeeeak! Squeeeak!*

Look, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, my portal dropped me off-- ten minutes ago.

*squeaaak!* *thwock*

... You do know I have a kinetic barrier on this--

*thwock* *thwock*

Will you stop--


Just give me the notes.


... Sorry about that, everyone. Hey. This is Staff Commander Kaidan Alenko with today's news. Let's just get on with it, okay? Okay. In SCHOOL news, Professor Barton taught his class about moving targets. It takes a little practice, yeah. Hope you guys got the hang of it. Natalie brings him coffee afterwards and discusses her new job with the guy. Good to hear our alumni are getting ahead.

Ja-- Professor Priest's Detecting 101 learns how to-- pick locks? Jack, seriously? Batman - weird name - teaches his class about navigating sidekicks through mazes. Uh... I'm suddenly happy Shepard never went to this class. Dracula shows his class a movie about a guy who finds out he's a werewolf... now that's topical around here.

In the DORMS, Sia's checking out her new laptop. Jessica shows up and, after some bartering, helps her set up the system. See, now that's nice to hear.

Finally, in TOWN, Professor Wiggin spent some time setting up a raft. Sparkle spent his time at the, uh... that store... reading a book about chickens. ... Uh huh. Chickens.

Derek took his dog for a walk, but the dog seemed more interested in Stiles, which is probably why they wound up talking about pet care. Yeah... I have a feeling Derek needs all the help he can get with that. Finally, I was the only guy at the bar last night, which isn't that bad. It's been a while since I talked to Allie, so... y'know.



--I think that's all of the notes. I'm getting out of here before these squirrels really get going.

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