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Well, hi there, Fandom. This place looks familiar. Same radio station, same squirrels... I think. Are you new? Oh, no, you just did something different with your tail. It's a good look for you.

For those who don't recognize my voice, I'm Jaye, Fandom alumni, mostly known for talking to my purse. And also, like, two years of doing this so I decided it would be a good idea to let the blonde take the night off so I could relive my glory days.


I am also very dumb sometimes. And yet I was accepted to an Ivy League school. One that didn't accept Rory Gilmore. So there.


...And I think I'm done. Or I've reached that point where I no longer care, and am thinking about braving rabies to get that booze bottle back from the squirrel.

Yeah, so this was Jaye, happy homecoming, I wish you all mute, see you next time, Fandom.
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Hello, Fandom! This is Willow Rosenberg, bringing you the latest and greatest in - oh my GOD who got drool all over the equipment? Ewww. Hang on a sec. No way I'm continuing this without some wet naps.

*long pause and sound of the microphone and everything else in the vicinity being wiped down*

Okay! There! All clean now. Which means I can bring you the news!

With Willow there is no such thing as a short news day )

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Friday, October 6th, 2006 11:10 pm
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"Hey, folks. Eric Weiss and I'm about ready to keel over. Homecoming Night for Fandom High and I've got all the fun a man can handle. Tonight, though, I've got my very special brand new acquaintance Callisto helping me out. Callisto?"


"Thanks, Eric. Of course everyone knows the best thing about Homecoming is having all the embarrassing events of the night you want to keep quiet broadcast for all to hear, so it's a good thing we're the ones behind the mikes. We wouldn't want anyone to miss out after all."

Cut because there's a lot of stuff omg )
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This be [livejournal.com profile] likeguidelines, takin' a break from the revelry t'try and catch ye up with what's been goin' on today at Fandom High. Well, other than the conga.

But first, the borin' parts. I mean, the classes.

Readin', Writin', 'Rithamatic
Martial Arts class be watchin' more movies, Journalism class be writin' their own tales of heroes 'n villainy, and Speech class follow-up on their lessons in obedience over the past week.

World History, Languages, Comparative Religions, and Physics be cancelled. Those be my kind o' teachers.

Non-Homecomin' Revelin'
Anakin be startin' up a club fer people who be as broody as he be. He be gettin' Professor Ted t'advise it, too. That should be fun t'watch.

Wrestlin' practice be cancelled, and make sure ye've cast yer vote fer the name of the student newspaper

The theater's showin' Carrie this weekend. I be told by people who know that this be extremely funny.

First thar be a carnival, where thar be dunkin' tanks (which I be takin' a turn in, and thank ye all so much fer makin' sure I be nice 'n squelchy before me big date), a very nice variety of folks in the kissin' booths (includin' the lovely Faith, o'course), spinnin' the Wheel o' Morality, snackin' and general wanderin' around 'n not goin' to class.

Pre-Dance Revelin'
Thar be all manner of primpin' and worryin' (and drinkin'--Faith, I be lookin' at you again) before the night be gettin' started.

Some folks be harder t'convince to go to the dance than others. Parker be runnin' into a bit of a problem before the dance, too.

Then folks be gettin' paired up, includin' (but not by a long shot limited to) Jake 'n Krycek, Logan 'n Allie, Anakin 'n Professor Amidala, Lee and Veronica, Sheldon 'n Rogue, Cally 'n Xander, Sam 'n John Connor, Sakura 'n Edward, Lindsey 'n Piper, Lisa 'n Angelus, Hamlet 'n Duo (but not like that (except fer bein' totally like that)), Lana 'n Archie, Buffy 'n Frank, Sonia 'n Sora, Draco 'n Lily, Carson 'n Quinn, and Anya 'n Jack O'Neill

And then thar be a dance. And thar be dancin', and drinkin' and lurkin' in corners, and spikin' the punch, and doin' the conga, and all manner of other excitement [OOC: And there were more than 2300 comments to the entry when I started writing this recap, at which point I started drinking heavily and decided to skip it for now. If you could link me up with what you were doing that was interesting, please do so in the comments and we'll do a special homecoming edition tomorrow. 2300 comments. My God.] Thar also be some mighty fine photographs of some of the lovely couples, groups, and, um, others, that be attendin' the dance.

Professor Cregg be doin' the Jackal, Rover 'n Cally be crowned Homecomin' King 'n Queen (although Parker seems t'be more excited about it than should be strictly warranted, methinks), and rumor has it that all sorts o' interestin' things be happenin' in the ladies room. As I be not a lady, I be not knowin'.

Oh, and the townies be havin' a party tonight too. Rumor has it that thar has not been any conga line, but thar was a Jay 'n Silent Bob sightin'.

Post Revelin'
Folks finally be headin' (and moonwalkin') back home, exhausted, except fer O'Neill, who be throwin' yet another party.

I be exhausted just thinkin' about it. That be all from the Crow's Nest. Keep an eye out fer the Rover (with his snazzy new suit), and have a good night!

[OOC: O.M.G. Worse than zombies, people. I am dead from linking.]

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