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Hi! This is Jaye! Who kind of loves gremlins because I can call Parker "Mom." More on that later.


I liked radio better when classes were out. Dammit.

Imagine you're locked in a room with a psycho killer coming after you. Now I bet you're wishing you'd taken Shop class. Chem and Bio talk about chemistry and biology, because that's what it's there for, and if you had to go to Classics today, I bet you wish you studied up on your Greek. And Magical Theory talks about sympa... sympathy? Is that the word? Huh. Must be one of them foreign words.

Advanced Journalism talks about interviewing, and Journalism 101/201 says what makes them special. Sure. You're alllll special, in your own little way. Quantum Physics talks about the 60's, and Speech talks about receiving messages incorrectly. Yeah. Know all about that. It's called last Friday.

Self Defense club happened.

Paleontology talks fossils, and see, this is why I can't take that class. I just thought of five people I could joke about with that subject. Driver's Ed makes sure people know what cars are. Jesus. I'm walking underground from now on, just in case. Sociologies of Violence and Paranormal talk about violence and skepticism. Celtic Studies talks clans, and US History tells us Columbus was an idiot.

Math, Forensics, Western Civ, Journalistic Integrity, Us Government, Cultivation and Gardening all have introductions.

Professors Logan Lyman, Not-Sam, and Sidle and Deans Zordon and Zoe hold office hours. I met her. Um, hi, Dean. I don't always think I'm blonde.

Callynanders are cute at lunch, as are Marty and Angela. Macbeth and Pippi hang in line, Walter and Victor have slashy talk, and Ivanova can understand the chef. Ooh! And Mac brings her own lunch. Smart girl.

In the clinic, Paige is gonna be working, Professor Quayle stops by, as does sick Blair, and DEATH is at work. And Um. Bradys.

In the TA Lounge, Angel hangs with Sean and Rory, discusses the elections with Parker, and is hit on by Bel. The whole school just died of not-shock.

In the Library, Lee's a little confused about the Librarian. Blair stops in, and Zero, Parker and Rory talk about the weekend. And Parker tells Rory Darla's around.

There are a ton of announcements, wherein people get detentions, you're not allowed to take more than ten classes- omg, there are only eight period in a day, people, what's wrong with you- and we're not supposed to get naked in public. In other news, the pool is being decootified. *long pause* Oh my God. I'm never going swimming again. Sorry, Archie. No bathing suit.

Living Conditions

Crunch, Aeryn and Pip all hit the gym, and again with the not-shock, Sam, Janet and Peter go running, Jessica and Cordelia get Secret Sib deliveries, and Kiki invites people bowling. Sawyer hangs out, Pip meets Cally and Veronica.

Be very very quiet. We'we hunting... something or other.

In campaign news, Phoebe, Pippi and Angel have posters up. Pip has crepes. Someone help Victor with his campaign, please.

And there's gonna be a Dance on Friday. *cough*

Paige moves out of the West Attic and is emo with Emo Beach Girl and Lana, Maia is emo by herself, and then she's emo with Phoebe. And Paige is emo at Fred. Han reflects on his perversity.

Peter and Blair send E-mail, and Isobel who looks just like Isabel but spells her name differently and we will call her Izzie is bored. Draco redecorates, and Angel visits Jessica. Callynanders? Yeah, even the newbies should know this.

Bel gets some visitors, as do Sam and Janet. Phoebe who thinks she's the Brady dog interrupts more Maia emo. Maia: this is why you're Emo Beach Girl. John and Lee sleep together, no really, sleeping, and then they hang with the girlfriends Kara and Aeryn. Who could both kick their boyfriends' asses. I'm just sayin'.

Blah, blah, Angel has visitors, too. I'm just reporting that it was interested. And while there was sexing, it's not quite what you'd think.

Out and About

At Caritas, Nadia and Rose meet. There's more on Caritas later. At Aziraphale's, Pippi and Yazoo stop in, and the ferret steals gingersnaps. As ferrets do.

Wilson goes to the Emporium for critter stuff, Ben and Kiki go bowling, Zhaan hangs in her garden, and Jake hangs at the Perk. Does he even have blood anymore? Isn't it just all caffeine? And Paige and Fred? More emo in the park.

Emo, whatever. Let's have...

Random Crap That Doesn't Fit Elsewhere OMGWTFBRADYS

We started with a Gremlin Bite Support Group, and wham! Gremlin attack! We all got bit like losers, and we thought we were the Brady Bunch. I was Jan, if you were wondering.

Except Tiger!Phoebe is missing. So we split up to look for her. Tiger!Phoebe stops in at Self-Defense club, while Greg!Piper hits on Lilly Kane. Way to look, big bro. Mommy!Parker interrupts Lee and Kara, Oliver!Hamlet asks Macbeth for help, and Sam!Broots and Alice!Rory check out the clinic. We find Tiger, yay. Then we had a potato sack race, which I won. Ha! Beat all you bitches. Especially Marcia!Anakin. Who has a date with Draco, did I mention that?

Then we went to Caritas, where Cally put on a show, and so do, um. We. Okay, that part I'm ashamed of. It's funny when we're normal. At least to me. Peter!Marty got to change back with Angela there, at least.

Newbies? Consider that your warning.

That's all for me! Night, all! Night, Bradys! Especially Mom!

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